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Lofty Leopard

I discovered a new coffee place during our recent visit to San Diego.  Lofty Coffee Company is amazing.  I first visited their Solana Beach cafe.  They roast their own coffee nearby in Encinitas as well as bake their own pasties from scratch.  159 more words

Osprey in San Elijo Lagoon

A couple of weeks ago we hiked Annie’s Canyon Trail and passed by this beautiful osprey hanging out in a dead tree (which my SE Lagoon Conservancy volunteer friend told me was called a “snag”).   22 more words


Solana Beach

Yearly break from tent to the Sand Pebbles Resort timeshare right off the 101 in Solana Beach.

the timeshare: pool with bbqs, hot tub, gestapo, rooms, no ac, use fans, game room, might want to bring your own ping pong ball that’s not completely dented up, billiards room with jigsaw puzzles and books too, public restroom which includes a shower… 130 more words

Solana Beach

Annie's Canyon Trail in San Elijo Lagoon

Annie’s Canyon Trail in the San Elijo Lagoon (Solana Beach) recently reopened after being closed for many years, due to over a thousand hours of effort by generous volunteers and a substantial donation by a local supporter.   51 more words


Swallowed by the Ocean

Surf’s thunderous crashes, deafening
Crests lit by waning rays, shimmering
You ventured ever further, terrified
Stood, fell, emerged, froze, petrified

Held your breath, closed your eyes… 37 more words


Sea-themed mosaics at Fletcher Cove and Overlook Park.

During my walk last weekend I headed from the Solana Beach Coaster station west a couple of blocks to Fletcher Cove Park. It was my intention to walk north along the ocean, then back east to Pacific Coast Highway. 458 more words

Local H 6/1/16

This was the fourth time I have had the pleasure of seeing Local H. Their live show is always fantastic and very lively and thus worthy of going out on a weeknight, especially since this tour had them celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the  551 more words