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Cat by a Tree

There are some days as an artist when you just play. This picture is a result of one of those days. While the picture has a he look of being unfinished, that was intentional. 11 more words

Art Work

Comfy and Cuddly

Do you know what I need? Some more publicly acceptable sweatpants. Jeans are never very comfortable, but pajama pants aren’t really proper to wear out in public. 256 more words


“Ôi trời nóng quá đi mất” – Matthew ngồi xuống bên cái ghế dài gần đài phun nước.
“Thế này đã là gì em thử tới Đông Nam Á vào mùa hè thì biết tay nhau ngay” – Francis đặt giấy báo xuống ghế rồi mới ngồi lên. 2,463 more words

Aph Canada

My Dog is Cuter Than Yours

I believe my little chihuahua is the best dog out there. I mean look at her!

She is so portable and loves to see what I see. 73 more words


#402 Cat on a Pole

While not my best piece of art there was something about the picture that I had to try and do my version. The piece was created on a piece of tan cardstock using soft pastels. I hope you enjoy it.


Sandwich Bread🍞

White bread or sandwich bread is almost every day eaten by students, working professionals and many families too but with food adulteration increasing every day I prefer baking my bread for my family which is easy and could be eaten hot and fresh with jam, Nutella, cheese or butter. 317 more words