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Job profile vs actual work. Analyse 

  • How does it feel when the job you do is not what you really wanted to do .

    How does it feel when your career aspirations are not in sync with work you do…

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While McGowan developed his seven principles of persuasion based on what makes a good television sound bite, many of the principles work in a wide variety of uncomfortable situations, including those encountered on the job. 347 more words

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Why soft skills are important?

Employability skills are divided into hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are technical skills and functional abilities that are directly applied to perform duties assigned to your role, whereas… 540 more words


The conflict between authenticity and preparation

Problem statement: In the recent political discourse strong contrasts between authenticity and preparation are drawn with two ends of the spectrum currently dominating the centre stage seemingly arguing that the two are conflicting one another.

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De betekenis achter empathie

In hoeverre helpt jouw invoelingsvermogen je door de dag heen?

Als ik voor mijzelf spreek, het maakt en bepaalt mijn dag. Omdat ik de (meeste) gedragingen van de mensen die ik tegenkom in mijn leven (voorbijgangers, vrienden, werkveld etc.) begrijp en kan voorstellen, maakt dit dat ik begrip kan opbrengen voor diverse levenssituaties en ‘raak’ kan communiceren op diverse niveaus. 72 more words



By identifying the right moments to offer feedback, managers can be more effective in facilitating positive organizational change. Examples of some of the best times managers can give others feedback include: 152 more words

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