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[Misc] Double Trouble

“So you’re made of metal?”


“But you’re alive.”

“… Yes.” Sideswipe pauses, reconsiders. “In a matter of speaking. We’re not organic like you. But we’re not machines either.” 287 more words


[AtLA] Better Red Than Dead

His skin itches. Crawls really. He feels all too exposed. Wearing the livery of the Fire Nation makes him feel dirty somehow, as though he’s betraying everything his family has fought for, his own people have died for. 369 more words


[AtLA] Hero Worship

It’s twelve years later when the dark-haired, gold-eyed child shows up in the middle of the Water Tribe’s village. When a distinctly Fire Nation ship pulls up to the shore, waving a proud banner that no longer provokes an intense surge of fear and hatred. 408 more words


Sokka: ENTJ

Te: Sokka has detailed plans on how to get to the fire nation in time for the eclipse meticulously planned out to the very detail. He likes things to be compartmentalized and organized and he enjoys systems. 303 more words

Jungian Functions

The Swing of Things

I’ve been back almost a week, crawling back into the work routine. All was going fine until I woke up feeling exhausted yesterday morning. What is it about Wednesdays? 189 more words


Sokka dressed at about 40 pounds.

He weighed about 120 live, give or take a few pounds. So he was spot on. They’re putting weight on in the right places, even if it’s not as much as we’d like. 18 more words


Cat Comforts His Dog Brother Who Just Went Through Surgery

Tucker is a handsome 7-year-old golden retriever living in Houston, Texas. He recently had to undergo surgery — but is already recovering nicely, thanks largely to support from his feline brother, Sokka. 424 more words