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Checkout the 5 most popular SDKs for mobile application development

What is SDK (software development kit ) ?

SDKs are defined as the building blocks of applications. It allows developers to quickly add functionality like social logins or ad-based monetization proof to their apps. 282 more words

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The Problem Is Not So Much The Problem, But Rather My Confusion That It Even Exists In The First Place

I’m not particularly good at containing my displeasure. This is compounded when the displeasure in question relates to computers. There’s a digital form of voodoo curse on me when it comes to tech, despite my best efforts to make things work half as easily as they do for everyone else. 485 more words


Unlimited and Unstoppable!

Today’s post was inspired by this post from Syl. When I read it I thought how well it explains what I actually tried to convey in some of my posts but the quote he used said it all. 730 more words


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Today’s post was inspired by this post from Syl. When I read it I thought how well it explains what I actually tried to convey in some of my posts but the quote he used said it all. We are developing in every single moment we exist. Whether we are awake or asleep or even in which form we do exist. quote-Hayley-Williams-whether-im-being-influenced-by-new-music-218692.pngDevelopment happens naturally through all we see, all we hear, all we smell, all we experience, a smile we receive makes something happen, a bad word makes something happen. We cannot help it nor can we stop it. We save all those impressions within instants and it feeds our inner system. We collect everything in our files. Where we store it and how we rate an experience is subjective and defines the direction we develop to. But one thing is for sure, we do store everything. Even when we consciously decide not to let something affect our inner world, we store it! Fotolia_4916255_XS.jpgThat way we evolve day by day by adding little pieces day by day and without noticing. Little incidents are added unconsciously into one of our files reflexively. Sometimes such a little piece can make our system see a bigger context. When this happens then we react to this little piece in a way we ourselves don’t understand why. But it was on only the last piece needed for our system to “understand” (again in a subjective way). This can be when old wounds start bleeding again or when all of a sudden a conclusion seems to come out of the blue. That little trigger that reminds you of a certain situation in your life or a person and all of a sudden let you look differently at it. unnamed.pngWe are like sponges and that sponge seems endlessly dry because we have endless room for development. That’s why one achieved dream is the breeding ground for new dreams. Because we enter a new field and it opens up a new world within our world. Our curiosity never stops and we should never ever let anyone keep us from exploring the endless possibilities we have. Our imagination is unlimited and if we can imagine it, we can be it. We only need to dare to go for it. All things are possible. We are unlimited energy coming to the physical world in a human body which makes, even more, creations possible or visible. b5618732792289d1b54fdb1c84579cc9.jpgWe are not limited by our physical shell. No, it is the mind which is part of the physical existence that can make us believe we are limited. But who we have always been and will always be is spirit, energy, unlimited creative power. One part of our personal evolution is to remember who we really are, is to remember that we are more than this human body, and that limitation is a lie! With every experience and every overcome obstacle, we are getting a step closer to the realization who we are, that we can overcome everything, and that who we really are can never be destroyed. d34efa489bd8b5e2986fe7ac69ad7e61.jpgOur minds get taught to stay open because they experienced several times that much more is possible than they thought. The more open and unlimited the mind is the faster our plans and visions are realized because we just go and let our spiritual existence lead the way. We don’t need to make the decision whether we want to live a more spiritual life or stay completely focused on being a physical creation whose lifetime is limited to its body’s expiration date. What we need to do is to understand that we are both! Or in other words: We are spiritual beings wearing a human body in order to be able to fulfill this lifetime on planet earth. 7591da0692e652c0899eb8b727cab4e9.jpgNow coming back to the actual topic: With everything we experience, whether consciously or unconsciously, we develop and evolve in order to become more aware of the amazing being beneath our human body. The closer we come the more amazing insights are set free, the more our powerful self is allowed to live and act, and the more new insights we gain, and the closer we come to realize who we really are. You are much closer today than you were yesterday and (as the quote in Syl’s post said) we can never be again who we once were because we are growing out of our past self constantly. Enjoy yourself and make use of the physical life you are given. You are unlimited energy born to evolve! In Love and Light