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Science Fiction Friday: "Inconstant Moon" by Larry Niven - Bring On that Nova Weather

“Inconstant Moon” begs the questions: If this was your last night on Earth what would you do? More importantly, who would you choose to be with? 781 more words

Science Fiction

Silver Techo-nerds

I wrote about this a while ago but didn’t publish it as I thought I was being unduly harsh.

I’ve always thought that them younger than me were into technology BIG TIME and somehow my generation got caught up in technology but mostly didn’t actually want, need, or even like high-tech. 315 more words


WATCH: Powerful solar flare erupts from sun

Watch the video above: NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured a powerful solar flare.

TORONTO –  A powerful x-class solar flare erupted from the sun late Tuesday evening. 138 more words


Scientists Spot Evidence For Super-Flare From The Sun; 1000 Times Stronger Than Any Earth Has Ever Seen

Could the sun unleash a flare of such a magnitude that it dwarfs anything that humans have ever observed? Yes, says Kazunari Shibata, an astrophysicist from Kyoto University in Japan, and it could have incredible consequences. 536 more words


A Solar Prominence

For six hours on 21 April, 2015, the Solar Dyanmics Observatory observed a wing-like prominence eruption. SDO watches the sun in various wavelengths of the extreme ultraviolet.

Video Credit: NASA