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Taming Software Code Complexity and Technical Debt

The project I’m currently on has a good deal of complexity.  Its built on a 10+ year old codebase that has passed through multiple development groups with varying levels of skill and pressures.   599 more words

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I got to the conclusion that the successful delivery of software is all down to care.

If you have developers who care they will write clean code, with unit test and follow TDD approach. 203 more words

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SOLID: Liskov Substitution Principle

It is time for the third entry for the SOLID series, after the SRP and the OCP, I’ll introduce the Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP). This concept has been introduced by… 472 more words

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SOLID: Open Closed Principle

In my last entry I introduced the S of the SOLID principles: Single Responsibility Principle. Today I will move to the next letter, the O which stands for… 544 more words

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SOLID: Single Responsibility Principle

A blog about software craftsmanship cannot be complete without mentioning the SOLID principles. I discovered these principles about a year ago and it completely changed the way I write software and think about it. 508 more words

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