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The Forecast Calls For Food

Following on the heels of yesterday’s blog, I thought this video update may be more interesting. It’s certainly more current. Captured just this morning in the mildly sweltering heat and humidity of a fine July morning. 217 more words

Emergency Preparedness

"Doubt thou the stars are fire"*...

Solar storms are a relatively regular occurrence.  But in 1859, a massive solar storm occurred; solar flares created the one of the largest geomagnetic storms on record.  418 more words

#14 Sun Flare

the intense burst of a solar flare

16 x 20″
acrylic + acrylic gel medium on stretched canvas
Buy it Now: $300
Starting Bid: $80… 121 more words


Earth is Entering the Nemesis Cloud, Planet 9 Hoax? The Hidden Binary Star, Marshall Masters

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