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Is Covering a Calling?

One reason I wanted to start a blog on covering from a Lutheran perspective is that so many head-covering blogs and forums speak of head-covering as a “calling.” I reject this term for it because I believe our callings are derived from the objective Word of God and our station in life, not from subjective feelings or inclinations. 671 more words

Why Cover

Fossil Friday - Polystrate Fossils

These are my favorite types of evidence for creation, the ones that make for gorgeous pictures! When you drive past great ridges of every color you get the feeling that the God we love is an artist of tremendous magnitude. 393 more words


Considering Getting the Gospel Right

My years working in Ligonier Ministries’ phone room were tumultuous ones for the larger evangelical community. The Promise Keeper’s movement was huge, and divisive among lay people. 1,070 more words

Scripture Alone?...from the beginning, it was not so! - Part 1

Some protestants try to prove that the practice of Scripture Alone was taught and practiced by the early church. What is interesting is that I have read some arguments that try to say “Initially the apostles taught orally, but with the close of the apostolic age, all special revelation that God wanted preserved for man was codified in the written Scriptures. 1,740 more words

Catholic Church

Sola Scriptura: A Tradition of Men 5

Charles Allen: All things must be tested to God’s word which is truth then we must ask if these oral teachings were tested to God’s word. 523 more words

Sola Scriptura

Scripture Alone?…from the beginning, it was not so! – Part 5

The Early Church and the NEED for Authority

Imagine this. You are in the year 100, living in Corinth. You go to the Church in Corinth, and you have heard the letters of Paul read. 1,886 more words

Catholic Church

Engaging BHI; Reading Paul in the shadow of Luther

Old debates and “New Perspectives”

As far as old debates go there is none older1 than Justification either; by faith or “faith + works” since the “Sola” part of “Sola fide” is the issue of contention. 1,215 more words