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Episode 19: Justification by Faith

Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.-Romans 5:1

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This week’s song: …

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Reflections on Justin Martyr

Some quick reflections after reading Justin Martyr’s (est 100AD-165AD) extant works:

1. I was surprised that his doctrine seemed so much less developed then even Ignatius and Polycarp who wrote decades before, even though he was writing from Rome. 537 more words


A more excellent ministry: A response to Dr. Ken Boa (part 3)

Reminder if you’ve forgotten: you can read Dr. Boa’s paper in full here.

There is a greater issue that must be addressed in light of all this, and is the larger reason why I felt this response was necessary: this is an issue of how we, as believers, view Christ’s work on the cross.   1,294 more words

The importance of context: a response to Dr. Ken Boa (part 2)

In this next section I will address what I view as an incorrect use of Scripture to support his assertion, and show how it has led to a conclusion that is arguably not defensible scripturally.   2,015 more words

Salvation belongs to the Lord: A response to Dr. Ken Boa (part 1)

This began as a single post I started some time ago, but it has grown until it has simply become far too long for a single blog post, so I’ve decided to carve it up into parts and post more of it as I write it. 3,431 more words

Old and New Perspectives on Paul: A Third Way?

By J. V. Fesko

John Barclay, professor of divinity at Durham University in England, has written a sizable contribution to New Testament studies in Paul and the Gift… 199 more words


Not As Simple As Catholic Answers

Note: The immediate question to be answered in this post (even if not fully) is whether or not Luther was right to add the word “alone” to Romans 3:28. 2,296 more words