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Leading with RESPECT

Teams of all types have the best chance to become SuperTeams when their leaders understand the critical importance of RESPECT. This includes the following elements: 84 more words

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Trust importance

Trust is the foundation for respect, and vice versa. On a SuperTeam, trust is a core characteristic that gives people the freedom they need to share information, work collaboratively, and provide critical feedback to other team members. 138 more words

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My technical channel

Folks ,

I now have  my technical channel   on YouTube. I have 7 videos on different technologies uploaded already. I’m not sure  how many of you are into IT firm ( information technology) and would take interest in watching .but this is something which i had in my mind since long time and the channel is finally up and running. 93 more words


What if you didn't know where your life was going?

You wake up and you realize you had all these dreams and none of it happened. Life took unexpected turns and twists leaving you in the very beginning. 240 more words

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Recognition is a very powerful tool. People who are recognized for their efforts on the job feel respected, validated, and secure. They are more likely to engage, work harder, and feel better about what they do. 835 more words

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Soft Skills: The Wrong Name for Things So Vital

The Soft Skills are, according to the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning, self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. Calling them “soft” makes them sound so wimpy though, doesn’t it? 924 more words

What if #215

What if you didn’t know where your life was going?

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