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Spending Time on Quality in Your Big Data Open Source Projects

Open source libraries are nowadays a critical part of the economy. They are used in commercial and non-commercial applications directly or indirectly affecting virtually any human being. 4,574 more words

Continuous Delivery

Adopting the right perspective for App Health in Production

The topic of app health in production, or as many would call it “production monitoring”, is very interesting to many. No surprise, when an outage occurs in production, it comes with huge penalties: … 607 more words


Spreading Bad Software is Immoral

From Fefe’s Internet Security Days keynote:

Schlechte Software zu verbreiten ist unmoralisch.

Translation: Spreading sloppy software is immoral. It’s like producing waste and dumping it into a river.

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Business Impact Driven Development

Nowadays squad leads decisions happen earlier and more frequent, driven by business agility needs and driving better software. With every decision, one needs to ask themselves what complementary “knowns” are available to optimize the outcome. 675 more words


Самая большая ошибка человечества

     Когда начинались компьютеры (а я уже в те времена уже находился во вменяемом возрасте и ездил в Ленинскую библиотеку (г.Москва) читать журнал Electronics), они были настолько экзотическими устройствами, что программы для них разрабатывали сами пользователи, а профессия разработчика программ называлась «математик-программист». 35 more words


Blogs on Software Quality

A google search for “testing blogs” or “Software quality blogs” will generate a pretty good list of blogs on software quality. However, I thought it will be helpful to provide a bit more curated list of blogs – Blogs that i regularly read and find useful. 189 more words

Software Quality

To be SOLID or not to be ?

I had interesting discussion during one of my presentations about SOLID principles. Generally the question is “when we should use these principles?”. There are a lot of people that raise this subject. 492 more words