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The Slow Plant

It’s been a frustratingly slow spring.

After the initial till we received a stint of steady and heavy rain. I pressed on nonetheless and set the permanent beds on a sopping wet Saturday intending to plant on the same day. 287 more words

Urban Farm

Bed Prep and Tilling

I am gaining a new appreciation for people who do this for a living.

In the past I’ve worked physical jobs: landscaping, mowing, warehouse, manufacturing. But running a mid-tine tiller for 6 hours straight takes the cake. 411 more words

Urban Farm

SOIL 101

Evaluate soil. The key to every plant’s health and any garden’s vitality is in the soil. Healthy soil holds enough water, air, and nutrients to sustain plant life and help it thrive. 77 more words

Container Gardening #6 - Refresh Last Years Potting Mix

Hey Guys,

One of the items that can be costly when container gardening is the potting soil but it doesn’t have to be. I’m in my second year of gardening and have accumulated a few containers of leftover potting soil from the previous season crops. 400 more words

Mrs. Chauntae's 2 Cents

Discovering New Gardening Products at the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show

As mentioned in my January 14th article, last week I attended the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show (MANTS), an annual horticulture trade show at the Baltimore Convention Center.  564 more words

Soil Building Systems, Inc. Offers Top-Quality Soil Mixes to Make your Garden Lush & Green!

Grow on a strong foundation in your garden and you’ll produce healthy, nutritious vegetables and beautiful flowers year after year. This, however, can only be possible with top-quality soil. 255 more words

Baron Ablon

Baron Ablon Entered SBS in 2001 and Injected a Wealth of Excellent Ideas and Concepts to Boost the Company

Baron Ablon is the president and CEO of Soil Building Systems Inc. When he entered SBS in 2001, he injected a wealth of ideas and pioneering concepts that have helped boost the company forward. 218 more words

Baron Ablon