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THE EARTH IS PERPETUALLY HEATING AND COOLING. (Part 3 in the "Are We Warming or Cooling?" series.)

In the past 1,000 years, there have been several intriguing, long-term fluctuations in both temperature and climate.  From roughly 950-1250 AD, the earth experienced a… 577 more words

Current Events

Volcanic Activity Increasing: 40 Volcanoes Currently Erupting, Yearly Avg Is 35

  • According to Volcano Discovery, 40 volcanoes around the globe are erupting right now, and only 6 of them are not along the Ring of Fire.
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Climate Change

Solar Prominence Classes

Prominences come in all shapes and sizes, and apart from nice to look at their is some science behind their different shape as well.

A stunning hedgerow prominence visible on the Sun yesterday, 13 May 2015, made me think about all the various types of prominences there are, and how many I managed to image so far in my career of solar imaging. 228 more words

The Sun

Solar Cycle 24 Activity Continues To Decline

The April 2015 Solar Cycle 24 Sunspot number rose somewhat in April, but the forecast is for a continued decline in activity.   The 2015 monthly Sunspot counts were: January = 67.0, February=44.8, March=38.4 and April=54.4.   123 more words


Big CME heading our way - due to hit 6 May

Arooga!!! Arooga!!! Seat belts on, folks, the ride’s just starting


Bosse And Vahrenholt: Solar Cycle 24 Observations

German scientist Frank Bosse and Fritz Vahrenholt, on 12 March,  provided another way to look at Solar Cycle 24. It is worth sharing. They posted… 186 more words


Now For Something Entirely Different

VOX.com has a page with “40 maps that explain the universe”. Photos and drawing plus text are there for your review. Some of the illustrations are really eye catching. 104 more words

Solar Activity