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The Insufficiency of Sola Scriptura

One of the great frustrations I have encountered in my study of theology is the ambiguity of Scripture on many doctrines. Should we baptize infants or not? 1,171 more words

Sola Scriptura

By: Brad Willis. Originally written July 15, 2013.

On the first episode of Lutheran Watchmen, we mentioned that Scripture is enough for fully equipping a Christian to be a Christian. 521 more words

Wednesday Testimony - Justin Peters

I thought it fitting, as I referenced his work yesterday, to share his testimony today. His testimony had some points of familiarity to me, like the passion for politics that changed once becoming saved. 298 more words



Blank Page

Blank page
cause there's nothing left to say
Your life feels empty 
and it's not okay
Pencils fill lines
ink does just that
But your holes are't so small
as the three hole punch gaps
You might feel just as boxed in 
or even as dull
But a study hall doodler
can't make you full
You aren't quite as frail
But does that make it better? 703 more words

Power in Words - Twisted Tuesday

Do we have the ability to speak things into existence? This is a popular idea amongst tv evangelists. The idea that we, as believers, have the ability to create with our words just like God did is the type of heresy that developed through decades of biblical illiteracy and demonizing doctrines. 409 more words