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Cutting to the Quick: The Software Craftsman

Sometimes you can spend years trying to find a book that you can recommend to someone who’s asked you a question. My latest read, The Software Craftsman: Professionalism, Pragmatism… 575 more words


Toppling alpha developers

Many people are attracted to software development because they love technology and development. Viewing it more as a hobby they are paid to undertake, they gladly spend time outside work solving that nagging problem, mucking around with the newest framework, contributing to open source software or exploring opinions on Twitter. 842 more words

Software Development

Have a Food App Idea? 5 Key Ingredients For Its Success

Food ordering apps are trending hot! If you have a food delivery app idea buzzing in your head, know the secret ingredients for its success from this blog post. 436 more words

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Apps To Help Couples Plan Their Night-Outs

Mobile apps became an inevitable medium in our lives to avail on-demand services, buy things, make payments, book flights, tickets for concerts/movies and what not. There are dozens of apps easing our everyday life struggles and some providing light entertainment on-the-go. 425 more words

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Apps Development: Where It Is Heading?

The progress path of mobile app development has not been the longest. But, is definitely the most transforming one. While it seems to many that we are in the last or matured stage of App economy, there are more too. 424 more words

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How to Make an iOS App with Impressive UI and UX?

Well, this is an undeniable fact that the iOS app development is still considered to be a fruitful investment that gives a competitive edge to the businesses and help them acquire more customers than ever. 450 more words

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