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We offer VOS3000 hosted package of Soft Switch with best performance server and service.

NYPServer – VOS3000 is a Linux based soft switch, designed for carrier-class operations. 49 more words

Dedicated Server

Selling International Calling Cards In Addition to Your Retail VoIP Service

If you happen to be a service provider running retail VoIP service then you should be considering selling international calling cards to drive more business using your existing competencies. 207 more words


Is yours a Class 4 or Class 5 Softswitch? Why can't be a bit of both?

For any VoIP business, softswitch forms a central component for accomplishing a variety of business operations. So, the significance attached to the selection of softswitch is very high. 400 more words


MediaCore & AccuCore: Meant to Be Together

Speedflow is a customer-oriented company, developing software solutions to meet dynamic market needs. With over ten years’ experience in the VoIP area, we take the problems of telecom service providers and we solve them. 135 more words


How Softswitch can help you Drive more VoIP Business?

Softswitch is the key element in any VoIP business as it performs the all-important functions of routing, billing, reporting and monitoring. As it’s a software solution, there is no hardware and maintenance costs involved. 359 more words


Retail VoIP Softswitch - How to Start a Successful Retail VoIP Business

In order to start a successful retail VoIP business, you are required to take care of the following infrastructure requirements.

VoIP Infrastructure

Under VoIP infrastructure, software and hardware requirements such as Hosted Servers, Softswitch and Bandwidth Optimization Software must be procured. 476 more words


Watch out for these things before you start VoIP calling card business

Starting your own VoIP calling card business is easy and profitable if you consider the following things.

Have a stable and reliable setup
You should have a stable and reliable setup so that the technical side of your… 421 more words