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Fun Fact of the Day

Fun Fact of the Day: When the Sun is at solar maximum, the period in its 11-year cycle when its activity is at its highest, the Sun can unleash over 100 solar flares every week.

A prophetic warning to 'prepare'

Of all the ‘prophetic words’ I’ve come across, the source I’m going to reference has proven the most accurate.

I don’t want to cause undo alarm, but not posting this warning could end up being a great omission on my part. 152 more words

Gecko's Sucky Sucky Good Time 5



“This is Spooky Skeleton. I have eyes on the fence perimeter,” said one of the Master Academy capes. I couldn’t fault them for having some fun with the callsigns. 3,933 more words

Psycho Gecko

Gecko's Sucky Sucky Good Time 4



“Here’s how we got to this point,” the story started.

The heroes had arrived in town with every intention of passing through the outskirts, except the outskirts weren’t mapped on any of their GPS devices. 2,372 more words

Psycho Gecko

Obama Signs Order Warning About Downed Power Grid, ‘Cascading Failures,’ No Water Supply

Written by: Daniel Jennings

WASHINGTON — President Obama signed an executive order related to space weather Thursday, and in the process acknowledged that solar storms could take out the power grid, water supplies and other critical infrastructure – not only in the United States but throughout the world. 628 more words


Here's how you can catch the northern lights this week

If the sky is clear where you live, head outside tonight for a possible light show.

For the past few nights, the northern lights, or aurora borealis, have been visible across Canada.  354 more words