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The web is just a delivery mechanism

TL;DR – The web is just a delivery mechanism and your web browser is just another I/O device.


Some people argue that this is all very nice in theory, but in practicality those ideas are not feasible. 661 more words

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[Android Devices Only] Writing on PDF files

The ability to write over and send PDF files is a convenient and an outstandingly efficient way to share documents throughout the business. Up until now, most people would print the PDF file and scan it, or find ways to convert the copy to an image file just to be able to write something over it. 68 more words


Don't piss off your users by suddenly changing your UI

By Jim Grey (about)

Delivering software on the Web is great. Especially with continuous delivery, we can deliver changes large and small anytime we want. 847 more words


All About Custom Software Development

This software is specially developed for certain commercial websites. Custom Software Development is customer specific software and hence includes customized features as demanded by the customer. 396 more words


How Frameworks Shackle You, and How to Break Free

I sometimes hate software frameworks. More precisely, I hate their cookie cutter systems of mass production.

Personally, when someone tells me about a cool new feature of a framework, what I really hear is “look at the shine on those iron shackles.” 1,335 more words

OOP destroyed encapsulation

TL;DR – Object oriented design did not bring encapsulation principles to software development, it broke it.

Many of my friends go to job interviews for software engineering positions, and the question they are asked a lot is “what are the advantages of object oriented programming?”. 334 more words

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