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"Nvidia trickling out the Titan X Pascal is great"- Trending Discussion on Machine Learning Tips and Questions

Posted By I-cant_even. Detail: “I decided to bite the bullet and build out a rig for personal study and experimentation. The Titan X Pascal was the clear choice for graphics card but I didn’t want to pay $350 over sticker to buy it from ebay…Googling around I found nowinstock.net which showed me that Nvidia is releasing small batches of the new Titan’s almost daily at around the same general times. 37 more words

Machine Learning

"Machine Learning for Industrial Processes"- Trending Discussion on Machine Learning Tips and Questions

Posted By FCM_BR. Detail: “I am an engineer and enterprenuer specialized in information systems for manufacturing companies. Recently I have did an on-line course where I could learn the basics of Machine Learning using Microsoft Azure ML platform and I believe it has a big potential to be applied on predictive analysis for manufacturing companies. 179 more words

Machine Learning

Computer Viruses: Programmer's View

 Sometimes ago I had finished the book about computer viruses and anti-viruses. This short article is just a summary of my recordings. Moreover, it is a translate from Russian to English(the book is in the Russian). 910 more words


CLARO changes your Android wallpapers for you (review)

Have you ever looked at your home screen picture and thought….that has been the same forever? It has become easy than ever to change just about anything you want in android. 586 more words