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The Importance of Sola Scriptura

Our Standard

How do we know doctrine? Where do we go to learn the oracles of God? What is the foundation of all Christian theology? It is important to be confessional, and confessions are great summaries of doctrine, but no confession is an infallible standard. 1,816 more words


The defining Question about Sola Scriptura and Tradition

at the 1:03:48 mark:

“Has the Roman Catholic Church infallibly defined a single word of Jesus or an apostle, that is not found in Scripture?”  Dr. 267 more words

Roman Catholicism

The Doctrine of Illumination part 3

(we continue from our last post which was back in April 4th. Before reading this please read part 1,2 to get an understanding of what is being written. 1,228 more words


Luther on the Perspicuity of Scripture

By Obbie Todd

The Imperial Diet of Worms (1521) may be the most unfortunately named council in the history of the church. However, it’s also where a monk named Martin Luther challenged the Catholic Church in a way no other sinner had before. 1,315 more words

Unnecessary Regulation and the Worship of God

As I was driving my family to school this morning and listening to the radio, I heard a certain monologue about shampooing regulations in the state of Tennessee. 1,251 more words

The Canon According to Jesus

It has been a very long time since I last wrote.  I have been very busy with teaching, family, and taking courses myself.  I must also admit that I simply haven’t had anything to say.   2,134 more words

The Bible's Mic Drop

Recently, during his final White House correspondents’ dinner, President Barack Obama ended his speech with “Obama Out,” then he dropped the microphone and walked away. 399 more words