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Software Performance Economics

There is lots of information out there about how software performance impacts your ability to sell, but I haven’t seen much information about the cost of building higher performing software. 854 more words

Software Engineering

Debugging Demystify - Conditional Breakpoints


Debugging is one of the major skills that every engineers should master. Investing time on learning debugging techniques will help us to build better products by increasing our productivity. 222 more words


An Example of Bad UX: Amazon Gaming Desktops

Here’s a quick example of bad user experience: Amazon Gaming Desktops. There’s no way to select the processor you would like to filter by.

Gamers would want to do that.


You Know You're In Trouble When...

A question I was asked today reminded me of one from my past. When a key developer asks a question showing a lack of basic understanding of a tool you just know you are in for trouble. 111 more words

Software Engineering

Slides: Ruby to Elixir - what's great and what you might miss

This is a talk I gave at the Polygot Tech Meetup in Berlin in April. It has parts of my previous elixir talk while adding a new perspective more directly comparing Ruby and Elixir as well as being shorter as it was used as an intro to a fun panel discussion. 79 more words


Slides: Elixir & Phoenix - fast, concurrent and explicit

This is the first talk I ever gave about my two new favorite technologies to play with (at home and at work) – Elixir and… 73 more words

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Endless Scrollable Lists

In “Hackers heroes of the computer revolution” there is a story about decimal print routine. Hackers compete to each other by trying to write the most optimized code with less instructions. 1,628 more words

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