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Processing Friday Image No.92

Last week I posted Friday Image No.92 and made comment about my having some kind of image blindness. In this particular case I think it was down to the conditions I was shooting in and the expectations I had in my mind. 428 more words

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Google Releases Entire Nik Collection for FREE

I can hardly believe it but it’s true. There’s no catch and they are even promising a refund for those of us who purchased the software. 29 more words

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Printing Weirdness

I want to share a very frustrating printing experience with you in case anyone has any ideas about how to resolve it.

I have been printing using an Epson 3880 printer for around 3 years now using Lightroom as the host software. 418 more words

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Cutting out the Noise

I have just received word that Topaz are launching a new version of their DeNoise software tomorrow. As an existing user I receive a free upgrade and wish more software companies would follow this model. 153 more words

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Pulling Shadow Detail from RAW Files

A couple of weeks back I showed a post of Lulworth cove shot at sunrise and passed comment about how easy it now seems to be able to lift detail from extreme shadows with the Sony A7r. 715 more words

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Washing Your Colours

I’m sure you have experienced it. You shoot a nice image but when you come to process it, you just can’t seem to achieve a good colour balance. 442 more words


Focus Stacking


One of the great advantages of small sensor cameras for the Landscape photographer is the increased depth of field that can be achieved, even at relatively wide apertures. 511 more words

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