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The Gifts of God for the People of God

In the massive anthology, Thy Word is Still Truthone can find John Calvin’s introduction to the New Testament–Christ the End of the Law.  206 more words

The Romans Road, or the Roman Road?

As a Christian, the question of Roman Catholicism (and Eastern Orthodoxy) vs. Protestantism will come up at some point.  And in this post I will attempt, in brief and drawing heavily from the writings of wiser and more learned men than I, to assert that this question is actually a very important one.  1,223 more words


Long Live the King! – Part 1

HOT OFF THE PRESS!!! Romans: Volume 9 of Heavenly Citizens in Earthly Shoes is now available from CreateSpace (paperbacks) and Kindle (eBooks). Click on the link to the right of this page to go to Amazon and place your order. 514 more words

Church Age

Chemnitz & Irenaeus

One of the great Lutheran theologians of the 16th century, Martin Chemnitz (November 9, 1522 – April 8, 1586), is now hardly remembered. His works are worth reading for several reasons: 268 more words

Top Ten Reasons I'll Always Be Catholic. Part 3.

The Liturgical Calendar!
The liturgical calendar offers us gifts throughout the entire year. It pulls the faithful into mysteries of Christ daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. 1,321 more words

Catholic Beliefs

7 Reasons Modern Christian Debates Are Worthless

As the string of brown mountains slowly engulfed the Middle Eastern sun, silence permeated the synagogue like a haunted mansion. Men and women of all ages sat quietly eyes fixed to the podium were an old man clad in brown dress and a very long beard white with age. 843 more words

Gospel Centered Life

The Problem with “Scripture Alone”

The Catholic Church teaches that matters of faith and morals are contained in both Scripture and Tradition, that the interpretation of God’s divine truth is entrusted to the Pope, and that the Pope is prevented by the Holy Spirit from teaching error. 698 more words