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The LinkedIn "Endorsing" Problem and Solution

The Problem

I use LinkedIn to connect with people that I think have integrity. I want to show them my support by endorsing their skills, but I’ve accrued too many connections to afford the time. 603 more words


The Juice

I was recently asked (paraphrasing) what parts of the work of software engineering do I find “juicy” so I came up with this diagram. Any software engineering task involves both developers (if only me), customers (might be a client), and the processes of design and implementation. 207 more words

Software Development

Fast path finding with priorityq

The power of Nostalgia

I really miss Weewar!    Weewar for those who don’t remember was a very very simple and light themed, turn-based, strategy war game.   776 more words


Thoughts on Agile Database Development

I’m flying out to our main office next week and one of the big things on my agenda is talking over our practices around databases in our software projects. 2,377 more words

Automated Testing

DIP - IoC - DI ve IoC container kavramları

Daha önce SOLID prensiplerini anlatırken bahsettiğimiz Dependency Inversion Principle yani bağımlılıkların tersine çevrilmesi prensibinin nasıl gerçek örnekler üzerine implement edileceğinden bahsedeceğim.  Bu prensip altında kullanılan ve birbirleri ile karıştırılan konuların üzerinden geçeceğim. 727 more words


Observer Design Pattern

Behavioral (davranışsal) tasarım kalıplardan olan observer pattern sık kullanılır. One to many ilişkili birden fazla nesneden oluşur. Bir nesne değiştiği zaman, ona bağlı diğer nesnelerde otomatik olarak değişmektedir. 616 more words


NBC Accused Of 'Whitewashing' By Black Journalists' Association After Tamron Hall's 'Today' Exit

Following news that African-American anchor Tamron Hall is exiting “Today” — with rumours that she was pushed aside in order to make way for NBC’s new $12-million-a-year-acquisition Megyn Kelly, who is Caucasian — the National Association of Black Journalists is accusing the Peacock Network of “whitewashing.” 476 more words