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To what extent should testers and QA engineers be involved in software design?

Traditionally testers and QA engineers have had minimal involvement with software design. Design has been the role of the software architect, or team lead, for many years. 250 more words

Mind-To-Code-To-Mind And Mind-To-Model-To-Code

Since my previous post, I’ve been thinking in more detail about how we manage to move an integrated set of static structures and dynamic behaviors out of our heads and into a tree of associated source code files. 990 more words


Difference between IT, software engineering and computer science

In colleges and universities, you may notice that the degrees offered to students may include a degree in computer science, a degree in software engineering and a degree in information technology. 195 more words

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Looking at software design with Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm is a program which can very well change the way you approach software design. Its key goal is to provide an environment which gives you full access to the most commonly used standards in design modelling while also making sure that despite the complexity with some of those models you’ll always have the right tools at your fingertips. 2,314 more words


Microservice Architecture

Son dönemlerde sıklıkla bahsedilen microservice mimarisini araştırmayı ve öğrendiklerimi blog yazısı haline getirmeye niyetlendim. Microservice mimarisine geçmeden monolithic mimari hakkında kısaca bir özet geçelim.

Monolithic/Layered mimari aslında traditional SOA yaklaşımıdır. 615 more words


Is C# Getting More Functional?

Looking at the set of features introduced in C# 7, I am thinking –

Is C# trying to follow the footsteps of Scala (a functional language that compiles into JVM bytecode)? 627 more words

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A Human Interface?

One of my greatest pet peeves in the personal computer industry is software design, specifically, how well the software interface meshes with our human understanding and appreciation of aesthetics, ease of use, simplicity, non-cluttered, and intuitive. 583 more words