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6 Key Beneficial Aspects of Hiring iPhone App Development Experts

With around a 40% stake in the Australian mobile market, iPhone surely enjoys dominance in the industry. Being the favorite of all, starting from teenage school goers to elite-class corporates, iPhones have revolutionized our mobile experiences since its inception.  355 more words

Software Development

Programming getting started part 3

If you are looking to start mobile development then you will likely be looking at either android or iOS, as these are the most popular mobile operating systems at the moment. 236 more words


Agile: It does not mean what you think it means

Many organizations adopt Agile development methodologies, or just Agile, for the right reasons. They want a software development methodology that welcomes change. They want something to give management better visibility on team progress and teams better visibility into the longer-term product plans. 541 more words

Software Development

Confessions of an #Agilist - Agile is dead #Pasunashi

So I’ve recently taken a job as the Manager of a Project Management Office, and I have a confession to make:

Agile is dead. I’ve seen the body. 345 more words


Why #Goalies make the best Project Managers and Leaders #PMOT

I was driving with my brother back from a family event and we started talking about the upcoming Jets and Flames hockey seasons. After some speculating on free agent signings, we started to talk about the qualities of good Project Manager and Leaders. 784 more words


Programming getting started part 2

Unlike other areas of programming such as mobile there is a huge number of languages available, some being more popular than others. This can be reduced to only a few of the more popular languages which would be a better option for beginning programmers. 682 more words