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People learn in different ways, and any audience will include members that have different learning styles. A presenter should accommodate all of these styles. 204 more words

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An audience will consider the messenger before considering the message. They want evidence that the speaker is sincere, honest, interested, confident, and in control. 244 more words

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a short note to techhnical recruiters

For all recruiters out there have these in mind befoe you recruit someone

  • i see recruiters asking questions like “what is the gurantee that you would join the company if i release the offer letter”
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Sharing Source of Influence

Source 1: Love What You Hate

One of the greatest challenges to change is the fact that the things that people should do are often tedious or uncomfortable. 1,387 more words

Just Implement

All of the work that a leader does related to values definition, leadership development, direction-setting, communication, and motivation, will come together when it is time to implement an initiative. 539 more words

thank you note to my supervisor

As it is my last day in this organisation , i thought it would be unfair if i do not thank my supervisor for the way we had been engaged in the execution of the project . 242 more words


Handling Q&A in Presentation Session


With the speech completed, it is time to take questions. This should be a five-step process:

  1. Listen to the entire question.
  2. Repeat the entire question.
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