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These are not the practices you are looking for @agileinabag

The Business of doing Software Development – A presentation we gave about Holistic Software Development at the Agile in a Bag conference in London 2015. This presentation looks at the rise and fall of agile practices and offers ideas for what’s next. 12 more words


Handling events in WPF in an easy and short hand way

I would talk about the WPF events and how to handle them easily, perhaps you might already know how to handle them; XAML gives you a lot of good handy functions, but there are a lot of other good ways of doing the same. 757 more words


Scrum Team Anarchy

Many people have the misconception that anarchy is about disruption and chaos. Anarchy is however by definition the opposite of hierarchy – removing all forms of authority. 259 more words



We work to make your dreams happen…

ReJoom is “One Stop for Web Services”. We provide full package of your requirement. We understand your words and make application according to your requirement. 155 more words


What if I am doing a spike?

One question asked by one of the engineers when starting to seriously adopt bug free development has to do with spikes and experiments. When we do a spike or an experiment, for example to learn a new API or to find the best approach to address a specific problem, we perform commons tasks like writing some code, define simple data structures, compile and execute an example. 282 more words

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The rise of the Chief Software Architect

Software is increasingly important to everyone, it’s everywhere. It’s in our phones, runs our cars, our cities, our healthcare, entertainment and utilities. There are few businesses without a software element and many that are critically software dependent. 999 more words

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Why Micro Services ?

Micro Services are the next big thing in the modern software architecture and development. The distributed applications in the recent past changed the world of software outlook. 667 more words