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Top 3 ways to increase software development productivity

Software development productivity is the ratio between the value of software produced to the expense of producing it. It can be increased both by driving up the value of the output created by a software organization and by reducing costs of developing software. 416 more words

Software Development

10 years of programming: Lessons Learnt

I wrote my first program around 2006 or thereabout – it was some toy program for the FORTRAN course at school. Ever since then, I have been given the opportunity to take on more challenging programming tasks. 1,262 more words


Number systems part 2

In part 1 I showed you how to convert between binary and decimal now I will show you how to do the same but with octal and hexadecimal. 196 more words


Seeking Insecurity: Taking CERT's C/C++ Security Class

Apparently, I am the first person to complete SEI CERT’s online version of their course in C/C++ secure coding. With all my pausing the videos to take notes, it took me forty hours to get through, but it was worth the time. 476 more words


Magic Recipe For Fastest Hair Growth Naturaly

When someone complains of hair loss or baldness, aging is the first thing that comes to mind. But aging is not the only factor that is the culprit nowadays. 529 more words


Number Systems part 1

When it comes to computers there are several different number systems that are commonly used. These are binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal (often shortened to hex). 434 more words