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The Cranky PM's identity revealed

I noticed recently that the CrankyPM closed her blog – I am very sorry about this, as she usually wrote extremely witty posts. However, she revealed her identity and started… 25 more words

Software Behaviour

YAGNI: The Best of Extreme Programming

I mentioned a few posts back that I was going to talk about YAGNI, so here we go.

YAGNI (You aren’t gonna need it… 661 more words

Software Engineering

Color depth

While working with the RFB protocol, I came upon a situation where I receive 16-bit pixels, with red, green, and blue each at 5-bit color depth i.e. 49 more words

Software Design

practical considerations for software testing - 3

In my previous post we had considered the challenges of unit testing where databases are involved. In this post we will see how to overcome those challenges. 190 more words

Software Engineering

Sheep In Wolf's Clothing

We’ve all heard the term “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” before.  It represents some malicious entity masquerading as something benign, hoping to gain some advantage.  The other day, I came across something quite the opposite when working on HAPP.  445 more words


practical considerations for software testing - 2

In my last post I had promised I will discuss testing techniques. Today I will discuss testing database manipulation if it iss part of a class and you are doing a unit testing of this class. 488 more words

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