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What makes a great salesperson?

I have been doing sales since I was 12 so it safe to say that sales has been my whole life, I have over 17 years of experience in sales so far everything from selling door to door Verizon Fios when I was in college to Software sales selling to financial services, big pharma, Fortune 1000, local businesses…the list goes on. 712 more words

Job Search: Have to re-prove myself what I've already proven - again. :)

I’ve always thought that once you showed you can do something, that it is obvious that you can do something. For example, if I am a basketball player who leads the league in scoring, I can obviously score. 282 more words

Working hard or Smart?

I found this article on LinkedIn:

“The Secret To Sales You DON’T Want To Know” Source

The author said the secret is to work hard! … 245 more words


Breaking Software Sales

Sales are serious, often prioritize as first by companies (Should be). Indeed, you can offer an amazing solution for your industry but you still need a sales force to make profit. 82 more words