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Early November 2017 Solar Blast: Huge Blast Of Light Coming From Solar Winds & Lots Of Physical Embodiment Pains.


Early November Solar Blast & All I Can Say Is Ouch

Since about Friday Oct 27th around the evening time I started getting blasted by the energies on a physical level by the latest Solar winds, solar energy, solar everything that has been coming into or passing by our physical planet. 871 more words

5D Higher Consciouness & The Lighter Side Of The Ascension Process

Global warming is a natural cycle due to solar activity?

Mediaeval Warn Period: there was a very hot period in Europe, to the point that vines were also cultivated in England and Vikings colonized the Greenland, because the glaciers retreated. 263 more words

Around The World

Geomagnetic storm predicted

NOAA forecasters say there is a 65% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Sept. 27th, increasing to 80% on Sept. 28th, as a stream of high-speed solar wind buffets our planet’s magnetic field. 38 more words

Amateur Radio

Solar Events, Time and THE Event

While I have time to write today and the “every other night sleep plan” (insomnia) hasn’t done me in totally, I have kids and grandkids in the path of hurricane Irma and I’ve spent writing time following the storm.  513 more words