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Soil Scientist

Soil scientists study the chemical, physical, and biological properties of the Earth’s crust. More specifically, soil scientist study soil formation, soil classification, and soil characteristics such as the organisms found in the dry land and relationship between soil types and plant growth. 220 more words


Career Design Brief

Apprenticeship: Plumber

Daily activity:

  1. A plumber reads blueprints, drawings and specifications to determine the layout of plumbing systems, water supply networks and waste and drainage systems.
  2. 952 more words

Is your HOTBIN compost good, bad or fabulous?

We do not know the answer – only detailed testing will prove things one way or another.

What we do know is this – composts differ in physical structure and chemical composition. 966 more words

Hot Composting

digging up some dirt!

Wayne and I went out to the property last Saturday (a beautiful day out here in Southeastern Ohio, almost like spring in the middle of February). 417 more words

Dialogue and Collective Action

There is a story of an anthropologist who lived among a tribe of hunter-gatherers in North America. Every so often, this tribe of about fifty individuals would come together in a circle and talk. 632 more words

Social Action


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a perk test?

Perk test the common phrase to describe the process of evaluating a piece of land for drainfield development.  “Perk” is abbreviation of percolation, the movement of fluids (water) through the soil matrix. 1,863 more words

Rainy Days: Farmers' Bane or Opportunity?

Rain and farmers have a weird relationship.

Without rain crops wouldn’t grow; with it we’re stuck inside doing – dum, dum, DUM – paperwork!

Most farmers I know are 1- workaholics and 2- allergic to paperwork. 282 more words