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Scout Comics' Solar Flare #1 Gets a Second Printing and New Cover

Scout Comics has announced that Solar Flare #1 by creator James Haick, artist Branko Jovanovic and colorist Song Ye, a dystopian tale of a world that has been plunged back into the dark ages when a solar flare wipes out all the electricity and modern technology in the world, has sold out of its first issue and gone back to a second printing with a brand new cover. 35 more words


The Beauty of Aurora's And Our Magnetosphere.

One of the most beautiful natural phenomenons on our planet are aurora’s; Aurora Borealis (Northern lights) and Aurora Australis (Southern lights). For those unaware, aurora’s are events that occur at high latitude (Antarctic and Arctic areas) and occurs due to the disruption of the magnetosphere. 479 more words


Surviving a Solar storm in La Yacata

A solar flare is evident when there is a flash of brightness near the Sun’s surface. This flare causes a number of types energy emissions that often send out clouds of electrons, ions, and atoms into space, reaching Earth up to 2 days after the initial event. 366 more words

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Sharing this song again.
I wouldn’t even call it a ‘song’. A musical scroll, if you will, inscribed with multiple spiritual messages, each one like a fruit waiting to be plucked at the right time, at harvest time. 299 more words

Solar Flare

Could Our Sun Turn Into A Superflare Star?

Are superflares formed by the same mechanism as solar flares? And could our own Sun be capable of producing a superflare? The answers might alarm you. 950 more words


Magnetics and Duality

Wow. Did you see the geomagnetic storm!? This one is a doozie. When they get up above 5 then I normally get physical symptoms – headache, stomach issues, lethargy and/or insomnia. 1,345 more words