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Surefire Tricks To Pick An Expert App Developer for Your Brand New App

Businesses today are presented with endless choices for mobile app developers, choosing the perfect one for your bright new idea of the app is certainly challenging. 478 more words

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Techniques for Building Resilient Software Systems

Downtime = lost revenue.

One of the most challenging aspects of software development is staging changes without breaking the service. Releasing new features always comes with a risk – bugs might be introduced and existing failure points might become more prone to failure. 1,187 more words

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Modern Agile meets Design Thinking

This is a guest post by Sigrun Tallungs (@tallungs). The original was written in Swedish and published on this blog earlier. That post, in turn, was a response to… 639 more words


Modern Agile möter Design Thinking

En gästkrönika av Sigrun Tallungs som en fortsättning på mitt tidigare inlägg om Modern Agile.

Det som jag gillar med Modern Agile är att det riktar strålkastarljuset på det som gör ont idag, det som ligger bortom funktionerna. 705 more words


What Kind of Apps Are Making Most of Money in this Mobile-First Era

Profitability of apps relies on certain factors like target audiences, targeted mobile OS platforms, utility gained, usability and so forth. While many are seen striving to fund the apps, many managed to win vast and a loyal user base for their apps. 452 more words

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Reasons Explaining Why Essence Of Apps Fade Away Soon

On an average, more than a half of users uninstall an app after using it few times. Most mobile applications, irrespective of the OS platforms they are built for having very less shelf life. 428 more words

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4 Proven Skills That Every App Developer Must Possess

Creating an app is not always daunting. Whether you have any new app idea to launch or want to create a mobile presence of your existing website, you need the assistance of adept and competent… 436 more words

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