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Why monolithic systems of record will disappear

I thought that having left the ERP industry I would not have any reason or inspiration to write about it, but I was wrong. My experiences since I started working in the cloud application market have led me to believe that the era of the monolithic systems of record, as typified by ERP, might be coming to an end. 538 more words


Are there risks to mobile CRM?

There’s no stopping the mobile CRM revolution, but those who rush into it headlong with an eye only to the many benefits may be in for an unpleasant shock. 92 more words

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Microsoft is reportedly buying Adallom, a software security specialist

Microsoft is reportedly buying Adallom, an Israeli-based cybersecurity startup for $320 million, according to news first reported Israeli publications Globes and Calcalist.

Adallom paints itself as a new-age security company that focuses not just on corporate data sitting on internal servers and storage, but data that lies beyond a company’s traditional perimeter. 235 more words


What is the relationship between Cloud Computing and SOA?

According to the publication from Mitre, Cloud Computing and Service Orientated Architecture (SOA), cloud computing has many services that can be viewed as a stack of service categories. 471 more words

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What are you marketing objectives this year? Getting close?

Here are some fairly generic potential marketing objectives you might have for your business this financial year:

  • Converting contacts / leads into clients
  • Reducing the cost…
  • 568 more words
John Stoddart

Yes, you do need a CIO. And here's why

There’s been a lot of talk in the past few years about why chief information officers are becoming irrelevant.

Corporate developers provision their own stuff. Department heads sign up for their own software services. 563 more words