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Universal skills every software developer can benefit from

Disclaimer: I develop software. Professionally for almost 15 years. These are some skills that helped and help me and I think they could help any software developer. 964 more words

Software Development

Windows security updates breaking old software: to upgrade or not (that is not really a question).

Windows Security updates sometimes break old software.

In this case it was an older InstallShield version (not even sure it was 2012), breaking with this message when security updates like… 194 more words


SharePoint 2013 Installed App Properties

This is a quick SharePoint 2013 developer post which highlights how to get properties of your installed apps on a given web.

The first step is to obtain the App Instance Id. 188 more words

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How to OpenShift

I wrote a lot about Openshift in few of my other posts, so I am almost not going to write anything about the Openshift here in this post, rather it seems more convenient to show how to create a project in Openshift and run in the cloud environment. 138 more words

Software Development

Git (My command list)

Everyone involved in software development is very much familiar with the term source and version control. There are svn and git which allow you to do so. 246 more words

Software Development

Software Development Steps

Even if it’s a small piece of software which just gives you the email notification, or only can send email to various addresses staying anonymous it deserves to have a well defined design. 262 more words

Software Development

Expectations Should Not be Kept to Yourself

I’ve been watching Sex and the City with my wife. I’d gotten her to watch a lot of other shows of my choosing: Breaking Bad, The Wire, Justified, and I thought I’d try something from her corner of the television universe. 1,086 more words