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Are we Saved by Faith or Works? (Part 1 of 3)

Picture yourself standing on the sandy shores of a beach. You pick up a single grain of sand. Over the next ten thousand years, you take your first step. 2,104 more words


Sola Fide Part 2 - Faith Plus Works?

Ang focus ng pag-aaral natin sa sola fide ay ang doctrine ng “justification by faith alone.” Sabi ni Martin Luther, itong doktrinang ito ay “the article upon which the church stands or falls.” What is at stake here is the heart of the gospel itself. 3,451 more words


A Working of Faith Through Faithful Works: Reading Clement of Rome

Okay, I admit I went a little cheeky with the title on this one, but unlike some Church Fathers I know, my reason for my position will be explicitly clear in this article. 3,144 more words

Fighting the Same Battles (Yes, We're Still Talking about Sanctification...)

I know I said I was taking some time off from LNT, but I felt the need to crawl out of my hidey hole for one more article. 974 more words


An Unfamiliar Brother: Reflections on the Faith of Justin Martyr

A new week means a new Church Father. I’ve been blessed to be able to keep up with such a pattern thus far. I hope it continues. 2,210 more words

Martin Luther: A Spiritual Biography | Book Review

“Luther was a problem,” writes Herman Selderhuis in Martin Luther: A Spiritual Biography. “Certainly for the pope and the emperor, but often he was also a problem for his fellow reformers.” 1,198 more words

Book Reviews

Philip Hughes: A Popular History of the Reformation

An account of the Reformation from a Catholic perspective is a rare thing, and this one is over sixty years old; for Catholics, the Reformation is usually something to regret and condemn, rather than attempt to understand. 464 more words