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Now For Something Entirely Different

VOX.com has a page with “40 maps that explain the universe”. Photos and drawing plus text are there for your review. Some of the illustrations are really eye catching. 104 more words

Solar Activity

The ever changing Sun

The Sun as we see it is not a solid surface, it is consisting of gas mostly being Hydrogen and Helium in composition with some heavier trace elements. 167 more words

The Sun

Solar Cycle 24 And Solar Wind Storm

Solar Cycle 24 activity, using Sunspots as the proxy, is slowing down considerably. The International number for March was 38.4. The smoothed International Sunspot number is estimated at 56.1. 570 more words

Solar Activity

Apocalypse how?

The guy down the street is talking about militias.  He sees the signs of the coming anarchy everywhere.  Especially, I’m thinking, on Fox News.  But even without Fox’s fear mongering, it would be easy to become discouraged about the future of the world.  614 more words

Reasonably True

Vernal Sun Eclipse 2015

Solar eclipse 20 March 2015, coinciding with the vernal equinox and another black “super moon”

This time I photographed the event from the observatory Radebeul… 173 more words


Sunspot 2297 - US and Global Earthquake Overview - The Relationship of Seismicity and Solar Activity

Sunspot 2297 erupts with X 2.2 Solar Flare on March 11th. Potential Earth glancing blow predicted…

I believe you should be able to click the images and enlarge them… 152 more words


Sunspots and Norwegian Child Mortality

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

In January there was a study published by The Royal Society entitled “Solar activity at birth predicted infant survival and women’s fertility in historical Norway”, available… 2,558 more words