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Diamond Solar Heart ~

On March 12th, something shifted when I woke up in the morning… I heard 3 loud chimes (kindof like bell ringing tones, but more like someone swept across 3 keys on a xylophone very quickly) and when I heard the sounds; I saw an image in my mind that looked like white sun rays with a light gray background. 872 more words



The Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura – is the inner sun and supplies energy in the form of heat, power and enthusiasm. It is the force behind our will, the ability to act consciously, make decisions and follow them through. 71 more words

What Are Your Scared Of?

Has anyone ever asked you that question when you are fretting about having to do something?  I can recall many occasions when well meaning friends (and my Mother) ask me, in differing tones of voice.  579 more words

Self Awareness

Healing Crystals- An Introduction

I can say I am a curious person who wants to constantly explore the world surrounding them. However, I always try to see beyond the obvious and read between the lines. 417 more words


Energy Current- See: Wisdom I AM

***Art by Josephine Wall   http://www.josephinewall.co.uk/

Energy Current- See: Wisdom I AM

I am feeling the energy currents resulting from the current and approaching planetary alignments to have a focus of… 368 more words


Tredje chakrat - solar plexus

Det var ett tag sedan jag bloggade. Jag skriver och tränar stor del av min tid. I detta inlägg fokuserar jag på min träning. Som ett komihåg till mig själv, att hålla rätt kurs. 569 more words

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