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Sola Scriptura

Sola Scriptura is Latin and basically means “by scripture alone.” It came about during the reformation, which is a long and sordid tale, one often involving Dutchmen and Tulips. 1,062 more words

How To Interpret Scripture When You Have a Heart Deceitful Above All Things

God has graciously condescended Himself to us and speaks to us even today, in His Scriptures. The Scriptures are “God breathed,” (2 Tim 3:16) and being that we can only talk when we breath out, we may surmise the Scriptures are literally God speaking to us. 767 more words


Catholic-Protestant Debate: Papal Primacy Vs Sola Scriptura

In this debate, Craig Truglia and Matthew P.  cover the issue of Papal Primacy.  Matt defends the notion that the Pope is infallible and that such infallibility is necessary for understanding God’s revelation while Craig argues that the Scriptures and tradition do not bear out an infallible Bishop or a coherent set of infallible extra-biblical traditions.


Should There Be Voting in the Church?

It was a sweet moment. An elderly couple was attending the business meeting in a local church. They were there as faithful congregates in support of the work of the ministry. 1,363 more words

Culture & Society

The Continuity of the Faith: Irenaeus on Church Tradition and Apostolic Succession (and Why I, as a Protestant, Can Wholeheartedly Agree)

In this post, I would like to continue discussing the relation articulated by early church father Irenaeus of Lyons between Scripture, tradition, and church authority. The response to my first post on this topic (which you can read… 3,492 more words

Protestant Theology

The Christian's Joy Derived From the Scriptures

An Excerpt From

The Cheerful Pilgrim

By William Jay, 1852

Whence Did David, And Whence Does Every Christian Derive This Joy? 

I Answer, From The Scriptures! 1,361 more words

Joy In His Salvation