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It's all about the Green$

I’m starting this blog in hopes of observing our profession with empathy. I may do it by being the devils advocate, maybe I’ll do it with praise, maybe do it out of sheer confusion, But I think we need it. 412 more words

All About The Green

Compatibility of software with Operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac etc)

Compatibility testing is a part of non-functional software tests. Compatibility is nothing but capacity of existing or living together. In computer world, compatibility is to check whether your software is able to run on different operating systems, applications, hardware, network environments or mobile devices. 636 more words

Software Testing

Testing Principles

Before applying methods to design effective test cases, a software engineer must
understand the basic principles that guide software testing

1.  All tests should be traceable to customer requirements. 310 more words

Introduction Of Software

Some Stories I Tell Myself About Testing (And Work In General)

  • Testing isn’t limited to software.
  • Just because I know and use test automation does not necessarily mean I am a better software tester.
  • I can’t improve a product’s quality by testing, but the team can certainly do it by proactively acting on the results of testing.
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Modify Common Parameters in Multiple Scripts Using Additional Attributes

Problem statement: Your performance regression scenario contains 20 different Loadrunner scripts. You run this scenario a number of times in a given release.For simplicity, let’s assume that all scripts are developed using web services protocol. 426 more words


Is the Software Testing Market Growing?

Why Software testing? As a software developer you should always careful for quality and reliable output. To achieve the same you have to design and develop and enterprise standard software application for the industry. 529 more words

Software Testing

Achieving Software Testing Nirvana in a CI/CD environment with a sprinkling of Agile – Part VI

Part VI – What happens if we don’t have Tests

This results in what’s known as Technical Debt. But it’s only technical debt, if the business is aware of it and it is an actionable task whereby we know that at some future stage we can pay back this technical debt by fixing the known issues, in other words we are paying back the interest gained over the time we didn’t have tests in place. 385 more words

Software Testing