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Open-Tamil and Ezhil updates (2016)

Today we are releasing updates to two packages maintained by Ezhil Language Foundation;

  1. open-tamil v0.65
    • open-tamil package contains minor bug fixes and solid performance on Python 2 and Python 3.
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Codebender Shuts Down

Codebender.cc was a cloud based IDE for Arduino development. It was made for hackers by a few fellows in Greece. Unfortunately, while they saw some serious success, they were never able to convert it all the way into a viable business. 221 more words

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Database Prototyping

Any enterprise application or service would be dealing with data which needs to be persisted for the application to maintain the users state. A database solution is often used for storing this data, and the application connects to this database and can request for getting, updating or creating data. 393 more words

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Build and Deploy a Java Web Application with Docker and Semaphore

Semaphore Tutorial: Continuously build, test, deploy, and monitor a multi-container, MongoDB-backed, Java Spring web application, using Semaphore and the new Docker 1.12.


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Why TDD Fails

Recently posted on Code Project:

I’m just now trying to adopt my thinking to Test Driven Development mode and I’m finding strange, inconsistent, and bizarre things happening in my thought processes and code in some ways as well.

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Courting The Whales of Mobile Game Apps: Keeping The Big Spenders Around - Openxcell

In the mobile gaming app space – ‘whales’ do exist, says Slice intelligence. In gaming parlance, big spenders are called whales. They spend big money on in-app purchases. 16 more words

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Modern Agile: Reminds me of a Strip Club

InfoQ recently posted an article about something called “Modern Agile” (I guess they couldn’t call it Agile Agile, or Extreme Agile) and it takes an already loosey-goosey concept to new heights of vapor-process. 420 more words

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