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Go for Dev & Ops

Go (or golang, as it is often called, because “Go” is a bit vague when typed into a search engine), if you haven’t heard of it, is a relatively new language for cross-platform development. 690 more words

Software Craftsmanship

They Might be Giants

Don’t let’s start. This is not an article about music from back in the day, but about the elusive “20X” developer who is 20 times as productive as “normal” engineers. 650 more words


Lancement de la communauté Software Craftsmanship sur Nantes

Mardi soir a eu lieu la soirée de lancement de la communauté Software Craftsmanship sur Nantes. Encore merci à l’Epitech pour l’accueil et à Zenika… 263 more words

Software Craftsmanship

TDD is our friend, but...

“Animals are our friends!!”, comedian Bob Goldthwait used to shout, adding “But they won’t lend you money.”

One famous definition of legacy code (from Michael Feathers) is… 162 more words

Unit Tests

Quick thoughts about Seth Godin's article “Our Software must get better”

I’m a long-time Seth Godin fan, so I read with interest his recent article about software quality.

With the examples he gives of inadequacy in software – iTunes user experience, the Macintosh’s built-in address book’s slowness and difficulty with importing and exporting data, and general unreliability and lack of Macintosh-compatibility of stamps.com – he’s focused mostly on the user experience aspects of software, which I think misses a key point. 485 more words


The Path of Transcendence

I bid you all a warming welcome!

I’ve started this project to occasionally share some insights mostly related to software development. And what better way to start than to share some of my views of the whole process that got me to this point. 474 more words

The Boy Scout Rule vs. the Pottery Barn Rule

Scenario 1 (The Blind Side)

You’re fairly new here, but it you thought it would be a good idea to rename the method “doProcessing” to “updateSalesStatistics”. 445 more words