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What is the role of a Business Analyst in different phases of SDLC?

Analysis Phase

Requirement Gathering – Workshop facilitation, Interviews, Observation, Research

Requirement Documentation –Business requirement Document,Requirement Tractability Document, Functional & Non Functional Requirements documents

Requirements Validation & Prioritization activities… 117 more words

Software Development Life Cycle

Why do we need a separate environment for the developers and testers?

  • If QA is using a dev environment, that environment is likely changing. It is hard to control the state of the environment with multiple people working against it.
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Software Development Life Cycle

Who are the different stakeholders involved in different phases of SDLC?

  1. Requirements– Business Analyst
  2. Design – System Architect
  3. Coding – Software Developer /  Development Team
  4. Testing – Tester / Testing Team
  5. Implementation – Operational Team
  6. Maintenance – Production Support Team
Software Development Life Cycle

Which phase of SDLC does the testers begin to write test case?

We can start writing Test Cases in parallel with Design
phase itself.(but make sure u understand the requirements

Software Development Life Cycle

Difference between functional document and business document?

Business Requirement Documents are written to define the requirements of a business process or a system that needs to support a business process.  For purposes of contrasting the Business Requirement Document (BRD) and the Functional Specification Document (FSD), the description of the BRD that follows is written in terms of preparing a BRD for a system. 13 more words

Software Development Life Cycle

What is the difference between an use case and test case?

Use Case: In software and systems engineering, a use case is a list of actions or event steps, typically defining the interactions between a role (known in the Unified Modeling Language as an actor) and a system, to achieve a goal. 50 more words

Software Development Life Cycle

Waterfall vs. Agile: Which is the Right Development Methodology for Your Project?

One of the first decisions we face for each of our project implementations at Segue is “Which development methodology should we use?” This is a topic that gets a lot of discussion (and often heated debate). 1,375 more words