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Deploy High-End Features of Magento to Grow Your eCommerce Business

Over the recent years, the eCommerce sector has witnessed remarkable progress across the world. People have gradually inclined more and more towards online shopping which, has led to multiple number of entrants in the market as well. 422 more words

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Is using 'using' block really helpful?

Introduction and Background

So, it all began on the Facebook when I was posting a status (using Twitter) about a statement that I was feeling very bad that .NET team had left out the “Close” function while designing their .NET Core framework. 1,150 more words


Learning Common Lisp 

Common Lisp is an old language compared to many that are used now, such as Java, Python and C#. But this does not in any way mean it is no-longer useful, in fact it has many of the features that many modern languages have and many that they don’t. 870 more words


Confessions of a Wumpus Hunter - Releasing my First iPhone App

I’m big on education, think Swift is a great language, and believe games can be a practical way to motivate learning. So, how did I put this into practice? 2,221 more words

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Predictability in Software Development - Part I

Recently, I’ve been part of few conversations regarding predictability and commitments.  It is the opinion of some that Agile teams should be able to make and keep their Sprint commitments as it pertains to outputs (points, stories, card counts).   607 more words

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Out of Context - Using Core Data on iOS 9.3 and 10.0

iOS 10 ships on September 13th. Apple has changed their generated code for Core Data. It doesn’t compile if you set your deployment target to iOS 9.3. 781 more words


Top Reasons to Hire a Professional Software Development Company in London

Digital era brings new opportunities in your business and that’s why business leaders are showing their great effort to build their online presence effectively. In order to build a perfect online presence, you need to develop an authentic, adaptable, omnipresent and business-driven website that represents your business vision & mission across the sphere. 263 more words