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Forza Horizon: First Impressions

Being a full-time student living on your own with no part time job and a need to eat has its limitations. However, this week I chose to disregard these limitations and make the irrational but irresistible decision of picking up the latest driving simulator in Turn 10’s lineup; Forza Horizon. 453 more words


Bill, Bill, Bill - Our Portal 2 Test Chamber

After fooling around with the Portal 2 level editor all last week, me as well as my group mates had familiarized ourselves with the tool quite well. 456 more words


New Semester, New Expectations

After what seemed for the most part like a dull and shortened 4 months of summer comes to an end, the tables turn once more and I am forced to adjust to a very different lifestyle than I had become used to. 634 more words


Su Young Chu - A Fictional Character

This week I was intrusted by professor Nacke to create a fictinal character and interview them. Here is the result:

I understand that you’re a very busy person, so I would like to start off by thanking you for taking the time to sit down with me today. 1,277 more words


Cards Under Siege


This week, we had an interesting project on our hands. Our group was instructed to create either a card, board, or tile game that incorporated all the luck and skill elements of hopscotch as were determined in class. 297 more words


Week 5: Base-code complete...*facepalm*

I didn’t find myself with much free time this week, but I managed to make some progress on this shader business. After hearing our homework questions now have a minimum XP value, it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, and I could finally get a goods night sleep. 546 more words

Computer Graphics

The Art in Heavy Rain

This week, as I listened to Prof. Dr. Nacke’s online and in-class lectures on games as art, one title came to mind and refused to leave.   451 more words