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The cradle of life #solarflares #faintyoungsun


The faint young Sun paradox was originally posed by Carl Sagan. Primitive life existed on Earth 4 billion years ago. But back then the Sun was much fainter, so too cold to supply the heat for life on Earth. 163 more words


What Would You Want To See Before Going Blind?

I heard today about a woman, only slightly older than me, who is gradually going blind. She has a disease that is causing her vision to narrow, resulting in tunnel vision, and eventually total blindness. 199 more words

Solar Flare

Explosive NW Limb Hyder Flare/CME/Proton: May 15th,2016. Skyywatcher88

Note: Really feeling this hyder flare intensely. It’s been a very uncomfortable day….shaky, hard to focus & stay grounded, pressure on my crown & third eye, and just feeling jittery in general. 119 more words

The Sun, Venus, and the Pleiades Engorging a Rising River of Light Unto Earth!!

If I wasn’t so damn excited about the energies coming thru yesterday, I would start out bitching about not being able to do readings, but the cause is too well worth it.   2,195 more words

The Shift

Dear Young Lover - On Marriage & Life

…Things I would tell a younger me…

Dear Young Lover,

I want to tell you something about love, marriage and life. Sit with me, let’s talk. 1,289 more words

Solar Flare

Understanding Space Weather

This report, compiled together by Paul Warton, one of our admins on Cumbria’s Northern Lights – Alerts & Photos, gives you a comprehensive overview of the space weather and physics that make out beautiful Merry Dancers. 1,742 more words

Aurora Borealis