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Chakras (चक्र)

Today…today my mind ventured on to chakras. I have been feeling out of balance this past week and usually, it is because one of my chakras are blocked or needs healing. 591 more words


Kundalini Side-Effects

It appears that my guidance’s warning about physical body complications as a result of an accelerated process of embodiment is accurate. Not only did I have the strange heart pain the night before last, but last night my entire body was affected. 712 more words


The city of jewels - Manipura

Manipura what is it?

Manipura is the sanskirt word for the Solar Plexus which is the third chakra represented by the colour yellow.  Yellow is the symbol of the mind, intellect and wisdom. 775 more words


Solar plexus chakra

Day 7? What?! How are we already 1/3 of the way through? This week has flown by so fast for me and I’ve experienced some deep truths about both myself and how this program will work moving forward! 238 more words

What are chakra's!?

Whether you believe in it or not, you’ve got chakra’s. Now that we’ve talked about the elephant in the room, let’s discuss what power each one has on you and your life. 1,197 more words


The African's Yoga Mat: 10 Benefits of Practice

Halle Berry, Russell Simmons, LeBron James, Kerry Washington and Beyonce all practice yoga as part of their healthy lifestyle.

Yoga is an ancient form of exercising the body with holding postures, movements and bringing peace to mind through focusing on strength, self-control,  balance, flexibility and breathing. 739 more words

Solar Plexus

🐝Busy Bee | Willpower + The 8 of Pentacles

How can you harness your inner worker bee? How can you keep your drive and momentum going when you have mountains to climb, rivers to cross, and a tornado of to-do lists in your path? 194 more words