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Understanding Bit masks

Bit masks enable the simultaneous storage and retrieval of multiple values using one variable. This is done by using flags with special properties (numbers that are the powers of 2). 756 more words

Software Development

Turn the Ship Around by @DavidMarquet Book Review #agile #pmot

“Turn the ship around” by David Marquet is a rare gem of a book. It is one of those books that come around once a decade. 489 more words


Project Manager's #1 Challenge #PMOT

One thing that has always perplexed me on projects is how poorly we as Project Managers and project teams manage risk. All of us have the initial Risk Management meeting and try to capture the risks and mitigations required. 495 more words


The Philosophy of World Class Commercial Software Devs

What’s the difference between software developers that are great and those that are ordinary? One of the things that I have noticed and tried to emulate, as if some of these great software developers and other problem solvers were my coaches, is to have an understanding and philosophy behind the code. 646 more words

Unrecognizable - Swift 3.0 Has No Interface Builder Love

One of the things I’ve always liked about Apple is the way they revisit and revise their tools. Although there is comfort in logging on to any *nix system and knowing that… 1,065 more words


-Wall, Compiler Warnings and Other Lies Software Developers Believe

An interesting thing about having spent over thirty years taking software from one platform to another is that, time and again, I’ve had my understanding of what constitutes correct code challenged. 993 more words


Would you like fries with your McApplication? #NoEstimates

There is a great difference between a fine meal and McMeal. The fine meal typically has been crafted with years of experience and training by chefs around the world. 641 more words