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Earth Will Only Have 12 Hours to Prepare for Massive Solar Storm

Published on Jul 29, 2015

Trains will be disrupted, power will go out, satellite signals will go wonky – that’s what we have to look forward to when the sun next has a melt down, and we’re unlikely to get more than 12 hours warning. 134 more words

Some Ramblings About Change

In a few days’ time, I will be undergoing a massive lifestyle change: I will be going from working full-time to part-time, from 40 hours per week, to 24. 268 more words

Solar Flare


I frequently get asked how I write things in my books that continue to come true–as if I’m predicting the future. Well, I am, sort of–I predict what I think will happen based on the things I see happening in the world today. 182 more words

Freehold Friday

#203 See the Aurora Borealis

When the big solar flare happened at the end of June 22 or 23rd?, I do believe. My friend told me that the Northern Lights were great at Midnight I received his text. 62 more words

What Babies Teach Us About Kindness

I was recently watching two eighteen month old babies play. One, a feisty, quick-tempered little girl, and showing early signs of being a ‘good leader’. (bossy, ok?) 287 more words

Solar Flare

Mountain Dew Solar Flare - Review

I went out to try the Mountain Dew Solar Flare slurpee which is exclusive to 7-Eleven. I was unimpressed. I think I got a bad batch because it was really watered down and weak. 37 more words


Coming soon...

There’s a few things I want to try and review. The list includes: Mountain Dew Solar Flare (exclusive to 7-Eleven); Mountain Dew voltage; and Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos. Thanks for reading.

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