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Stop the Madness!

I just watched an interesting talk about using data values as natural program boundaries. Some valuable ideas, but the main thing that it made me think about was unrelated to the talk itself. 498 more words


User Experience Driven Development - An Overview

I attended a talk last week about some pretty cool big data analysis. Part of it included a demo about how the conclusions were drawn – again, very cool  Unfortunately, the speaker also included the same comment a couple of times, “Of course, we need to  improve the user interface.”  Lots of words and a few boxes and highlights in what looked like a pretty standardized template, like the MadLibs games we would play as kids asking for a noun and a verb and a color and an animal and a food, filling them in and reading aloud a story about “One day I went camping in the chandelier  and we roped a red hamster and fed it pickles.   2,185 more words

JCache (JSR 107) Under the Hood

Recently I’ve been dealing with caching at work, and wrote a web service of my own that needed some caching too.  I took this opportunity to look into JCache (JSR 107).   415 more words

Software Engineering

Coding: Reversing Unordered Single Linked List using 2 Pointers


Given an Unsorted Single Linked List, provide an Algorithm to reverse such Linked List using only 2 pointers.


A Single Linked List. 414 more words

Data Structures And Algorithms

Video + Slides: Beating Go Thanks to the Power of Randomness (Rubyconf 2015)

I was happy enough to present at rubyconf this year. Here go my video, slides and abstract!


Go is a board game that is more than 2,500 years old (yes, this is not about the programming language!) and it is fascinating from multiple viewpoints. 70 more words


Code Craft-Embedding C++: Hidden Activities?

What is an embedded system? The general definition is a computer system dedicated to a specific purpose, i.e. not a general purpose system usable for different tasks. 2,198 more words


Optimisation for reduction in power consumption

DAASE researcher Nathan Burles talks about his research in optimising for reduction in power consumption.