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Project 365.289 - Folds

I left it a bit late today, and was wondering what I could take a picture of. I put my phone down on the landing bannister on top of a scrunched up towel and though actually, that has potential!


Flapjack Cookies

I made these for the first time recently even though I have had the recipe for a while. They taste amazing but I think they are more stressful to make than they are worth. 242 more words



‪soft edges have never been my thing ‬
its the bitter
thats kept it together

these soft edges could never
come close
to these lessons I’ve needed… 12 more words


Go off on one

Monday, June 18, 2018. Daily Brit Wit.

Go off on one: 

Phrase, British informal 

Become very angry or excited.

“Soft lavender permeates our room
scenting kisses… 98 more words


Piety's place

Not even piety is an excuse against justice! In fact (credible) piety is the product of justice itself.


Floral & Soft Pink

Some outfits make you feel empowered. Or maybe it’s not just the clothes.

Blouse: Camaieu / Pants: H&M / Heels: Mel&Co / Earrings: Gift

Lost in Translation // by Nicole

In this playlist: Soft songs to listen to while you drift until you’re lost.

Direct link to playlist