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Applying a Boost

May 23, 2017

Today, the horses and I applied soil amendments to the corn ground. We got chased off by the weather on the day we planted. 358 more words

Small Farming

Composting - Part 4: Supercharging Your Compost with Biochar

Activating Your Biochar

This is part four of my series on composting. As all aspects covered so far are vital, so too is today’s topic. You’ve probably never heard of the material called biochar but it’s basically charcoal or burned wood. 362 more words

Soil Amendments

Composting - Part 1: Different Ways to Compost

While there are different ways to make compost, I personally have tried a variety of ways, which includes using a composter and adding a special mixture to it to speed up decomposition both store bought and homemade. 924 more words

Soil Amendments

The Evolution of a Gardener and the Truth about Parsnips

I’ve been gardening for several years with a lot of success.  I’ve read hundreds of books on gardening and thousands of blog postings. I’m even a certified master gardener volunteer. 788 more words

Fertilizer 101

Ever wondered why sometimes your plants are big and green but don’t blossom or fruit like in the picture. How about why your plants don’t grow as big as they were advertised or maybe every year they come back smaller and smaller. 593 more words

Soil Amendments

Utah Sheep Ranchers Turn Wool Waste into Cash

CROYDON, Utah – Two brothers from Croydon may have just invented a product that could keep sheep farmers employed for years to come.

“It’s a game changer. 257 more words

If Not, Flowers

By MK Martin

Our little corner of the earth sits atop one of the highest elevations of the Province. This is where wind is born. Zeus sometimes hangs out here, in the winter, zapping a few trees here and there, while the winds swirl and gust through hidden crawlspaces, resulting in sounds best left to Halloween. 609 more words