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What is meant by SDLC & PDLC?

SDLC – Software Development Life Cycle

SDLC is nothing but the life cycle of the software development process (starting from idea to the deploy and maintenance of the software). 40 more words

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10 QA Tips for Successful Mobile App Development

Quality control “QA” can often be overlooked or not receive adequate attention compared to other aspects of mobile application development. At AppZure, we believe that having a strong quality control process will help with the development of mobile applications and can save the company time and money in the long term. 779 more words

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Different Phases Of Mobile App Development

With more than 1.5 million applications each in the Apple application and Google Play Store, it is important to run the mobile application development process… 1,495 more words

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7 Principles for Success in New Software Product Development Projects

Being that I found my technical roots in public service, I never considered the art of creating software through the lens of a new product development project; until I experienced the last two years of my life as a software applications manager. 553 more words

Analyzing a Hack

There has been a lot of discussion on the internet recently on the ability of an attacker to test unlimited numbers of PIN/Passcode values without triggering the auto-delete function puilt into the iPhones. 1,663 more words

Software Development Life Cycle

Software Development Life Cycle

Software is the list of program installed in the computer to perform specific tasks. These software programs are designed by Software Development team of an organization. 377 more words


Paranoid's Guide to Server Administration


Given the number of recent breaches in web sites, managers want to improve security. However, a manager ordering that all security problems be eliminated from a web site will have no more effect than King Canute ordering the rising tide to halt. 1,923 more words

Software Development Life Cycle