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Burn up chart

Burnup or Burn up chart represents the amount of work completed, and total amount of work with time. Unlike Burndown chart where a single line is used to how much work remaining and the total amount of work, two line are used in Burn up chart to represent the amount of work completed and total amount of work. 407 more words

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An Engineering Approach to Build Websites

Sunny’s E-Commerce Website

Sunny owns a bookshop, which is doing reasonably well, and he wants to offer his services online via an e-commerce website. He starts to do some research on how to build a website. 1,103 more words


JavaScript 101: the basics

Just starting down the path of teaching yourself the basics of JavaScript? First of all,

And secondly, you’ve come to the right place! This is the first in a series of supplementary explanations to the current iteration of Codecademy’s JavaScript courses. 776 more words


2016/11/03 UML을 위한 도구 (졸업작품, 소프트웨어 공학방법론)


매뉴얼을 살펴보니 다음과 같고 sourceforge에서 requirement에 gnu 툴이 필요하다는 걸 봐서 윈도우용이 아닌것 같다.

1.2.2 Running USE

The following command can be used to invoke USE on the example specification. 120 more words


Burndown Chart

Burndown chart is the graphical representation of the outstanding work remaining with time in a cycle. It shows how you and your team are burning through your customer’s user stories. 363 more words

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Newsletter – Week 16, 2018



Why object oriented programming seems difficult?

Most people will agree that object oriented programming seem difficult as compared to functional programming.  Let us understand why this is so.

In functional programming, you create a function when it is required and do all the required computation through this function. 289 more words

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