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Continuous Software Development Life Cycle

Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Feedback and Continuous Learning all have a common theme.

Here’s my first cut at the full continuous SDLC taking inspiration from Jez Humble and Martin Fowler. 39 more words


Why is it so important to review every framework activities?

Every next framework activity behaves according to the tasks implemented on its previous activity. For example, you will code what have you designed.

If one activity is not reviewed and if we proceed to next activity, tasks which are missed in previous activity won’t be implemented in the next activity and so on. 109 more words

Software Engineering

Five framework activities in Software Engineering

There are total five framework activities in Software Engineering as follow:

  1. Communication:

Project requirements are collected in this activity. This framework activity is the main focus of the project managers and stakeholders. 141 more words

Software Engineering

Project on Steganography

Steganography is the science of hiding information in other information. Steganography is practiced from ages, and used in situations where hidden exchange or communication of information is required. 487 more words

Software Engineering

Voice Based Web Browser Project Report

This paper reviews the topic of the voice recognizing web-browser. Voice recognition is a process that recognizes our human voice to produce a sentence of word or commands. 321 more words

Software Engineering

How can you relate software development phases to test life cycle ?

Hi guys, today I will expose the differences between Software Development Cycle and Software Test Life Cycle.

Phase SDLC – Software Development Life cycle STLC – Software Test Life Cycle… 245 more words

Developing Software: Where to start?!

In the software and tech industry, one of the main aspects is software development. A lot of software and tech companies, or software teams in any company, follow some type of methodology when it comes to developing software. 419 more words