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Seam Obsession

A few years back, I adopted the belief that more seams meant better software design. Recently, I’ve come to realize how this belief has caused damage to the systems I have built. 1,343 more words

Dependency Injection

A feature of FOSS

An important feature observed in systems built on FOSS like Bitcoin and Linux is that they evolve over time by a process, more or less, of trial and error. 133 more words


Software Design

For the overall final project, you had to select 1 project from 3 different organizational software design projects, which included the following:

Academic Writing

Simplifying your Software Design: Logging

The LogNut open-source project on GitHub is a facility that I created to do one thing: to simplify this one aspect of software-design. Logging.

In some of your best programming-environments you can type your code, make it RUN — and watch what it does. 485 more words

Software Design

The benefits of timeboxing a solution

A colleague pointed me to a nice article by Sue Davis about writing for the public, and among the suggestions was the idea of timeboxing feedback: “If you don’t, the polishing process can be never-ending and you risk delaying getting the content to your users.” 285 more words

Project Management