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Software Design in Context of Database Failover (Part 1): The Happy Path

Oracle Active Data Guard provides a replication and fail-over mechanism between two or more Oracle databases for high availability and disaster recovery. How does (application) software have to be designed in this context? 720 more words


Is It Safe?

Remember this classic torture scene in “Marathon Man“? D’oh! Now, suppose you had to create the representation of a message that simply aggregates… 182 more words


Why programming is difficult?

On any software project, the software designer creates the software design and hands it over to the software programmer to write the source code. Generally the software design contains design for every business logic which need to be implemented. 248 more words

Software Engineering

Software maintenance, and not development, is a bigger deal!

With millions (and increasing) of lines code in existence, it is observed that writing a new piece of code and creation of software is cake-walk compared to maintaining it. 812 more words
Software Design

Will you adopt Open Source Frameworks?

Will you adopt Open Source Frameworks?

The Project Director (PD) of the framework, on which most of the products in the company are developed, doesn’t believe in Open Source Frameworks (OSF). 606 more words

Software Architecture

Why accesor methods are still bad?

In object oriented programming, accessor methods are used to provide access to hidden (private) class variables. If accessor methods are good?

Using get accessor methods, a private class variable can be seen from outside a class and its value can be known. 248 more words

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Life universe TDD and everything else

He was nothing but a ronin, the one without master, the one with the wind and the water.He had just been out of the great Indian education system and realised that it provided nothing but a paper which you could as well use for cleaning tables with.He wandered from dojo to dojo but was never satisfied nor was he ever interested in arts they had offered.This all changed the day he came to the new dojo. 859 more words