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• A Critique of Kevin DeYoung's Critique of Smith's 'The Bible Made Impossible,' A Book About Evangelicals and Biblicism

 A Critique of Kevin DeYoung’s Critique of Smith’s ‘The Bible Made Impossible,’ A Book About Evangelicals and Biblicism

I wanted to make a few observations or criticisms of this critique by Kevin DeYoung of a book by Christian Smith: 4,749 more words

Revisiting Sola Scriptura

Last night I had dinner with Jaison Jacob – a Calvinist friend living and studying at Moore Theological College. The discussion turned to matters surrounding the bible – something that I was hoping to avoid because we always go in circles on this issue and never get anywhere. 1,855 more words


About the Five Solas: Sola Scriptura

For the Bible Tells Me So…

“Jesus loves me, this I know for the Bible tells me so…” I have sung this song to my children several times and the reality that my Lord and my God knows me and in spite of that still loves me is both a great mystery and a great comfort to me. 912 more words

5 Solas

Twisted Tuesday - Dreamsk

Awhile back I had a certain fellow follow me on Twitter who advertised “Christian Dream Interpretations” as one of his ‘giftings’. I don’t know about you, brothers and sisters, but I’m always curious as to why anyone like that would ‘follow’ me. 564 more words


Bible Study-Introduction

Before we study the Word of God we shall note a few points. So any interpretation has to fall within these parameters.

The Scripture is God document… 401 more words

Bible Study

Dunkin' Donuts and Mountebank Monks

My friend is talking to a Catholic girl about baptism. The Catholic says baptism saves—in the whole, baptismal regeneration, sacramentalism way. The Christian says baptism symbolizes salvation—in the whole, Jesus died, was buried, and rose for you, and the Spirit has united you to Christ, and baptism shows that way. 414 more words


Twisted Tuesday - First Born

Friends, todays Twisted Tuesday topic is a grievous one as it pertains to our blessed Lord and Savior. How difficult it is for us, as believers, to hear these slanderous words spoken against the one who died in our place! 829 more words