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Single Platform vs. Integrated Platform – What does that mean?

By Josh Davis

As someone who has been marketing software for the past seven years, I’ve learned how cautiously vendors tend to phrase how their solutions are “integrated” with each other or with other vendors. 731 more words


Improving SaaS customer service levels


Good article in Forbes magazine about customer service in SaaS companies.  It makes a very good point about the nature of SaaS – because customers don’t make a large upfront investment in adopting the systems, then there can be less reason to invest in the system psychologically.   121 more words

John Stoddart

The battle for cloud supremacy: Amazon's AWS vs. legacy IT juggernauts

If you want to ignite a firestorm among modern information technology people, just ask which cloud provider is number one among large corporate customers. Amazon Web Services, born in 2006, is by almost any count, the dominant player in overall market share. 616 more words


3 Reasons Why Your Clients Are Requiring Integrated Solutions

By Colin Menchin

You’re almost guaranteed to hear on any software demonstration the word “integration”, but what does that mean? Put simply, integration means having Software A and Software B exchange data between the two, though integrations do not have to be limited to just two systems. 698 more words


Software as a Service(SaaS)

Saas brings a whole new bat to the ball game. Saas stands for software as a service and it is exactly what it says it is. 289 more words

Xero on iPad — the first month

Xero broke the mould when it put accounting software in the cloud. Now, thanks to the iPad app released last month, tablet owners can get the most out of the software. 601 more words


Customer Experience Trend: Software as an Experience

One of the big trends we are seeing in the world of customer experience is a focus on the experience of the software. The whole rise of Smart Phones is geared around this premise. 113 more words

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