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Sola Fide: Do Paul and James Contradict?

Thomas Manton
Commentary on James 2:24
Works, vol. 4, pp. 260-265.

You see then how by works a man is justified, and not by faith only… 2,695 more words


Justification By Faith Alone

Edward Leigh
Body of Divinity
Seventh Book, Ch. 10

Whether Faith alone doth justify

God justifies judicially, Christ’s blood meritoriously, Faith instrumentally, Works declaratively (Rom. 3:24, 28; Rom. 1,471 more words


Martin Luther's "An Open Letter on Translating" (1530)

( I post this after a WordPress user denied that Luther added to the Bible. Let’s allow Luther to speak for himself, in the smart-aleck manner I love. 6,505 more words


Response to Pilgrim's Progress on Sola Fide and Good Works

“Patrick, you must know that we teach Sola Gratia as well as Sola Fide and so you can’t say that Sola Fide is deficient because it doesn’t… 825 more words

Roman Catholic Church

Luther's Obituary for Lutheranism

(This is an article written by William G. Most that I found on Catholic Answers, and wished to share with everyone. Check out the original link: … 1,141 more words

Roman Catholic Church

Judgement and Works

BTW, our eternal destiny — salvation or damnation — is based on the works we do.


Growing up in church* I frequently heard teaching that included something like this: “I know it may seem the passage (or verse) says X, but in fact it really means Y.” In other words, although on the surface it looks clear, don’t be fooled. 1,185 more words

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