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Paragon Software Paragon Protect and Restore Unified Site - 10 seat (2yr)

Paragon Software Paragon Protect and Restore Unified Site – 10 seat (2yr) At time of original license purchase – Technology Assurance & Technical Support, Yrs 2 & 3 subscription Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Made Easy VMware vSphere Free for agentless backup & replication of VMware guest systems Windows Workstation Free for agent-based backup & restore of Windows workstations Multi-tier storage infrastructure and exclusive data deduplication Remote recovery and on-site hardware independent restore (HIR) Application-level backup of MS Exchange databases All-in-one The use of a common availability solution for protecting, ESX/ESXi, Hyper-V and physical Windows systems drastically reduces IT administration work, thus lowering the associated expenses. 224 more words


How to troubleshoot subscription expired errors?

Sometimes McAfee users get subscription expired errors again and again on their screen and the reason is a recent renewal of this application but under the same email address. 320 more words


UBlock Origin (uBlock Origin)

What is it?

The free open source cross-platform wide-spectrum blocker / ad blocker browser extension UBlock Origin (uBlock Origin) by Raymond Hill (Gorhill).

Here is how… 305 more words


Software Defined Network (SDN) "Masa Depan Network"

Seorang Doktor ilmu komputer tentang riset dibidang ilmu jaringan, sudah sedemikian mapan sehingga tidak ada lagi yang bisa diteliti, tinggal pilih produk, pelajari manual booknya dan selamat menggunakan. 887 more words


Software Development, Think Like Engineer!!

Software development adalah bidang yang masih berkaitan dengan software engineer. Software Engineer adalah Ilmu yang mempelajari tehnik pembuatan software yang baik dengan pendekatan tehnik (Engineering ap­proach). 360 more words

Catatan Kuliah

Robotics Workshop 5

Organised by Amrita Foundation for HRD, Bagalkot at Basaveshwara International Public School, Bagalkot

The workshop was conducted by QtPi Robotics.

Training & Development

Paragon Software Hard Disk Manager 15 Business

Paragon Software Hard Disk Manager 15 Business Single License for Server OS, includes 1 year of Technology Assurance and Technical Support, Paragon Retention Wizard A unified, cost-effective solution for small business! 319 more words