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Asynchronisity 1

I have been working with asynchronous code all my career – ever since I wrote a multi-processing kernel on top of DOS to support a phone system reporter. 435 more words

Software Design

Best bit of (test) equipment, ever!

We have had many days here at¬†usingnfc¬†banging our heads against our desk trying to work out why in the world our microchips aren’t talking to each other! 170 more words


Why I am writing yet another language implementation

Why am I writing a language that compiles to JavaScript when I have over 250 to choose from (https://github.com/jashkenas/coffeescript/wiki/List-of-languages-that-compile-to-JS)? For the same reason as 250 plus other developers – I want something different to what is already out there. 224 more words

Software Design

A Fast Thumbnailer for Ubuntu

Over the past few months, James Henstridge, Xavi Garcia Mena, and I have implemented a fast and scalable thumbnailing service for Ubuntu and Ubuntu Touch. 4,578 more words


Why the proliferation of computer languages?

There has always been a love of computer language creation. Last century the languages writers were severely limited by the hardware. C/C++ even has an asm keyword to embed assembly language directly in the C code. 336 more words

Software Design

Observer Pattern in Dynamics NAV

My previous post shows a Control Add-In we developed to show a resource schedule/calendar (called the Whiteboard). When we first built it we were doing it for a single user with data that didn’t change very often. 678 more words

Dynamics NAV

Watching - The Rust Programming Language

It’s a nice introduction presentation for the Rust.

Recently, I restarted exploring new programming languages. One is golang, but also the Rust is often compared with it in system programming area. 116 more words

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