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NCrafts 2015

This week I had the chance to attend the second edition of the NCrafts conference. This conference takes place in Paris and had a lot of awesome speakers from all over Europe. 605 more words

Software Craftsmanship

Extreme Programming: Test Driven Development

As professional developers our role is to produce high quality software for our clients. To achieve this goal we must make sure that our application meets the requirements defined by the business analysts and works as expected, without side effects. 692 more words

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CraftConf 2015 - Mind Successfully Blown...

So, I’m just heading back home after an awesome few days in Budapest, where I was attending the second edition of Craft Conference. I didn’t realise the conference was happening last year, but when my twitter stream was flooded was interesting looking… 1,700 more words


Thinking is the bottleneck

I just spend almost two days with a bug fix at work. The fix was just a one line code change!

This kind of things make you think. 258 more words

Software Craftsmanship

I am a Coding Journeyman

You may have notice it, I changed the domain name for this blog a few weeks ago. Following the advice of John Sonmez on his blogging course… 859 more words

Software Craftsmanship

SOLID: Dependency Inversion Principle

It is time to see the fifth and last principle of SOLID: the Dependency Inversion Principle, also known as DIP. If you missed the other principles, you can learn more about them by following these links: 687 more words

Development Practices

Taming Software Code Complexity and Technical Debt

The project I’m currently on has a good deal of complexity.  Its built on a 10+ year old codebase that has passed through multiple development groups with varying levels of skill and pressures.   599 more words

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