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A Testimony Like No Other

Someone dear to me once said the Bible was written by mere men and therefore has a hard time believing it to be the Word of God. 520 more words


The Wizard of Straw

Sometime ago I wrote a short presentation on an objection to Sola Scriptura and the response given to it. I constructed that presentation to deliberately leave out specific questions and counter objections. 8,944 more words


Despite what you've heard, faithful Methodists believe in "sola scriptura"

I’ve been preaching a series on the five core convictions of the Protestant Reformation (often called the “Five Solas”), and describing why they remain relevant for us today. 609 more words

Twisted Tuesday - The Saddest Wedding Part Two

Last Tuesday I wrote about a wedding we attended where I saw three main points I wanted to discuss with you, beloved. The first was the worldly view of marriage, which we talked about last week. 475 more words


Sola scriptura

Transcription of Sunday, September 17, 2017 sermon. 

October 31, 1517 Martin Luther posted 95 theses against indulgences in Wittenberg, at All Saints Church. That day is thought of as the beginning of the Reformation. 1,678 more words


A Rejoinder to Samuel Green

This was a one one-line response by Reverend Samuel Green to one of Tovia Singer’s arguments against the idea Genesis 22 is a foreshadowing or prophecy of the Messiah being crucified. 1,207 more words