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Going the Scrum Way

In one of my earlier piece, I had focussed on Agile Methodology. Like every other thing the Agile Methodology also evolved and over a period of time there were variations introduced to it. 556 more words

ALM - Application Lifecycle Management

What is ALM?

A: Tools that manage the application lifecycle. Tools that help from creation to application deployment.

It is common to see ALM divided into the following categories: 358 more words


Continuous Integration

What is Continuous Integration?

R: “Continuous Integration is a software development practice where members of a team integrate their work frequently, usually each person integrates at least daily – leading to multiple integrations per day. 435 more words


Testing Overview

Previously, I talked a little bit about testing, but now I will give you an overview. There are many kinds of tests, such as:

Functional Testing… 494 more words


Code complete != ship ready

I used to work for a team where whenever an engineer said he was done, the next question would invariably be are you ‘done done… 770 more words


Automated Build

What is build?

R: The process by which source code is converted into a stand-alone form that can be run on a computer or to the form itself. 676 more words


Programmer Utilities - Links 01


  • Protopage is your personal page and can be private or public. It has many features such as: RSS reader, sticky notes, To-Do list, bookmarks, integration with social networks and many other widgets.
  • 524 more words