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The Stages of Inflammation and Herbal Treatment

What are the stages of the Inflammatory reaction?

The inflammatory reaction is the combination of a number of overlapping reactions within the body. Although a lot of these occur simultaneously a certain order of events may be seen: 1,343 more words

Manual Therapy

What is the difference between Manual Therapy and Massage Therapy?

  1.  The level of education. Professional Manual Therapists are trained in either Naprapathic, Osteopathic, Physical Therapy or Sports Therapy tradition.  I am trained to be a Naprapathic Doctor but it is only licensed in two or three states in the U.S.
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Manual Therapy

My New Book "Healer"

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“Healer” is part memoir pertaining to the first half of my life and part instruction manual. I share my life experiences with the reader and relay how I used my intelligence and training combined with intuition to start my own holistic business and improve my life.  21 more words

Manual Therapy

Soft Tissue Focus

I want to make something perfectly clear from an anatomical, factual basis.

The first line of treatment in musculoskeletal trauma and disorder is THE SOFT TISSUE.  327 more words

Manual Therapy

Fatty Oil Discovered In A Fossil

The earth is young, some of its processes are much quicker than evolutionists want to believe because their assumption is that the earth is billions of years old along with evolution moving at a very slow pace. 510 more words


Scientist Wins Discrimination Settlement

I’ve been detailing examples of censorship in science, and here’s a case I’ve been following since 2013 that has been resolved.

Mark Armitage was a microscopist for California State University at Northridge in May 2012 when he dug up the largest triceratops horn from a 65 million-year-old specimen. 587 more words