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macOS New App Release - HDRtist NX 1.1

Product AnnouncementOhanaware Co., Ltd. of Hengchun, Taiwan has released HDRtist NX 1.1, an important feature update to their latest High Dynamic Range Imaging software for OS X. 507 more words


macOS New App Release - AirBeamTV 2.0

Product Announcements – AirBeamTVAirBeamTV of Naarden, The Netherlands has released version 2.0 of their popular screen mirroring applications for Smart and Connected TVs. The apps for all major TV brands (Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku and Chromecast) now have the option to play video files directly from Apple Mac computers to TV. 289 more words


Project: Robox - Buttons: Interrupts or Polling?

The robot box needs to know when it has reached the limit of it’s motion. If motion continues past this point, the machine will literally rip itself apart. 451 more words


macOS New App Release - Hydra 4.1

Product Announcements – Creaceed of Mons, Belgium has released Hydra 4.1, a new version of their popular HDR app for Mac OS X. Hydra enables the creation of HDR images (high dynamic range) based on pictures taken with exposure shifts (varying brightness) or alternatively from a single RAW or JPEG image. 230 more words


macOS New App Release - TurnTable 2.0

Product Announcements – Aquarius Computer of New York, New York has released TurnTable 2.0. TurnTable 2.0 is the new, revolutionized, reinvented graphical music player interface. New in concept, it’s destined to replace the type of contrived complexity that was Apple’s iTunes. 239 more words


macOS New App Release - SimpleumSafe

Product Announcements – Simpleum Media GmbH of Hamburg, Germany is pleased to announce a website sale promotion, offering a 30% discount on SimpleumSafe for Mac. The company is also introducing their new Store. 298 more words


macOS New App Release - NewFinder 7.1

Product Announcements – Norbert M. Doerner of Bonn, Germany has released NeoFinder 7.1, the first major update for NeoFinder 7. The new version includes much enhanced video cataloging, better workflow integration (“Open with…” menu and lossless image rotation), integrated Dropbox cataloging, cataloging of APFS file system and HEIC photo in macOS High Sierra, and full support for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. 1,003 more words