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Have you ever randomly thought of developing a new software?

I studied Software Engineering once. However I couldn’t complete the degree due to financial issues which was sad.

Through Software Engineering, I was able to learn so many things. 271 more words


Zero Bug Tolerance Intolerance

I ran into a blog post titled “Zero Bug Tolerance Intolerance” which of course captured my attention. It is not very recent (it is dated February 15, 2011), but still well written and agreeable. 91 more words

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Estimations, Guesstimations, Shmesstimations...

I recently found these “No bullshit estimation cards”

I can’t agree more with the message they send regarding estimations. Almost everywhere I have worked, there has been a big emphasis on the need for estimating the time and effort for implementing and releasing a new feature, but in almost every case we get it wrong. 392 more words

Bug free development and QA

One of the most frequent questions explicitly or implicitly asked about bug free development regards its relationship with testing and QA in general. One think that I always try to make very clear is that bug free development has nothing to do with automatic testing. 945 more words

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How to Search Professional Software Development Company From Indore, India

Appointing a software development company for building software system with your business requirements is not a simple task, particularly when you desire to construct explicit and sophisticated software applications to meet up your business criteria. 376 more words

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Women in Tech: Should You Learn to Code?

In the March issue of MORE, a magazine dedicated to “women of style and substance,” I was interviewed by Laura Shin as part of a discussion that asked “Should You Learn to Code?” 129 more words

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Success Metrics of SaaS Start-up: Key Performance Drivers

Software as a service (SaaS) industry is one of the fastest growing profitable industries for start-ups. A correct focus on strategic optimization can result in highly scalable exponential revenue in this industry. 884 more words