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Good and Bad Tests

How do you distinguish good from bad tests in your code?

Check these criteria. Good tests

  • Nail down expectations
  • Monitor assumptions
  • Help to locate the cause of a failure…
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Новая вера или из жизни муравьёв

     Когда Генри Форд изобрел конвейер (хотя это не он его изобрел), это привело к прорыву в производительности труда. Машины по цене стали доступны для рядового потребителя (средний класс).


Challenging Pesticide Paradox With Effective Automation Testing 

In current era of rapid software development models, there’s no time to test the software. Even if there is, then there’s no time to create valuable artifacts after then. 720 more words

Software Quality

Being “Right” Or Letting Customers Read Their Emails

Why Is It Even Up For Debate That Apple Mail Should Let Me Read E-Mails I’ve Received?

The Problem

Like most people today, I receive almost all my bills electronically rather than through the mail.   701 more words

Quality in Software

Every software developer has seen too much bad code. Which raises the question what good examples are there?

Python, for one. Coverity, which scans software for all kinds of flaws, … 21 more words


Run your business properly with the aid of software quality management

Nowadays, business needs to be able to hire quickly and operate as easily as possible in sort to stay competitive. Higher efficiency means that all the member of the organization requires having access to up to date details. 264 more words

Quality Qanagement Software

Podcasts on Software Quality

With my long commute – over 3 hours everyday! i am constantly looking for ways to better utilize my driving time in a safe way. Fortunately, i found some good podcasts related to software quality, below is the list: 53 more words

Software Quality