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Creating Great User Experiences

Have you ever wondered why some applications always look and feel similar? Why for example does Apple have a unified experience across devices? Why are Google products starting to adopt the material experience? 950 more words

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Why Fitness Apps are Becoming a Must-have for Mobile Users?

With the introduction of several fitness apps and trackers, smartphones are becoming great tools for monitoring fitness and dieting aims. Those apps constantly remind the users and track the progress they make while they are on fitness workouts. 462 more words

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Forward commands from PHP to LightwaveRF

I write this little forwarder recently so that other bits of software in our house/network could send commands to our LightwaveRF kit without needing to be registered on the hub, effectively giving local speed access to all software integrations. 153 more words


3 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in iOS App Development

The task of building an iPhone app can be quite troublesome if the approach is not right. Irrespective of how innovative or unique your app idea, if the approach towards conceptualising your idea and transforming into a reality, then your entire investment might go in vain. 420 more words

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Copy & paste driven development

Software development is rife with copy & paste: all of us resort to copy and paste coding sometimes. We know we probably shouldn’t, but we do… 1,625 more words

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Sharing Virtual and Holographic Realities via Vive and Hololens

An experimental project to mix reality and virtual reality by uses the Microsoft Hololens and the HTC Vive to show two users successfully sharing a single workspace as well as controllers.  464 more words

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Rebranding Corporate Politics

The term “corporate politics” conjures up images of sycophantic, self-serving behavior like boot-licking and backstabbing. However, to some IT professionals’ chagrin, we work with humans as much as computers. 545 more words

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