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March Solar Flare - Divine Masculine Energy - 4-33-29 ~ 3/22/19

Abe Delmar

on Mar 22, 2019

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Energy Update: CME Brings In Strong Geomagnetic Storm

By Jelelle Awen

Energy update: Ready for more SOULar activations? We got some breathing space yesterday from all the cosmic/Gaia energies that came in during the last week and now we are receiving MORE. 430 more words


Energy Update: Solar Flare/CME & Supermoon Reveal/Heal Karmic Polarities

By Jelelle Awen

Energy UPdate: Even as the energies of the Supermoon and Her lunar gaze continues to beam bright and steady, SOULar energies are bursting into our atmospheres! 638 more words


Offline | Daily Inkling

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A great catastrophe has caused humanity to lose all of its modern electronics and technology. Describe a low-tech skill you would be good at. 177 more words


Abe Delmar - March Ascension Energy - Solar Flare, Releasing the Core of the Shadow - 3-1-19

Abe Delmar

Published on Mar 1, 2019

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Solar Maximum

When her fire burns, she dances.
From a darkness below into another above she rises, and begins swaying to an internal rhythm discernible only to herself and the ineffable cosmos. 610 more words