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A Good Case for Third Party Libraries

Developers have a tendency to over use third party libraries. They bring them in because they want some new technical advance that’s in the spotlight – ORM or IOC or AOP. 652 more words


Automocking dependencies in unit tests for C# with AutoFixture

If you have been unit testing for a while you would have come to the following problem:

You have a class that talks to different classes. 636 more words

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Testing is a developer job

Maybe you have heard about the various discussions about Test-Driven Development (TDD). Is it worth it? Does it lead to good design? … In this blog post I will not speak about this kind of practice, just “classical” tests. 759 more words

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A List of Books That Every Sitecore Developer Should Read

Not sure if you know — those who follow me on Twitter definitely know — but I am very passionate around improving my craft. I typically do so through reading whatever I can get my hands on — this includes blog posts, tweets, threads on the… 659 more words


NCrafts 2015 - EventStorming Workshop

Earlier this year, in may, I attended a 2 days conference about software craftsmanship in Paris: NCrafts. I also been able to attend a one day workshop about… 1,248 more words

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Code Reviews

“Code reviews are the worst! All the code I have to review is terrible, and people always take offense when I point out problems. And being reviewed is even worse – people always think they know better than I, can you believe it? 407 more words


NCrafts 2015

This week I had the chance to attend the second edition of the NCrafts conference. This conference takes place in Paris and had a lot of awesome speakers from all over Europe. 605 more words

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