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Solar Light Chandelier Part 1

It all started on my honeymoon back in 2007. I was in Ikea and decided that I couldn’t live without the candle chandelier. It sat in a closet for over 7 years because I could never figure out a way to use it without making my ceiling black. 300 more words

Solar Battery for Storing Solar Energy

A battery is an electricity storing device in which electrical energy is stored as chemical energy. When a circuit is connected, chemical reaction is triggered, and energy is converted into electricity. 300 more words

Solar Batteries

Accidents Happen: Reduce the Risk of Damage to Low Voltage and Solar Lights and Pumps

It’s easy to place (and replace) solar lights, but a little bit of thought can mean a lot less damage to your outdoor solar lights and fountain/pond pumps. 47 more words

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Sailing Away With Solar Power

We are packing up and going to be living on our boat for a week in August and although all we need are the basics like food and clothes there are a few luxuries that we need to bring along to. 357 more words

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Renewable Minigrids Should Be the End Goal for Rural Poor

Distributed energy solutions, such as rooftop solar, should be the electrification solution for the 1.1 billion people who are not plugged into a national power grid, not just a stopgap measure. 899 more words

Renewable Energy

The Earth is Worth More Than One Special Day Sale

Sometime spring means that solar lights need some tender loving care. Other times, new ones are necessary and we’re making it easier for you to upgrade your fixtures. 77 more words

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