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Rebuttals to common questions and criticisms of “climate skepticism.”

Recently, a colleague was engaged in an email debate with a journalist who believes global warming is a man-made phenomenon.  The journalist offered some of the typical statements so prevalent in the media: 510 more words

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Setting the Record Straight on Solar Activity.

There are valid reasons to conclude that long-term changes in solar output are a key driver of global climate.

In fact, evidence for the influence of solar… 355 more words

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Climate Advocates Ponder Experiments in the Atmosphere

I hold a few views that aren’t popular with the mainstream media. And one of them is that global climate is about 15 years away from entering a cooler period. 620 more words

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Sorry, Barbara Boxer.  You Don’t Have to Be a Scientist to Study Global Warming.

There seems to be a sentiment that only “scientists” can credibly weigh-in on the subject of global warming.  Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) suggested as much last week, during a fiery Senate committee… 552 more words

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Sunspot AR2529

The sun is supposed to be heading into solar minimum, but apparently it didn’t get the memo. A huge new Earth-sized sunspot dubbed AR2529 has astronomers atwitter. 47 more words

Terri Branson

What the Past 1,000 Years Can Tell Us About the Next Millennium.

In an age of perpetual concern over global warming, it may surprise many people to learn that the Earth is currently in an Ice Age. 2,196 more words


The Magnetic Classification of Solar Active Regions 1992–2015

The Astrophysical Journal Letters

S. A. Jaeggli and A. A. Norton


The purpose of this Letter is to address a blindspot in our knowledge of solar active region (AR) statistics. 190 more words