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Unit Testing is the process of error checking one component of a system at a time. I figured that it is better to do a little bit of coding than none at all (as an exercise and as an assertion that this is what I want to do in my spare time and on my own dime and that I am willing to go out of my way to make it happen). 33 more words


TouchDesigner | Virtual MIDI Devices

In the past week I’ve found myself in multiple conversations about working with MIDI in TouchDesigner. Specifically, how you might pass a MIDI signal from one application to another on the same computer. 1,819 more words


Backup your wordpress website

    • Backup your wordpress website since I’ll be deleting your sites next week after Memorial Day.
    • Below is link to Duplicator, a plugin when transferring from one web host provider or to a different directory…
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Why I'm so bent about 737Max

I’ve had people ask me why I’m so bent out of shape about the 737Max and the reactions of Boeing and the FAA in the last few months. 1,416 more words


All about Vocom 88890300

Vocom 88890300 is considered to be a Volvo Vocom interface and is also used for Renault, UD and Mack Truck diagnose tool. This is the best quality Vocom that is supported by Windows 7 32 and 64 bits. 158 more words