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Solar Flare

Once again the lives of the simple creatures at the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa were put in jeopardy.  Energy from a solar flare swept across the landscape threatening to destroy all life.  41 more words

Significant Solar Flare Recorded By NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory

A relatively strong, C-class solar flare was observed on Sunday, July 17th by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. The flare is noteworthy in that the sun has been relatively quiescent, on its way to solar minimum. 895 more words


An Ode to Winter Wilderness

Its the wind whispering secrets to dry leaves in tall trees.
The hush. That audible hush interrupted only by an empty breeze.

It’s an ice blue sky stretched from horizon to horizon. 164 more words

Solar Flare


My toddler and I pop over to my sister’s house to see if her cousin wants to play. He is, but he’s in a weird mood, as it goes with toddlers, and so we mope around the garden for a minute before my daughter decides to invite herself inside the house. 533 more words

Solar Flare

NASA: “There’s a Monster Hole In The Sun!” As More Of Their Scientists End Up Dead…

By Lisa Haven

In a recent report NASA has revealed that a monstrous coronal hole (low-density regions of the Sun’s atmosphere), measuring more than ten percent of the Sun’s surface area, has opened up on our star, the sun. 123 more words

Conspiracy Facts

The Problem With Blind Faith

I’ve been thinking a bit about Jesus’ instruction to us to have faith like a child. All my growing years, I understood that to be blind faith, believing everything – without question. 640 more words

Solar Flare

The cradle of life #solarflares #faintyoungsun


The faint young Sun paradox was originally posed by Carl Sagan. Primitive life existed on Earth 4 billion years ago. But back then the Sun was much fainter, so too cold to supply the heat for life on Earth. 163 more words