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4 things to do to decrease costs in software development

Front end development is of course an essential part of the entire software development process. To the naked, untrained eye it may even seem like that’s all there is to it since most of users are unaware of whetever takes place on the server side. 355 more words

Software Development Process

What are progressive web apps?

Have you ever had to make a difficult decision on whether to go for a mobile application or a web application? Or perhpas do you know that someone that faced or is facing a decision like this? 339 more words

Software Development Process

Top jQuery validation plugins 2016

Few would be able to imagine proper software development without having to deal with form validation. The most recent Site Point article provided us with an overview of some of the best jQuery validation plugins. 304 more words

Software Development Process

Should you hire a front-end developer as part of offshore software development?

Front end development is a crucial and unavoidable part of any web development project. At the same time, it seems to be one of th easiest and most tempting to outsource? 645 more words

Software Development Process

Importance of Software Development Process

Software has become an important part of every human life. Every software is developed by going through a process to improve its quality. It is the foundation of software development which ensures that a software is developed with lesser defects meeting the deadline and better quality. 354 more words

Software Development

Tackling an innovative project? Prove it ASAP

Proof of concept in software development – have you ever heard those words mentioned in one sentence? I hope you did. Because that’s a must for both front end and back end developers. 71 more words

Software Development Process