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you are what you think you can

recently i was watching a documentary on Stephen Hawking .(you know who he is ). what an amazing person he is.

he cannot speak . he cannot walk . 118 more words


Self confidence

As a Soft skills trainer this is very frequently heard, “I cannot do this! I have never done this before!”

Oh Yes! There are things we have never done before or we think we cannot do in everyone’s life. 831 more words

Mengalay pedass!!!

BOGOR, 04/09/2015 – Bogor merupakan salah satu surge kuliner yang tidak ada matinya. Bogor memiliki kuliner unik, enak dengan harga yang bervariasi dan tentunya dengan rasa yang beragama seperti manis, asin dan pedas. 166 more words


Melancong ke Kubah Mas

 DEPOK, 06/15/2015 – Masjid Dian Al Mahri atau yang dikenal dengan Masjid Kubah Emas yang dibangun di Jalan Maruyuang Raya, Meruyung, Limo, Depok City –Jawab Barat ini adalah masjid dengan gaya arsitektur Timur Tengah. 232 more words


Comparison good or bad?

How many times we have seen people comparing us with others, may be our parents or your supervisor at work place or relatives.

Now I do not believe that we should be compared with others and make a judgment on our abilities… 210 more words


How to... Cover Letters!

How to Write Great Cover Letters

When applying for an interview, many companies now ask you to submit both a CV/Resume and a Cover Letter. Students may ask, what for? 506 more words


Help them Grow as Leaders

I see 2 category of people again. Those who help people succeed and those who laugh at other’s failure

I definitely appreciate the Category “A” people for the only reason, they help grow more leaders… 247 more words