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Want To Be A Writer? Read Novels!

For a writer, language is a medium to present his thought. So definately language plays a crucial role in writer’s life. To learn the languge one need to understand grammer and vocabulary of the language.  386 more words

Software Development

Merging is the second worse thing

I was introduced to the horrors of merging by the Concurrent Version System, or CVS, back around 1995 or so.  The source control systems I had used before then, … 379 more words

Software Development

Breaking and Stripping Down a Product / Project

Breaking a Product / Project

We all know that breaking down a problem into pieces is a good idea. It makes the problem approachable and… 261 more words


Go Programming language

While looking for interesting software architectures for my quadrocopter project, I also found this one using the Go language from Google:

The sensors and remote control are modelled as Go routines – a kind of low-cost threads. 58 more words


My first business

Following the passion generated by Technology and having access to one of the very first Apple IIe in my community i took the decision to explore in the world of entrepreneurship at the age of 12. 139 more words