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Fill for Raised Beds

Raised-bed gardens offer some genuine advantages to both plants and the gardener. If you decide to give it a try, you will need some soil to fill the beds. 499 more words

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Nitrogen fix (or what's in a bean?)

Gardeners often hear how legumes (such as beans) “fix” nitrogen in the soil. Here is a good article that describes the process in plain language:  70 more words

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Mulch is a protective blanket for your soil, making it the kind of place your plants want to live. The benefits of using mulch include: 232 more words

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Compost is the most essential garden input next to water. Regular applications of compost helps your soil retain moisture, improves the texture (tilth), and nourishes your plants at the same time. 276 more words

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eggshells revisited

The eggshells that I collected over the winter and pulverized have just been sitting in a plastic container. After checking my soil test and noticing the calcium levels in my soil were slightly above what’s needed, I was hesitant to put them into the garden. 127 more words

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Composting 2015

Today was beautiful day here in the Springs, so we decided it was a good day to work in last years compost pile.

In 2013 we purchased from craigslist a really nice used compost tumbler. 218 more words

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The First Amendment

No, not free speech, although that’s great too. I’m referring to my activities this spring, the first time since we built our raised beds in 2012 that we’ve needed to significantly add material (other than a little compost and organic matter here and there) to the beds. 147 more words

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