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  • All three architectures are designed to separate view from model. Model handles domain and business logic, view handles presentation
  • Controller/Presenter/ViewModel handle communication with Model and View…
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Succeeding with Automated Integration Tests

tl;dr This post is an attempt to codify my thoughts about how to succeed with end to end integration testing. A toned down version of this post is part of the… 2,291 more words

Automated Testing

Organic software design

In 1975 Ted Herman, (of Tinimen Corporation) wrote a 1-page paper relating to organic program design [1]. At the time, there were many advocates of the notion that the activities of making software should be separated, i.e. 264 more words


A story from a System Engineer's Perspective: Fundamentals in Designing an App

Mr. Masato. T has been with e-Jan Networks for 9 years. He is the CTO of e-Jan Networks and also one of the core engineers who designed CACHATTO. 361 more words


Buch-Review: Continuous Delivery -- Der pragmatische Einstieg (Wolff)

Note: Most articles on this blog are in English, but I review books in the language they are written in. I read the german edition of this book, so this article is in German. 517 more words

IT And Computers

Software design fundamentals - What is component diagram?

In the previous post we have seen what is a use case and how a use case is related to a component diagram. Today we will learn about component diagrams and how they are related to classes. 409 more words

Software Engineering