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Who has authority in the church?

Last night, I stood in to run one of our other homegroups for one of our elders. He is currently *grits teeth* in a sunny part of Europe whilst we were digging ourselves out of snow drifts to get to church. 639 more words

Twisted Tuesday - Division

Beloved, today I want to address something that’s genuinely grievous to me. The twisting of scripture to fit someone’s false doctrine is often done by either taking verses out of context, or only using part of the verse, this Twisted Tuesday is no different. 420 more words


Pirate Christian Media misrepresents Sola Scriptura

Amy Spreeman writes for Pirate Christian Media. Sadly, Amy is still hung up on the New Apostolic Reformation myth popularised by churchwatchcentral, Pulpit & Pen and Chris Rosebrough. 1,702 more words


Twisted Tuesday - Jesus Sinless?

Beloved, have you ever been told that Jesus couldn’t have lived a sinless life? Many in the liberal churches like to say that Christ Jesus was just a good man, living as an example for us all, not the sinless, perfect, God incarnate. 375 more words


Jesus Loves Me: The "Contending for the Faith" Version

Every now and then I do a little creative writing. I posted this to Facebook on Sunday, and people seemed to like it, so I thought I’d share it here for those who aren’t on social media.

False Doctrine

Ep. #12 Evenings with Berkhof (No. 3): The Doctrine of Scripture

We discuss the very important and foundational doctrine of Scripture, focusing on its inspiration and ultimate authority.

Show Notes:

Canon Revisited (book by Michael Kruger) 48 more words


The Sufficiency of the Scripture Contra Rome

Joel Beeke:

As far back as the late medieval period, men such as John Wycliffe (c. 1329–1384) and Jan Hus (1373–1415) called the church of their day to return to Scripture. 222 more words