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A doctrine according to the flesh

The complex and biblically selective Roman Catholic doctrine of salvation often results in Catholic apologists giving with one hand what they take back with the other. 722 more words


Apart from Sacraments, Does Sola Fide Point Us To Universalism ? Part 1

I thought I would engage in an amateur thought experiment for this post and the next. I’m not saying that I think Protestants should start preaching universalism, but I am putting forth the possibility of universalism as an inescapable conclusion (or at least viable option), for those who confess… 2,078 more words


The Sola Fide Highway

Heaven can wait, as the saying goes…don’t rush me. I’ve got a lot of living to do on earth yet. Still, unless we believe this life is all there is, we hope and pray the celestial city is our final, eternal destination. 762 more words


Sola Fide (Faith alone)

​Nowhere in the bible does it state faith “alone” justifies, and this new doctrine was not heard of before the 16th century. Why did the Protestant reformers propose it and what authority gave it to them? 778 more words


These eye-opening verses cannot be ignored

Okay, Catholic friend, I have another question for you. If, as the Roman Catholic Church teaches, the Reformers’ cry of sola fide is dead wrong, how do you understand all the verses in Scripture that seem to teach it? 500 more words


Self-Induced Faith

There’s a lot of confusion out there when it comes to the word “faith”.  Most of it creeps in over time as people become increasingly removed from the biblical concept.  591 more words

The Gospel

Dissecting 12 Arguments Against Christianity

I keep running into atheist arguments, many of which are arguments I’ve made in the past, that somehow no longer seem to shake my belief that there is a higher power in the universe and my recent conversion to the idea that that power is inherently good. 1,174 more words