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The War of Fear and Love

If you read my last post about procrastination, you’ll note that I attributedĀ the disease of procrastination to having a heart and mind filled with fear. 1,227 more words

Solar Flare

Solar Gifts of Grace for Our Souls ... by Alice .

26 August 2015

Dear Ones,

What a beautiful picture of the Sun below. The text of the quote explains about coronal holes and solar winds: 524 more words

Ascension / Great Awakening / The Shift

In Love

Spring always makes me feel as though I am in love again.

With all the beautiful things in the world.
The way the sunshine strokes my skin. 360 more words

Solar Flare

Excuses, Excuses.

What? No picture? Why? What is your excuse? I don’t have one. Huh? I have no excuse for not having a picture, nor do I have a picture. 1,200 more words

Christ Jesus

Life is Like a Dirty Pigeon (And I like it like that)

Life is nothing like a box of chocolates.

Its more like a flock of dirty, crazy pigeons: Sometimes they merge and ascend in harmony on the wind, unified in their flight. 242 more words

Solar Flare

Solar Photo

I took this last week with my Ha scope, single stacked, the image is a stack of the best 250 frames out of 500. The sun is quite quiet at present with only a few spots but some nice prominences, some of which are seen here. 15 more words


The Glow - Prologue

The Sun was edging into the last third of its Main Sequence when things started going wrong. Its tireless nuclear work, converting hydrogen to helium, continued unabated. 372 more words

The Glow