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The rise of the Chief Software Architect

Software is increasingly important to everyone, it’s everywhere. It’s in our phones, runs our cars, our cities, our healthcare, entertainment and utilities. There are few businesses without a software element and many that are critically software dependent. 999 more words

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Why Micro Services ?

Micro Services are the next big thing in the modern software architecture and development. The distributed applications in the recent past changed the world of software outlook. 667 more words


Magnificent Maven

Allow me to introduce you to the Maven

Stepping out from education into the wonderful world of enterprise software development can be quite daunting.  You are suddenly presented with a myriad of tools and technologies you’ve never heard of before, that you are expected to be firmly familiar with.   1,579 more words


ASP.NET vNext - The Hits Keep on Coming!

The next release of ASP.NET often referred to as vNext now seems to have adopted the ASP.NET 5 moniker and is expected to be released at the same time as Visual Studio 2015 ( 189 more words

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Have you ever randomly thought of developing a new software?

I studied Software Engineering once. However I couldn’t complete the degree due to financial issues which was sad. 282 more words


Zero Bug Tolerance Intolerance

I ran into a blog post titled “Zero Bug Tolerance Intolerance” which of course captured my attention. It is not very recent (it is dated February 15, 2011), but still well written and agreeable. 91 more words

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Estimations, Guesstimations, Shmesstimations...

I recently found these “No bullshit estimation cards”

I can’t agree more with the message they send regarding estimations. Almost everywhere I have worked, there has been a big emphasis on the need for estimating the time and effort for implementing and releasing a new feature, but in almost every case we get it wrong. 392 more words