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Etiquette in the Workplace

  • A set of unwritten rules; shows respect.
  • Great for first impressions.
  • Creates bonds with colleagues.
  • Builds trust and efficiency.
  • Promotes kindness.
  • Netiquette is the same set of social rules applied to online behavior.

HR denies Providing Reference Letters

We all know the Importance of Employer’s Reference Letters in the Process of Immigration

Reference Letter Provides Details about:

Roles and Responsibilities an Employee carried during his tenure… 470 more words


Experience #5 - What I Have Learned From The First Local Event I Attended At Swinburne University

This post will cover these things below:

  • What do you need to know before getting a job?
  • Be yourself and do what you love.
  • Stop complaining and thinking!
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5 tips for all new entrants in the Work From Home industry

When you are a Business Owner, you are in-charge of your company’s branding and goodwill.

My top 5 tips to all my beginner friends who are breaking out in the Work from Home industry. 671 more words

Virtual Assistance


The popular adage, “If you want to have a good friend, you must be a good friend,” also holds true for mentoring. The mentor who sets the example of a proper work ethic, steady productivity, and self-care is most apt to develop a protégé who exhibits these traits. 314 more words

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Style in the Work Place

We’re not talking about snappy pant suits.

The way a person approaches a problem can fall into four different styles:

  • Directive – A militaristic approach to handing out orders, a set chain of command with the leader at the top giving all orders.
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Many of the qualities that make a person a good partner in a personal relationship are also found in a good mentor. He or she should be a good listener, committed to the relationship, considerate of the other person’s feelings, trustworthy, and faithful. 438 more words

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