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Manage Use Create is back for 2015!

So at the end of last year this was you guys: And this was us: But guess what? We’re back AND THIS TIME IT’S PERSONAL! 90 more words

Software Skills Evaluation

In Block 1 of Design & Digital Media level 6 I had a class called Software Skills which involved creating various image styles such as text & image memes, animated images, mondrian squares, animated & non-animated weather apps in 3 different software programs: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash & Processing, I found Flash the easiest to use by far, After Effects wasn’t the easiest for me to use, I found it rather difficult to navigate around & find what I was looking for at times, Processing was by the hardest for me because I found the coding to be difficult at the time & I kept forgetting about the examples on the college mdrive. 71 more words

Software Skills

Weather App

I did a weather app in both Abode Flash & After Effects, I prefer Flash because the program is much simpler to use than After Effects & easier to navigate.

Software Skills

Animated Image

This is my Animated Image I done in both Adobe After Effects & Flash, I found this much much easier to do in flash than processing.

Software Skills

Weather app static, Flash&AE

In this project we had to create a static weather app on Flash and After Effects. In my case after effects had many problems while importing my .psd file which made me doing my After Effects side of the weather app near impossible. 130 more words

Software Skills

After Effects vs Flash

After effects is an adobe package mainly used for editing videos. It can also be used to create moving logos and images within a video. After effects does this in various ways. 96 more words

Software Skills