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Encapsulation Practices When Mocking Queries

As a developer and unit tester, I agree with the TDD goal to test only the interface of a class and ignore the private methods. Those private methods are implementation details of the class and can change with any refactoring without affecting the actual public method result and hence do not need tested if you test the public methods. 1,259 more words

Tip : Clear PowerShell History in Windows 10

So I was using Power Shell in Windows 10 and realised my command history was being saved across sessions. Clear-History did nothing for me. I found out that I could do either one of these two things (at least) 113 more words


macOS New App Release - Property Flip or Hold 1.0

Product Announcement – Pixolini, Inc. of Conyers, Georgia has released Property Flip or Hold 1.0, their new financial app developed for macOS. Property Flip or Hold helps Real Estate Investors to quickly compare return on investment to Flip and take profit now or Hold and Rent property for passive income. 214 more words


Using OneDrive for Business to Sync Large Volumes of Data

Do you use Office 365? If you do, you can also use 1TB cloud storage at no additional cost, courtesy of OneDrive for Business. This gives Microsoft a leg up on competitors: Dropbox, Box Sync, Google Drive, iCloud, etc. 1,291 more words


Example of a JIRA Priority/Work Estimate/Role Matrix

So as I work to help standardize how the teams I work with estimate effort on their projects I have worked through leveraging JIRA to better help clarify what the priority field  48 more words


Straight Pool Score Card v1.5 now available

Version 1.5 is sort of a big deal! The app flow has been improved where safes and misses can now be tracked (Pro Edition). Please update now for the new and improved version.


Rank Hijack Review - Rank your site on the top of Google faster!

Rank Hijack Review

There are many folks who asked me for more information concerning this Rank Hijack because they already know My spouse and i have tried it. 702 more words

Rank Hijack