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Batman v Supername - Dawn of Legacy Code

“Good names – for classes, functions and variables alike – are a simple but powerful way of creating understandable code. Understandable code gives you improved maintainability.

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Tuples in .NET world and C# 7.0 improvements

Back in the day when I was a young developer, I was using output parameters. Then I figured out it is somewhat complicated to test functions with output parameters, and that their use is clunky at best. 834 more words

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How to use "Art of War" to be better Software Craftsman

At the moment there are a lot of agile methodologies out there which you can use on your team and see if they are applicable to it. 2,165 more words

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Single Responsibility Principle on different levels of abstraction

Somewhere in the early 2000s Robert C. Martin, most commonly known as Uncle Bob, came up with first five principles of Object Oriented Programming and Design – SOLID principles.  1,625 more words

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Craft Conference 2017 Experience

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Over the years, it seems as though the job description of a regular software developer has shifted. We are not just writing code in dark rooms, but are also estimating tasks, talking to the clients, and in general, have much more influence on business than we had, let’s say ten years ago. 675 more words

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A gentle introduction to Domain Driven Design

Domain Driven Design (DDD), first described in Eric Evans’s so-called “Blue Book” is a diverse set of practices. Because these practices are loosely associated and not tied to any specific tool, it can sometimes even be unclear whether you are in fact doing DDD or something else. 1,472 more words

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Devil in a tiny detail

Often we try to avoid unexpected evil NullPointerExceptions, especially once we work with POJOs. However sometimes instead of fixing the problem, one unintentionally introduces it. 178 more words