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Peddling Fiction: Researchers say humans have “postponed” our next ice age by at least 50,000 years

  • German researchers analyzed eight global ice ages over the past 800,000 years to come up with the factors that lead to a period of time when large parts of the world are covered with glaciers and ice.
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Hurricane Patricia's winds reached record 215 mph

  • Hurricane Patricia’s winds reached a record 215 mph as it roared toward the west coast of Mexico in October, the National Hurricane Center announced Thursday.
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First Ever Recorded Snow 300km south of Hanoi Vietnam 18.5N Latitude

  • Snows blanketed Vietnam and Laos the last week of January 2016 breaking hundreds of cold and snow records. SaPa farmers at total crop losses, 9000+ cattle froze to death…
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Climate Change Reconsidered II: Physical Science--An Unbiased Report

The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issues a report every three or four years about global warming. This UN agency’s charter is not to examine the science of global warming but rather to show that man produced greenhouse gases will result in catastrophic damage to the globe.   142 more words


Club du Soliel Posts Supportive Studies For Solar Forcing Climate Change

The warmers contend that no one studies the role the Sun plays in global warming any more. It is true that measurements of the Sun’s electromagnetic radiation received at the top of the Earth’s atmosphere, hardly changes. 508 more words


November 2015 Solar Cycle 24 Update

Solar Cycle 24 activity has peaked and it is trending down to minimal Sunspot numbers. As most Solar Cycles are nominally 11 years in length, one might guess that December 2019 would be the end of Cycle 24 and the start of Solar Cycle 25. 418 more words

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