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Heart full of scroll

Some people say Arendt’s concept of totalitarianism doesn’t apply to Trump. Maybe not. ButĀ Trump is comparable to other modern dictators (i.e., Erdogan, Putin, Duterte, etc.). 109 more words


Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart Debates Catholicism on 1984's 'Crossfire'

Earlier this week I flipped on the TV without caring the station and flopped onto the bed. Up popped four gentlemen passionately discussing a religious topic. 409 more words

Catholic Philosophy

Alms . . . What? Almsgiving.

This Lent I decided to move my serious almsgiving deliberation into deliberate action. Though I still have student loans incurred at a Catholic Institution and an active member in my parish, I’m not a child anymore. 349 more words


Debating the Existence of God: The Multiverse Theory and Sola Fide

The multiverse theory is often looked uponĀ as the starting point of the universe in place of its creation by God. It speculates that there exists a possibly infinite number of universes like ours with constants (see our post titled… 760 more words


The Obedience of Faith: Saved Not Without, But Not With Works

Since the inclusion of Gentiles into the fold of God, defining what makes a Christian has divided Christians. Jewish Christians insisted that their Gentile brethren had to be circumcised to be authentic Christ-followers. 2,825 more words


The Merits of Merit: Orthodox Vs Catholic Vs Protestants on Justification

The issue of Justification fundamentally separates Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestants. Craig Truglia and “Matthewp” (a frequent commenter on ShamelessPopery.com) compare and contrast how these different groups view justification. 24 more words


When the apostle Paul steps on my toes

I’m currently teaching a Bible study on Paul’s letter to the Galatians. At last night’s study, we looked at Galatians 1:6-9.

Paul’s main concern here is that false teachers had infiltrated the Galatian churches, which Paul established on his first missionary journey, and were distorting the gospel he preached to them. 709 more words