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Software in 30 days - my reading notes

How Agile Managers beat the odds, delight their customers, and leave competitors in the dust. Find Software in 30 Days at Amazon.

Authors: Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland… 191 more words

Software Engineering

Git it!

Finally I’m getting to use Git for my active code development at work. Though I’ve had a some earlier exposure on working with Git (through my now deactivated first Github account) for my pet projects, this would be the first time I’m using it for full-scale product development.  93 more words

Swift Pair Programming - Session 8

I’ve been sick for a few days. Didn’t want to cancel pair programming with Nick. We met online at 6pm. I got access to a repo we were working on last time with GPS.

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Hawaii iOS Developer Meetup - Session 1

I biked to HICapacity at the Manoa Innovation Center and arrived 15 minutes before 5pm. I passed out nametags and felt a strange feeling bubbling up.

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Artificial Intelligence in 20 Years

In 20 years, I see Artificial Intelligence as an overall system that is highly integrated into our daily lives. With the continuous improvements in our technology’s capabilities and our trend of continuous growth in the computing field, Artificial Intelligence will continue to get stronger, safer and more reliable as time goes on. 863 more words

Software Engineering

Deciding on a new research topic?

Do you need to decide on your new research topic for your bachelor dissertation or master thesis? Perhaps you may find some good ideas thanks to the publication metrics of Google scholar.  67 more words

Software Engineering

Splitting up a Scrum team

The Scrum-guide states, correctly in my opinion, that a Scrum team should be 3-9 people in size.

The team that I am coaching at the moment grew to 11 persons, so it was about time to split. 468 more words