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Object-oriented development, Characteristics, Interacting objects, Advantages, classes, Unified Modelling Language, Object communication, Generalisation and inheritance, A generalisation hierarchy, Architectural design, Object identification, Design models, Subsystem models, Sequence models, Object interface specification, Design evolution, OO analysis vs Structured analysis, Object Oriented Analysis, Problem with traditional structured design, Class and application design… 15 more words

Understanding C# Delegates and Events

This post is about an extremely seasoned topic from C#, which many new programmers face difficulty understanding – Delegates and Events.

I have noticed, even a C# programmers with over 5 years of experience become a bit nervous when they are asked to explain delegates in the interviews and sometimes even go on the back-foot saying they have used it very little. 1,174 more words


software engineering:knotting the loose ends

On most software projects, good requirement specifications are created. Based on these specifications, software designs are created and finally the software product is constructed. But when the actual design and construction is done, the project team finds a lot of loose ends. 117 more words

Software Engineering

The IT Marketplace – A True Masterpiece

2018 – The virtual IT Marketplace, since its inception has been a boon to the IT industry. It has worked as a catalyst of sorts, bringing in efficiencies never before seen. 744 more words

Microservices+ Containers => Back to the Physical

As they say, size does not matter. Ahem, I am talking about Microservices. The new technology that has pretty much taken the whole industry by storm. 666 more words

Expressions vs Statements

A statement is made up of an expression and a terminator. It does not return a value. It’s only way to effect the rest of the program is by side-effects. 418 more words

Software Design

The growing "support yourself" attitude from developers

How many times has this happened to you? You upgrade your software to the newest version and a critical function stops working? Or you are using software and you realise that some important functions were developed by folks that didn’t understand our didn’t care what the function was supposed to do? 450 more words