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All About Custom Software Development

This software is specially developed for certain commercial websites. Custom Software Development is customer specific software and hence includes customized features as demanded by the customer. 396 more words


Writing the simplest code possible

In today’s post I want to cover a really interesting topic. One of the founding bugfree principles is that we should not write any code unless we have a spec not running which allows us to write new code. 1,372 more words

Software Development

Code Craft-Embedding C++: Hidden Activities?

What is an embedded system? The general definition is a computer system dedicated to a specific purpose, i.e. not a general purpose system usable for different tasks. 2,198 more words


Why software users (especially Linux users) occasionally hate developers

I don’t intend to turn this blog into my personal rant space, but every now and then there are issues I think should be discussed in an open and forthright manner. 4,279 more words

Software Development

Code Craft - Embedding C++: Classes

For many embedded C developers the most predominate and questionable feature of C++ is the class. The concern is that classes are complex and therefore will introduce code bloat and increase runtimes in systems where timing is critical. 3,181 more words

Arduino Hacks

Agility at Human Scale

[ I wrote the post below on LinkedIn, as a reaction to something I read which annoyed me. One person whose opinion I respect liked it, so I thought I’d share it here. 115 more words

Software Development

Remoting-in to the Virtual Box

As no-one spoke up yesterday, I’ll assume everyone has accepted the notion that all software runs in a virtual universe, free from the laws of physics. 475 more words

Information Revolution