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SOLID Principle in OOD

SOLID if an acronym for the first five object oriented design (OOD) principles by Robert .C.Martin. These principles are the part of agile and adaptive software development and by using these principles in their designs one can… 490 more words


Prototyping for children!

It’s been a while since the last post and this is because I wanted to have something substantial to share before I write a post. 384 more words

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SelfCAD – A powerful 3D CAD tool for 3d modeling, sculpting and 3d printing

SelfCAD is all-in-one program that integrates modeling, drawing, sculpting and printing online. Alternatively, SelfCAD can be defined as an online browser-based 3D model, sculpt, print platform that brings 3D designing and printing accessible to all along with professional designers, hobbyists and students devoid of any prior experience with CAD/CAM software. 156 more words


Planet game design

For my first software development class, I’m designing some original water color paintings that will be used for our Planet Wonder game. Will the texture of hand drawn art make the game breath more? 242 more words


Why Agile is beautiful?

In Agile methods of developing software products; the emphasis is on thinking small at a time. Project teams work on developing small software products at a time. 249 more words

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Journal #174 - Productive Tuesday, Maybe

I like to think that I have a productive day. Maybe? Maybe not?

Let’s see.

I woke up this morning still feeling both physically and mentally tired. 437 more words

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Anemic Domain Models: Why? Why?! WHY?????

It’s been a while (2003!!) since Martin Fowler wrote about the Anemic Domain Anti-pattern using these words:

The primary cost is the awkwardness of mapping to a database, which typically results in a whole layer of O/R mapping.

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