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Analytics, Data Storage Will Lead Cloud Adoption In 2017

  • U.S.-based organizations are budgeting $1.77M for cloud spending in 2017 compared to $1.30M for non-U.S. based organizations.
  • 10% of enterprises with over 1,000 employees are projecting they will spend $10M or more on cloud computing apps and platforms throughout this year.
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Software as a Service

SaaS by Grafimedia.eu

Nowadays the Health IT Industry and most of the technology world is focused on the Software as a Service (SaaS) products. Despite the fact that digital integration is more sophisticated than ever there are a lot of companies which are not familiar with the term SaaS. 956 more words


SaaS Development Companies India

It’s a technological world and you can take full advantage of its advancements. Using customized softwares to control your business processes can make you more flexible and convenient as compared to today’s manual routines. 73 more words

Saas Services In India

Astronomer connects your SaaS with other SaaS for a true in-saas-ception

Your SaaS is just out of control! You’re spending thousands or millions on products – a CRM system, a field operations app, a system to keep your life-like humanoid androids from killing park guests in your Wild West-themed adventure park – and none of these systems talk to each other, especially the ones that keep your robots from falling in love with the guests. 369 more words


6M Developers Are Creating Big Data And Advanced Analytics Apps Today

  • 2M developers are working on IoT applications, increasing 34% since the last year.
  • Over 50% of the developers working on IoT applications are writing software that utilizes sensors in some capacity.
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What are the Prime Benefits of Cloud Computing SaaS?

Hosting your customized applications and software on cloud and then sharing their login or usage details with employees & clients can kill all the IT infrastructure cost at a glance. 219 more words

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