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Yes, God Speaks ... Through His Word

“You do not need another special revelation from God outside the Bible. You can listen to the voice of God every day. Christ still speaks, because the Spirit has already spoken. 41 more words

The Word

How is Scripture to be read?/What is Scripture?

This question has kept on cropping up for me, whether I consider Catholic interactions with protestants, other faiths, or complete non-believers. A common issue in all such dialogues, is that they consider our Scriptures differently. 851 more words


"Sola Scriptura" como método teológico

Será que o slogan da Reforma Protestante “Sola Scriptura” é uma estrutura metodológica apropriada para a teologia sistemática cristã nos dias de hoje? Meu argumento é que, enquanto a fidelidade às Escrituras deve ser sempre a marca da teologia cristã ortodoxa, “somente as Escrituras” ( 1,451 more words

Teologia Reformada

Listening For His Voice

“Has anyone by fussing in front of the mirror ever gotten taller by so much as an inch? All this time and money wasted on fashion—do you think it makes that much difference? 159 more words

Giants in the Land

Do you know what the Israelites were doing for nearly 40 years after getting to the Promised Land?

I thought I knew, too. Wandering in the wilderness, right? 1,324 more words

New Covenant

Williams Tyndale: The Experiential Outworking of Sola Scriptura

The Experiential Outworking of Sola Scriptura

Spiritual Darkness had spread over the land of England. The sacred Scriptures were hidden and kept inaccessible to the layman. 3,938 more words


Sola Leftura

Do you believe that the Bible is the only source of rules for the Christian Faith? If you do, can you point to where it says that in the Bible? 648 more words