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Sokka dressed at about 40 pounds.

He weighed about 120 live, give or take a few pounds. So he was spot on. They’re putting weight on in the right places, even if it’s not as much as we’d like. 18 more words


Cat Comforts His Dog Brother Who Just Went Through Surgery

Tucker is a handsome 7-year-old golden retriever living in Houston, Texas. He recently had to undergo surgery — but is already recovering nicely, thanks largely to support from his feline brother, Sokka. 424 more words


[AtLA] Shocker

The silence in the room makes Toph shriek with laughter, though Zuko is understandably mortified. She knows he’s struggling to tug the blankets up around his body, while Toph doesn’t give a whit. 395 more words


[AtLA] Induction

“Have I mentioned how adorable you look in your new uniform?” Ty Lee says in what she probably thinks is a whisper but Sokka is sure that everyone in the dedication room, along with the entire Earth Kingdom, heard her anyway. 341 more words

Rated K+

Sokka slaughter and ducklings outside

On Saturday we had to slaughter Sokka.  He’d recovered well from his flystrike, but it made his horn grow back wrong and during the last week or so before his slaughter, he had a ton of new growth…right into his jaw.   139 more words


S is for Suki: #AtoZchallenge

I have a type.

There is a very specific sort of person I admire, and whom I aspire to be: determined, caring, focused, kind, and capable of kicking butt when necessary. 422 more words


Thanks to Oceanside Library!

Had a blast chatting with Tony Iovino last night at Oceanside Library. Got a great opportunity to talk about comics, storytelling and community with someone who is providing a wealth of services to his neighborhood. 171 more words

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