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yoga insights - mmmeditation, muladhara & manipura

The letter M certainly made it’s presence felt this week as there’s definitely been a pull towards inner work through meditation, muladhara and manipura. Whatever we’ve been trying to manifest has possibly slowed down and challenged our intentions by forcing this inner focus. 487 more words


Listening to the Still Small Voice

That still small voice, the spirits, inner vision, gut feeling, sixth sense, or hunch told me to do it.  Regardless of how we refer to this phenomena, it can benefit us in so many ways.  1,023 more words

Messages From Nature

For the love of our centers

By Susan Seddon Boulet

For the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus center, where our digestion and personal power lies.

For the 2nd chakra, our sacral center, where our sexuality and creativity lies. 276 more words

Central consultations

Catching up with a friend today, sharing our news, exploring the latest stories from our journeys and she asks me (about my physical health at present) “is it about centreing youself?” 560 more words

Spiritual Work

Unschooling, Self-esteem, Healing Solar Plexus Issues

It is interesting how just the normal everyday things we participate in bring up opportunities for us to heal and clear blocks. Maybe it is our guides whispering in our ears and guiding us there. 1,859 more words

Swingin' sweet

I managed some work today after also managing to sleep through the entire morning.

I also spent some time with my pendulum. A constant crystal companion that has been with me for over 10 years, always close by but for some reason it wasn’t until today that I called on its support. 517 more words

Spiritual Work