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My First Assignment

Feasibility Analysis of Travel Ticketing System Mobile App

(This report is a part of CS3415 Software Engineering Workshop)

Source: <https://www.topcoder.com/challenges/30061803/?type=develop>

This is a hybrid app for travel ticketing buying and downloading. 235 more words


Round Robin : Thread-Safe Cycling list


It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on the blog, but today I have an interesting article to share. Recently started a new position as Sr. 1,432 more words


What is software development? An art? Craft? Trade? Occupation?... Part 1

From very early on, I noticed that although some of my friends in school had computers as well, they didn’t all use them for the same things. 1,047 more words

Software Development

My start as software engineer

One of the major topics that I want to talk about, is how I got started in software engineering. As I am currently in my fifth semester studying economic computer science in Munich, Germany, I want to take some time to reflect about the past two years and tell others what the best and the not-so-good parts about getting started in software engineering were. 420 more words


Book Chat: Beyond Legacy Code

Beyond Legacy Code is a description of nine practices to help improve the value of software. The author directed it not just at developers or engineers, but also at development or IT managers, product managers, project managers, and software customers. 562 more words

Software Engineering

A Reason to Learn/Study Obscure Programming Languages

Kasper Peulen looked at some newish programming languages (think Swift) and made a nice top 10 list of cool features they’d like to see get wider adoption such as destructuring or conditions as expressions rather than statements. 152 more words

Software Engineering

Google Cloud Platform - BigQuery

BigQuery and BigTable are Google’s equivalents of SQL for Big Data and a corresponding database. Here’s an example of a BigQuery statement:

logs.datetime: ”2017-07-08T13:51:03″
logs.type: “workflow”

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