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Twisted Tuesday - Gods In It

Have you ever heard the argument that God is in something because it’s successful? I surely have. What a heartbreaking, illogical, statement to make, especially when it’s outside of or opposed to Gods Word. 207 more words


Caveat lecturem

Reader beware

One cannot be too careful with their choice of books.  Many, many years ago I started reading C.S. Lewis.  His writings have been the source of amazing joys and journeys.   910 more words

Not a Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Everything

Joel Beeke on the limits of the sufficiency of Scripture:

The sufficiency of Scripture is, however, limited to the Bible’s purpose in revealing truth for our salvation, faith, and obedience ( 129 more words


Why do I believe in credobaptism?

Regular followers of this blog will know that I am a Reformed Baptist. That is, I believe in reformed soteriology, the doctrines of grace and believe that baptism ought to be by immersion for those who can testify to their belief in the gospel. 913 more words

Debating 2 Timothy 3:16 On Protestant Bible Alone Doctrine

One of the battle cry of the Reformation is the belief in Sola Scriptura, in order to discredit the authority of the Catholic Church the reformers have to invent a new form of authority that will confirm to their invented doctrines and practices. 1,914 more words


Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone)

This is the third message preached during the first Northwest Florida Reformation Conference celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. The message “Sola Scriptura” was preached by Pastor Earon James of Relevant Life Church in Pace, FL.

Reformation 500

Twisted Tuesday - Can God Act?

Good morning beloved friends! Today I want to talk about a twist in scripture that’s truly grievous to my heart. There’s a belief that God will not act unless a man prays for Him too. 323 more words