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Importance of Software Development Process

Software has become an important part of every human life. Every software is developed by going through a process to improve its quality. It is the foundation of software development which ensures that a software is developed with lesser defects meeting the deadline and better quality. 354 more words

Software Development

Tackling an innovative project? Prove it ASAP

Proof of concept in software development – have you ever heard those words mentioned in one sentence? I hope you did. Because that’s a must for both front end and back end developers. 71 more words

Software Development Process

The Right Way to Hire Software Developers

by Roger Frech, Senior Software Architect

The new employee selection and hiring process is important for any business, but it is uniquely important, and uniquely difficult, for software development organizations.  1,048 more words


Programmer Utilities – Eclipse Plugins 01

Notepad for Eclipse – Notepad

  • A notepad to avoid opening external programs and / or splitting screens. It’s even better if you configure shortcut.

URL: 437 more words


Going the Scrum Way

In one of my earlier piece, I had focussed on Agile Methodology. Like every other thing the Agile Methodology also evolved and over a period of time there were variations introduced to it. 556 more words

ALM - Application Lifecycle Management

What is ALM?

A: Tools that manage the application lifecycle. Tools that help from creation to application deployment.

It is common to see ALM divided into the following categories: 358 more words


Continuous Integration

What is Continuous Integration?

R: “Continuous Integration is a software development practice where members of a team integrate their work frequently, usually each person integrates at least daily – leading to multiple integrations per day. 435 more words