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Justification By Works?

I was talking to a friend about salvation and he advanced the argument that the evangelical claim to justification (God’s declaration of our right standing before Him) by faith alone (sola fide or faith alone is basis of the believers good standing before a righteous God) is something of a misnomer. 772 more words


Faith Alone Does Not Save . . . No Matter How Many Times Protestants Say It Does

“We are saved by faith alone.”

The Bible doesn’t say it. In fact, the Bible rejects it.

It was not part of Christian belief for the first 1,500 years of Christianity. 2,488 more words

The Bible

The Necessity of Eternal Security

Recently I have been dealing with the shock of hearing that several pastors on the mountain where I live do not believe in eternal security.  I have had to struggle with the idea that I have always held but never proved to myself, that this doctrine is an essential part of the gospel message, and without believing it you do not have salvation.  878 more words

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Holiness Outside the Church

The doctrine of justification in Holiness theology very much resembles the Roman Catholic Church’s position on the doctrine. Both Roman Catholics and adherents to Holiness theology believe that faith is necessary for justification and for receiving salvation. 357 more words

Bad Theology

The Humility Of Election

The biblical doctrine of election really does exist. It’s not my intention to spell it all out, for there are so many others who have done so in a far more exhaustive manner than I could. 520 more words


The Romans Road, or the Roman Road?

As a Christian, the question of Roman Catholicism (and Eastern Orthodoxy) vs. Protestantism will come up at some point.  And in this post I will attempt, in brief and drawing heavily from the writings of wiser and more learned men than I, to assert that this question is actually a very important one.  1,223 more words