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Earth is Entering the Nemesis Cloud, Planet 9 Hoax? The Hidden Binary Star, Marshall Masters

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Rupert Sheldrake - Is The Sun Conscious?

Recorded at Reconnect 2018 (7th July, Bath UK). Other talks from the same event available as video-on-demand here: https://www.electricuniverseuk.eu/videos

Speculative and thought provoking talk which asks us to look beyond the strict confines of scientific materialism and consider how the consciousness of stellar bodies (such as our Sun) is not only of anthropological or cultural interest but a valid field of enquiry in modern philosophy, psychology, cosmology, and neuroscience. 13 more words

Mind & Consciousness

Scary Science: The Sun can Throw us Back to the Dark Ages

By Teodor Teofilov

Most humans live in blissful ignorance about the world that they inhabit. Be it the biological construction of how life works, or the complex nature of financial markets, it is impossible for a single person to be well versed in every area. 1,674 more words


One Of These Things Doesn't Belong Here

Pardon the unrehearsed, spur of the moment singing. I was a better blues singer back in the day than a “classic children’s programming jingle” singer. 367 more words

Emergency Preparedness

The Kill Order - by James Dashner (2012)

Imagine our world having disaster after natural disaster. First the sun unleashes solar flares over much of the planet, instantly killing a large segment of the human race and coating the earth with residual radiation. 294 more words

Fiction (all Types)

Next Up, The Space Weather Report

Watching the local news they always hash out the standards: A couple of scandalous crimes, a feel good story, a bite of national news, sports and weather. 430 more words