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Top 3 Big Ideas from TestBash Manchester 2016

First in a series of posts summing up my thoughts on the Ministry of Testing’s latest success.

Note: The summaries below are based on my takeaways from the discussions, and are not necessarily representative of either the original intent or meaning of their authors! 1,247 more words

Hello Worldb - new testing blog in town

( ^ How to drive testers to your blog? I’m going with the irritant marketing approach… ^ )

Hi, I’m Stu, and I test software for a living. 455 more words



Test case can be documented as describe in the IEEE 829 std for test documentation

Once a given i/p value has been chosen the tester need to determine what the expected result of entering that i/p would be and “Doc” it as a part of test case. 215 more words


Test Case Components

Test Case Components 

The Main Components are


2. Setup condition

3.Main Objective

4. Actual steps which shows be as possible describing how to i/p such thing and what is expecting as an output… 294 more words


Determining how long it will take to test.

When it comes to estimating the amount of time a project will take one must consider the subproblem, how much time will it take to properly test the code. 371 more words


Top 5 Common Reasons Why Software Bugs Happen

No matter how intricate and detailed you work on the software of your organisation, bugs are just around the corner. Errors and bugs may occur not because of your carelessness, it may be something more serious and by now you should be thinking of what else you could be the possible reason for these unwanted cases. 456 more words

Selenium 3.0 Officially Out Now

Yes. This is one of the major and stable release in the recent times since 2.0 got released around 5 years back.

What’s new we can expect: For users who are using WebDriver API’s this is gonna be just a drop in effortless replacement. 245 more words

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