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Maunder Minimum ring a bell--or are you new to this site?

Thomas Lifson discusses what is near and dear to Singer’s and all my climate science allies’ hearts–that the Sun drives the climate–a lot. 211 more words

Climate Change

Message from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan ~ Feb. 16, 2015

Want to find out how our Sun and Solar wind aid us as we develop higher vibrations? Why is solar activity a harbinger for change? isn’t this truly an electrical universe where only vibrations matter? 1,018 more words

Predicting Solar Cycle 25. Are We Heading For Another Maunder Minimum?

A study was published in 2012, Sudden transitions and grand variations in the solar dynamo, past and future” by Cornelis DeJager and Silvia Duhan . 743 more words


Solar Cycle 24 January 2015 Update

Solar Cycle 24 surprised everyone with a second peak.   Now the maximum appears to have occurred, as mentioned in last months posting. The Cycle is still active and will continue to be for years to come; however, the monthly average of Sunspot numbers are in decline.   132 more words


Solar activity may affect our life in profound ways

(NaturalNews) It’s easy to get caught up in the material things of our modern day society, rushing through, not paying any attention to the skies hovering around our head. 631 more words


Meteorites Shed Light On Why Earth's Core Is Freezing

  • “Ideas about how the Earth’s core evolved through history are really changing at the moment,” lead researcher Dr Richard Harrison, from the University of Cambridge, told BBC News.
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Climate Change

Born Under A Bad Sun: Solar Activity Blamed For Much Shorter Lifespans

New research suggests a surprising factor in human longevity. A look at 200 years of birth records found that high solar activity in a person’s birth year was correlated with a five-year reduction in lifespan.

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