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Strike Teams Part 2

This is a follow up to the original strike team post I did a while back. I’m writing this as the strike team is wrapping up. 799 more words

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This book is by the same author of “Cracking the Coding Interview: 150 Programming Questions and Solutions.” It details how a university student should approach a career in the tech industry. 133 more words

Book Review

Idea: How Could We Automate a Grocery Store?

Not too long ago, I was waiting on line at my local grocery store. I was only picking up one item and all of the self checkout lanes were preoccupied. 2,918 more words


Panic programming

The problem – deadlines?

Deadlines that must, by all means, be met are a reality in all domains. For many of us, maybe all of us, they sound daunting and scary and are automatically associated with stress, uncertainty and feelings of despair. 1,114 more words

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Crontab interpreter


We use Oozie scheduler in Hue GUI on Hadoop cluster to schedule our Spark workflows. One of the ways to specify schedule is via crontab. 88 more words

Software Engineering

Are comments a code smell? Yes! No? It Depends.

Most people are either firmly on the “Yes!” or the “No!” side when it comes to discussing comments and their status as a code smell. But, as with most question worth asking the correct answer rather is an… 1,526 more words

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Software Programming STEM Lesson 4

November 2017

In our previous lessons, we used flowcharts to represent our programs.  We used a diamond to represent a decision.  A decision has two parts: The conditional, and the statements.  322 more words

Homeschool Coop STEM Lesson