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SANDRA WALTER - Strong New Moon, Solar Activity and Gateways Ahead - 4-13-18


Gatekeeping has revealed strong activations of the deep, ancient sites (pyramids, octahedrons, crystal beds and aquifers) during my travels in the crystalline corridor. April 17-19 is on the Gatekeeper radar, and Solaris has sprouted a new SUNspot which may deliver the activation codes we are seeing in the Cosmic Stargates. 302 more words

The causes of ongoing climate change: natural vs. human influences

The causes of climate can be broken down into multiple sources, which for simplicity can be labeled “natural” and “human-caused” (sometimes referred to as “unnatural”). The natural causes include volcanic eruptions, solar output, variation in the Earth’s orbit, reflectivity of the Earth’s surface (called albedo), as well as the natural contributions of greenhouse gases (things like water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane). 2,366 more words

Climate Change

The Cosmic Ray Climate Link

The 20th century has seen a notable temperature rise, generally attributed to the greenhouse effect of anthropogenic gases, and a future business as usual policy is generally believed to be catastrophic. 105 more words


The Sunspot Cycle and its Possible Effects on Future Manned Spaceflight

We have known for more than a century that solar activity shows a pronounced cyclic variation with an 11-year period. About every 11 years there is a maximum in activity and sunspots become very prominent and very common. 1,572 more words

Space Flight

Note on "Solar storm"

Note on “Solar Storm”

Magnetic fields

  • The surface of the Sun is a very busy place.
  • It has electrically charged gases that generate areas of powerful magnetic forces.
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The Connection between Cosmic Rays, Clouds and Climate

Professors Henrik & Jacob Svensmark discuss the connection between cosmic rays, clouds and climate with the Global Warming Policy Foundation’s Benny Peiser and Jonny Bairstow from Energy Live News.



I just read an article by Terrence Jeffries reporting that the Director of National Intelligence, Daniel Coats, just submitted a threat assessment to the Senate Armed Services Committee stating the following about climate change: 685 more words