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As a Software Engineering Manager, How Much Should I be Coding?

TLDR; It depends on the number of direct and indirect reports, but probably somewhere between 0 and 70%; reducing quickly as you grow over 4 directs. 548 more words

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Revisiting Apache Camel CXF Interceptor

I was able to fix the recent issue I was having on the CXF interceptor module and it was about the empty stream after code deliverables were committed for the sprint. 113 more words


Logging in NodeJS using Papertrail

Recently, I was implementing a 3rd party service in our project and was facing some issue in implementing, I wanted to check what’s missing, what data is being sent and received. 433 more words

Why I Follow Jeff Bezos’ Regret Minimization Framework

I may be no billionaire like Jeff Bezos, but I happen to generally like and follow his decision-making for long-term, important decisions. He describes his Regret Minimization Framework in an easily digestible ~3 minute clip below: 653 more words

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Structural Design Patterns: Decorator Pattern

Previously we altered the behaviour of our abstract objects using the bridge pattern and we implemented a tree like structure for our components using the… 588 more words


Project-based courses Survey

We are conducting a survey on project-based courses in the areas of software engineering and computer science. If you offer a project-based course in your institution, please participate in the survey on  64 more words

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Thinking About Bug Day

Grace Hopper discovered the “first” computer bug…a literal moth shorting out some relays. (I scare quote “first” because, like many “first”s, it’s complicated; I’m more than happy to credit Hopper though esp as it makes such a fun story and it involves an actual, biological, bug.) Last year was the 70th anniversary of her discovery and the folks at BugSnag put together a nice, if short, … 68 more words

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