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Capstone Project: Visualizing String Art

For the culmination of my bachelors in Computer Science, I did an independent project on Automating String Art. String Art is characterized by a thread that loops around nails on a board to create patterns or representational forms. 93 more words

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What the customer wants - part 1

There seems to be some interest in this app and thank you to everyone who has volunteered to test it. I’m not able to guarantee there will be a finished product but if there is – well I’ll be grateful for the help. 1,143 more words

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Reminder to Self: `TProc` is incompatible with parameterless procedures on interfaces

I knew that methods on interfaces were not compatible with the procedure of object (like [WayBack] TProc)or function of object construct, but they are also not compatible with the… 151 more words


EIMS - A School Management System Saudi Arabia

EIMS – A School Management System Saudi Arabia

EIMS is A School management System or Software Which Developed by Systems Knowledge. this is perfect Software for management Students, Their Attendance, Billing, Exams, Time Table HR and Payroll. 77 more words

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Apprentice Journey Part 015: More Interviews

This might be a bit rambly because I’ve had some migraines lately (it’s always worse when the weather changes a lot) and they’ve affected my productivity and focus. 2,542 more words

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The Joel Test: work vs. home

Joel Spolsky, 18 years ago, wrote “The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code“.  Granted, it’s 18 years ago, but I thought it would be amusing to score my home work environment with my work work environment: 263 more words

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Hiring A Dedicated Team Of Developers: The Main Pitfalls

It’s better to have a dedicated crew of software developers when you bring the startup idea to live. The one that is quick on the uptake and already helped you accomplish a bunch of project. 81 more words