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Solar Flare, Epilogue

“Black Zero” found guilty, sentenced to life!

Saint Century-Wes Gibson, dubbed the “Black Zero” on social media, was convicted this morning of 200 counts of murder, attempted genocide, acts of terrorism and malicious destruction of property. 3,299 more words


Help me decide

Got 4 different background options here, kind of torn over which to go with. Let me know in the comments!


River Time

Yeah so this was called “beach time” but that’s clearly a river, friends. Right now I’m laying out the flat colors.


Solar Flare Chapter Eleven, Versus

Don’t you find it interesting that the majority of terrestrial beings in the universe are all mostly humanoid, or humanoid-like? I do. To me, it suggests that there is a preferred form of evolution, or a perfect form rather. 3,809 more words


:: Astral collapse and the end of Solar Minimum :: ~ February 11, 2020

Astral planes of consciousness are held in place by magnetic fields within and around Gaia. As the magnetosphere diminished during Solar minimum, it allowed cosmic energies and brand new frequencies to penetrate Gaia. 315 more words

Solar Flare Part III: The Light

Chapter Ten

Lady Steel

Madrono City was the second settlement on Izanami. Founded when Saint Century had begun to get overcrowded, Madrono was heralded as a second coming. 3,650 more words