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One of the most effective ways to ensure that feedback will be accepted and lead to positive change is by ensuring that the managers delivering it are perceived as trustworthy. 231 more words

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Why Do They Want to Choose You?

Living in a very competitive labor market is very hard these days, specially if you are looking for a new job, opportunity or a short term outsourced project to do on a side of your permanent job. 771 more words


Innovation: Converting "Nothinginess" into "Value"...

The Innovative Spirit, an expression of  God’s manifold Wisdom, is a must-have to remain on the cutting edge in today’s hi-tech and jet-paced world.

More essentially, the Innovative Spirit is also required to break the jinx of our substandard life-as-usual so we can explore the realities of the extraordinary. 128 more words

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Writing Skills: Part I

** This is summary of my study for the first lesson of the course Writing Skills. The course is provided by my company and contains 5 lessons. 413 more words

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you are what you think you can

recently i was watching a documentary on Stephen Hawking .(you know who he is ). what an amazing person he is.

he cannot speak . he cannot walk . 118 more words


Self confidence

As a Soft skills trainer this is very frequently heard, “I cannot do this! I have never done this before!”

Oh Yes! There are things we have never done before or we think we cannot do in everyone’s life. 831 more words

Mengalay pedass!!!

BOGOR, 04/09/2015 – Bogor merupakan salah satu surge kuliner yang tidak ada matinya. Bogor memiliki kuliner unik, enak dengan harga yang bervariasi dan tentunya dengan rasa yang beragama seperti manis, asin dan pedas. 166 more words