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Agile Best Practice: Start with the Empty

A co-worker on an agile project was showing me a feature he was perfecting, and it was looking pretty good with features to add and remove various settings as per the design.   590 more words


Let it all be

Two years have passed. That’s funny. Because I love to write. Actually I find it more rewarding than public speaking.

Joke. Killing joke.

Things are moving pretty fast. 879 more words

Software Architecture

What is software development? An art? Craft? Trade? Occupation?... Part 3

In the previous two parts we have seen that software development is a very large collection of technologies and methodologies, and an area that has been in constant development since the advent of computers. 1,287 more words

Software Development

Do lines of code matter...

Recently while having a discussion about how to keep code clean,  the person with whom I was talking stated “if we were to manage our code that way our lines of code would be huge…” or something to that effect  :-) 234 more words


From Push to Pull, My Summary

I have chosen to write about From Push to Pull because I think it’s one of the most important as well as difficult shifts to make in an organisation. 511 more words


How to use Marcus Aurelius's Meditations to Become Better Software Crafter

When talking about a good software developer one would usually use such adjectives as intelligent, hard-working, responsible and so on. In general, these are the people with many great qualities. 1,837 more words

Serverless and Playing Around With MongoDB Atlas

Serverless is quite a buzz word this year, isn’t it? It’s a shiny new term that caused many debates and even conflicts among developers. In fact, at the moment you are reading this (assuming in 2017.) there are already many meet-ups and conferences dedicated to the serverless architecture, its benefits, and pitfalls. 926 more words