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It’s a beautiful blue-sky kind of day and wouldn’t you know, Roy has to work off-farm. I’ve gone ahead and spread 120 pounds of ag-lime onto plot four by simply dumping it into our drop spreader then pushing it vertically and horizontally several times back and forth across the plot to ensure the lime is spread evenly.  159 more words

Fertilizers And Soil Additives

Soil Test

Well, soil test results came back one day last week. The pH in the field is only 5.6! Talk about acidic! The phosphorous level are low, too. 234 more words

Organic Soil Amendments

Mulching With Christmas Trees

We have received a number of inquiries asking whether chipped up Christmas trees can be used for mulch, and whether the chips can be spread now or whether they have to be aged. 309 more words


Seeds Heirloom & Garden Nutrients

Got these info’s from some one and I save the pic, posting here for future reading =D

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