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Paranoid's Guide to Server Administration


Given the number of recent breaches in web sites, managers want to improve security. However, a manager ordering that all security problems be eliminated from a web site will have no more effect than King Canute ordering the rising tide to halt. 1,923 more words

Software Development Life Cycle

Scrum model

The most basic model in Agile methodology is Scrum model. The roots of scrum model is based on incremental and iterative approach of traditional methodology. Each iteration is called Sprint and time frame for each Sprint can be from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. 702 more words

Software Engineering


Agile methodology basically came in picture in order to handle the changing requirements in product development that can be software or hardware. The traditional models were not able to handle the changing requirements and all the traditional models we saw i.e. 631 more words

Software Engineering

Structured evolutionary prototype model

Structured evolutionary prototype (SEP) model is one of the mostly used model which is linear and sequential in nature one the prototype is accepted by client. 443 more words

Software Engineering

Spiral model

Spiral model is said to be combination of iterative model and linear sequential model i.e. waterfall model. The product is released in iteration while taking the advantages of waterfall methodology. 507 more words

Software Engineering

Incremental and Iterative model

When we think of incremental and iterative development we always get confused because of the alliteration in the name. Both are software development life Cycle… 547 more words

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V- Model

This model is an extension to waterfall methodology. It works same as waterfall method. The V-model is an SDLC model where execution of processes happens in a sequential manner and linear in a V-shape.  569 more words

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