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Of Personalities and Circumstances

I find it very difficult to change my personal habits and behavior, preferences that I have long lived with, decisions that have been comfortably been part of me since ages ago, even if I understand that I am capable of making that change, even if I know that I’ll become a better person if I decide to do the right thing. 230 more words


The Tweeting Photo Booth

TL;DR – https://github.com/emccode/photobooth

The months leading up to a big conference is usually when the ideas need to start churning. @gracelyb had an idea for a unique way to keep people entertained while showcasing some technologies from EMC as well as showing how it can integrate with APIs from different companies. 430 more words

EMC {code}

A Software Engineer’s Journey to 7-Figures

Today’s Miracle Morning statistics:

Miracle Morning, Day #34

Date: 5/4/2015

Time I slept: 10:30 PM

Time I woke up: 4:30 AM

Hours of sleep: 6… 854 more words

Computer Science

A Well Known Web Design Company of India - FCR Group

Designing website for our client’s is our one of the best service in Delhi, India and around the world, and we do it with lot of care. 65 more words

Difference between SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security)

Both Protocol are used for establish a secure connection between the server and client. Today TLS version 1.0 and SSL v.3.0 areused by clients. Beside this difference, many differences are discussed here. 172 more words

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What I Did, Volume 1

This is a new series that documents software development-related work I’ve done the previous week. As the old adage goes, that which is measured gets done, and there’s nothing like broadcasting to the world that you’ve done nothing to motivate the self, right? 334 more words

Software Development