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12 and counting

The time doesn’t stop, and neither do I. It’s time to get this show on track. The sad thing is that I still have 3 exams on Thursday and that’s kind of sad. 51 more words

Software Quality

Bye Eleven

This week we had our sprint presentation. We could say that the backend part of the application is almost finished. We must focus now on the frontend part of it. 6 more words

Software Quality


Eleven. Eleven.

I remembered the first day of this semester and now, we only have 5 more weeks to finish this up.

This is the week we have our sprint presentation. 43 more words

Software Quality

End of the 10

Mike and I finished styling the code for the words counting functionality of the word cloud. The graphic stuff is going to be developed in the front-end; however, the basic functionality of distinguishing which words are most frequently used by candidates is already done. 50 more words

Software Quality

10th Week

After our vertical workshop it’s time to work again!

For this week I’ll be working on finishing the counter for the word cloud. The goal is to finish the word cloud counter, also, formatting the results in order of repeated words. 39 more words

Software Quality

Week 8 PostM

This week we started to develop the word cloud functionality. Mike was able to gather all the tweets from a certain user and display them. 33 more words

Software Quality

Week 8

Mike and I will be working on finishing the word cloud functionality. First, I’ll be focusing in deleting the stop words from the candidates tweets, and from there, start storing those words in the database. 10 more words

Software Quality