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Energy Update ~ Higher Trajectories in this Now… Influxes of 2018 ~ Feb. 15, 2018

By Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

These Divine plasma pulses are delivering very unique light codes which activate the ancient holographic templates of Ascension and unity consciousness. 1,551 more words

Bad news from the Bouvet DXpedition team

First let’s start with the following chain of events.

On January 31st, at 0600z, the team announced that they have arrived at Bouvet! There was fog and freezing rain that greeted them. 433 more words

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23 CM Homebrew Antenna For SOTA Purposes

I’m enjoying the challenge of 23cm 1296 MHz homebrew antenna construction for SOTA purposes. My 23cm portable antenna collection includes: 12el DL6WU Yagi 12dB gain – lightweight boom construction using a folded dipole; 6el DL6WU Yagi 9 dB gain – ruggedised all brass construction gamma matched, ideal for the Australian scrub bash; and 2el HB9CV […]

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Geomagnetic storm predicted

NOAA forecasters say there is a 50% chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms on Jan. 1st when a high-speed stream of solar wind engulfs Earth’s magnetic field. 50 more words

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Solar Activity Influences the Brightness of Uranus

London, Dec 27 – British scientists showed in a study published today that solar activity influences the color and the formation of atmospheric clouds on the planet Uranus, producing alterations in brightness. 198 more words


Early November 2017 Solar Blast: Huge Blast Of Light Coming From Solar Winds & Lots Of Physical Embodiment Pains.


Early November Solar Blast & All I Can Say Is Ouch

Since about Friday Oct 27th around the evening time I started getting blasted by the energies on a physical level by the latest Solar winds, solar energy, solar everything that has been coming into or passing by our physical planet. 871 more words

Ascension Process & Evolutionary Shifts Into 5D

Global warming is a natural cycle due to solar activity?

Mediaeval Warn Period: there was a very hot period in Europe, to the point that vines were also cultivated in England and Vikings colonized the Greenland, because the glaciers retreated. 263 more words

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