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How to use the ConfigurationManager class correctly

I want to talk about a practice that I have found very often in the C# community and it is the use of the static class ConfigurationManager. 481 more words

Software Design

Domain Events With Convention-Based Registration And Deferred Execution Support

In DDD, we establish bounded contexts and define how they will exchange information, which often occurs by raising events. According to Eric Evans, you should : 1,878 more words

Software Design

Refinement - The way to create beautiful software products

In a previous post; we had learned about abstraction for building powerful software products. Now let us learn about refinement.

Refinement is the opposite concept compared to abstraction. 282 more words

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Evaluation copy of my book "Foundations of software engineering"

My book “Foundations of software engineering” is primarily written as a textbook for University level courses related to software engineering. It is getting extremely good reviews from professors around the world; particularly from American and Indian universities. 59 more words

Software Engineering

Visualize Software with Diagrams

How do you go about visualizing software diagrams? Well let Simon Brown show you! He has funny diagrams to show and tricks to keep everyone on the same page. 33 more words


A way too early discussion of "Jasper"

After determining that I wasn’t going to be able to easily move the old FubuMVC codebase to the CoreCLR, I’ve been furiously working on the… 1,425 more words


About Facading and Dependency Injection

Good evening everyone.

I’ve been meaning to write a post about this for a little while, it’s a common discussion point within developers working on enterprise level software. 1,077 more words