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Eben Moglen on Facebook, Google and Government Surveillance

Eben Moglen on Facebook, Google and Government Surveillance

Eben Moglen speaks to YASSSU at the Re:Publica conference in Berlin in May 2012 about the threat centralized networks like Facebook and Google impose in terms of freedom of speech and government surveillance. 291 more words

CryptoParty Delhi - Saturday, 3rd August 2013

Join us for a CryptoParty on Saturday, 3rd August 2013.

It will be held at the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) office in Jangpura Extension (K-9, Second Floor). 48 more words


Talking with Ian Sullivan: FreedomBox

While Verizon picks out the dessert wine for its fundraising events for Intelligence Committee Members at the hottest venue near you, the data collection project by the NSA blows minds in its magnitude…I mean, data hoarding  2,912 more words


Dear Apple: Whatever you do, please keep us locked in your crystal prison

”Ever since Apple introduced the iPhone, first with no third-party apps allowed then permitting apps only under Apple’s strict supervision, there has been hand-wringing in some quarters of the tech world about how Apple’s locked-down mentality would stifle freedom and innovation,” Steve Wildstrom writes for TechPinions. 552 more words


To be anonymous or not to be, that is the privacy question

By: Elinor Mills 

STANFORD, Calif.–Life was so simple before the Internet came along.

We could live our lives in relative obscurity, renting porn at the video store, checking out books on VD at the library, and consorting with all sorts of miscreants at dive bars, or worse, Celine Dion concerts. 669 more words

Why -NC (non-commercial) isn't a bad thing

This is another one from the 2009 draft fault that I’m dusting off *unedited*.  It’s interesting to see my thoughts from May 2009 considering:

A) I now co-host a… 587 more words

Fight fire with fire

Yeah so its a metallica song title ya got me. Last year at Linuxcon Boston, Karen Sandler from the Software Freedom Law Center gave a really eye opening talk about the problems with proprietary medical devices and a call for Open Development of Medical Devices. 215 more words