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On April 14th, 2015 an unstable filament of magnetism rose up and erupted from the sun's eastern limb, stretching itself out almost 700,000 km long.

This image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows the first moments of a very high-rising prominence

The magnetic loop shown above quickly exited SDO’s field of view. 125 more words


Dear Spirited Youth

So you finally convinced the government that a statue of an historical figure needs to be torn down, in order for our beautiful nation to complete it’s transformation toward freedom and equality. 463 more words

Solar Flare

Print Cannot Die

Print cannot die, because without it our memories will eventually be lost. Let’s face it. We don’t know when the next solar flare will knock out our electricity long enough to cause a huge issue. 627 more words


The Simple Life Without Technology

Last weekend, there was an accident that knocked-out power to the majority of the town nearby. I was in the midst of getting groceries when the power went out. 945 more words

Solar Activity | Types | Impacts on Earth

The Sun is a very busy place. Close inspection through telescopes such as the New Solar Telescope at Big Bear Solar Observatory in California reveals a surface roiling with activity. 983 more words


Dazzled by the bright Southern Lights

The past week saw a fantastic treat for aurora watchers. Generally it is the southern part of the country, Tasmania in particular, that sees the… 459 more words