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Addressing the Heresy of Sola Fide

Since Protestants confidently proclaim that faith alone is the solution to being saved, the question remains; why does scripture oppose this heretical and unbiblical doctrine? It’s quite evident within the scriptures that we are to do good works in response to having faith in Christ.

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Considering Getting the Gospel Right

My years working in Ligonier Ministries’ phone room were tumultuous ones for the larger evangelical community. The Promise Keeper’s movement was huge, and divisive among lay people. 1,070 more words

The Advantage Of Free Justification By Faith Alone

Robert Traill (Doctrine of Justification Vindicated), Works 1:269:

This doctrine of free justification by faith alone, hath this advantage, That it suits all men’s spirits and frame in their serious approaches to God in worship. 102 more words


The Twisting of "Faith Alone"

Why faith alone? There are some that struggle with this point concerning the Reformation. In Latin it is “Sola Fide.” Like all doctrinal positions of the Reformers, it is often misunderstood. 631 more words

Martin Luther

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Roman Catholics Are True Christians: Response to The Isaiah 53:5 Project

The Isaiah 53:5 Project published a post titled Are Roman Catholics Christian? a little while back. The text of the short post reads:

I was recently asked by an atheist who, for his own enjoyment, loves to stir up conflict among believers where there often isn’t any if I thought Roman Catholics were true Christians. 700 more words


Engaging BHI; Reading Paul in the shadow of Luther

Old debates and “New Perspectives”

As far as old debates go there is none older1 than Justification either; by faith or “faith + works” since the “Sola” part of “Sola fide” is the issue of contention. 1,215 more words


The Ultimate Authority: Scripture or the Church?

How has God revealed Himself to us? In what ways do we receive revelation? Is there any new revelation? Is the written word sufficient? Is it beneficial to add something to what has been revealed in the written word? 937 more words