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Discovering New Gardening Products at the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show

As mentioned in my January 14th article, last week I attended the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show (MANTS), an annual horticulture trade show at the Baltimore Convention Center.  564 more words

Soil Building Systems, Inc. Offers Top-Quality Soil Mixes to Make your Garden Lush & Green!

Grow on a strong foundation in your garden and you’ll produce healthy, nutritious vegetables and beautiful flowers year after year. This, however, can only be possible with top-quality soil. 255 more words

Baron Ablon

Baron Ablon Entered SBS in 2001 and Injected a Wealth of Excellent Ideas and Concepts to Boost the Company

Baron Ablon is the president and CEO of Soil Building Systems Inc. When he entered SBS in 2001, he injected a wealth of ideas and pioneering concepts that have helped boost the company forward. 218 more words

Baron Ablon

You get what you pay for (advice)

A question about Manchurian pear trees on the weekend in the local newspaper. The reply was: Don’t add any more fertiliser because its locked up and the balance of the soil is wrong. 546 more words


Straw Bale Gardening

There’s no shortage of straw bales in Southwest Virginia, which is good news for fans of organic gardening. Though not used as frequently as compost or fertilizer, straw bales can help rectify problems associated with nutrient-poor soil. 497 more words


Gardening in Rocky Soil

Here in the Blue Ridge, rocky soil is generally unavoidable past a certain altitude. At the bottom of the valley, soil may be softer and more amendable to a wide variety of plants, but up towards craggy mountain peaks, there’s no such luck. 398 more words

In-Garden 2017 Experiment Results

I’ve been MIA now for 2 months because I have been very busy with other pressing matters and sadly I have not had as much garden time as I would like. 297 more words

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