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The New Testament claims to be revelation from God

Paul Williams, a convert to Islam, who claims to be a former Christian, which means he is an apostate (see Hebrews 3:12) wrote this:

The evidence is simple: the New Testament does not claim to be Revelation from God. 1,108 more words


Roman Catholics, James White, and an Infallible Canon

This video is a response to Catholics who say Sola Scriptura is untenable because Protestants do not have an infallible Canon. Further, I respond to James White’s historically unsubstantiated claim that the Book of Esther was laid up in the Temple.


Differences do matter: Catholics are a long way from uniting with the Lutherans

At the end of October Pope Francis will travel to Sweden to join a Lutheran World Federation observance opening the 500th anniversary year of Martin Luther’s break with the Catholic Church and the start of the Protestant Reformation. 556 more words

Pope Francis

Sola Scriptura Problems

Awhile back, a friend directed me to an essay by J.I. Packer titled “Sola Scriptura” in History and Today after I asked around for a good defense of Sola Scriptura. 911 more words