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How To Harness Solar Energy Without Installing Panels

Imagine being able to harness the power of the sun without having to install actual solar panels. Now you can. Yeloha is an ingenious solar energy startup that’s about to change history. 499 more words


Crawlspace ventilation—better low-voltage handling

In Crawlspace ventilation again, I mentioned the problem that I was having with the fans whining if the power supply could not provide enough power: 863 more words

Burundi to continue solar power plans despite unrest

Government ministers and entrepreneurs signed a deal for the first major solar power plant in Burundi. However, a day later, gunfire filled the streets and buildings were set ablaze as a renegade army general attempted a coup. 27 more words

Making the most of your solar panels

We have had out solar panels for just over 6 months now. So far solar power has provided around 3/4 of our demand for electricity, and we have been exporting well over half of what we generate back to the grid for others to use.  678 more words

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SunEdison to layoff 10% of its workforce as investors question its strategy

According to a new report from GTM on Sunday, SunEdison sent out an internal memo last Friday to announce an important restructuring process which will include laying-off about 10% of the company’s workforce. 210 more words