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A Closer Look Into Avatar: The Last Airbender, My Favorite Funny Scenes/ Moments 

Here is my last Avatar post. It feels somewhat melancholy to write this final one but I know it is for the best. Part of this show’s charm is its humor. 1,072 more words

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Sokka, Knight of Blood

I’m your leader because of my incredible tactical skills and my ability to mobilize and motivate a bunch of useless people toward a common goal. Also because leadership is in my blood.

1,685 more words
Avatar: The Last Airbender

Healing can be an ugly process

Sokka looks pretty torn up, but it’s all signs of healthy skin regrowth and wound closure.

Badgerface, his momma, is all blue on one side because he’s been rubbing up against her for comfort despite being weaned. 80 more words


Avatar: The Last Airbender Homage

Ech, I’ve missed writing here so very much. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do stuff like this more frequently now.

So, I thought this would be fun. 570 more words


Sokka is on the mend

He’s looking more filled out and we’re keeping him in Catron IV and iodine.  Another week and he has a good chance of getting right back to the proper weight just in time and even providing a little fleece in October. 20 more words


Twilight of the Spirit World - The Library

Author’s Note:In which there are tensions, call-back, revelation and Wan Shi Tong knows EVERYTHING! Also, in which the font randomly changes for no apparent reason. 1,589 more words


Sokka is eating hearty and full of energy

I am not going to make any predictions, I’ve learnt at least that much with sheep the last few years, but he is going in the right direction and we’re going to let him spend the day hanging out with his flock tomorrow and see how that goes. 120 more words