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Snowflake Pro Outlining Software: A Review

I fully admit that I hate outlining. It rarely feel as satisfying as actually writing the novel I’ve cooked up in my head. Often, I end up with a jumbled mess of scene and chapter breakdowns that don’t serve me well in the first or subsequent drafts. 671 more words

Software Review Bear

Name of software: Bear notes
Platform: iOS, Mac
Version: 1.0.3
Creator: Shiny Frog
Known from: Pixa, Image2icon, Delibar
Use: A note creating app
Review: This is a app for writing notes which is more simple and clear than others as you are writing in markdown language instead of focusing on different kinds of styles like bold and italic so that is why I like it plus it is able sync between my devices if you pay for pro plus it can export notes to different formats so that way I can keep all my backup in Droplr. 70 more words


Software Review Carrot apps

Name of software: Carrot apps
Platform: iOS, Mac
Version: Not one app review
Creator: Carrot apps
Known from: All of them
Use: A group of seemly normal apps for waking up, fitness, to-do, and weather. 628 more words


Easeus data recovery wizard review: The ultimate tool to recover your data.

Ease us data recovery wizard is a tool developed by CHENGDU YIWO tech development .co. ltd. It is very efficient for retrieving data on your computer, as well as organizing the data in folder form. 679 more words

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Easeus partition master review: Best application to manage your hard disk.

Easeus partition master is a tool for managing your hard disk. It is well developed by CHENGDU YIWO tech development .co. ltd. Just as Easeus data recovery tool, it is very well developed and easy to use. 844 more words

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How to recover data using Easeus data recovery tool.

Ease us data recovery is a tool developed to help people recover data deleted or lost in hard disks, removable disks and the storage media. For me personally, it has proved of much help since I’m a person who deletes data on my computer often to add more. 386 more words

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Top 5 best presentation software of 2017

Make a real impression with these top presentation tools

If there’s one type of software that’s been around for decades, it’s presentation packages. Systems for creating and displaying professional-grade slides have been available since the 1980s, and they’ve become a standard in the business world. 1,083 more words

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