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More news on the environmental and ecological damage caused by unreliable renewables.

The bad news just keeps rolling in on how much damage is caused by wind and solar power. An update on the proposal to allow wind projects to kill off a bunch of eagles, more followup on an Ivanpah tower starting itself on fire, and negative electricity prices in Germany. 755 more words


Grand Salute! Indian Army Goes Solar in Shillong: 24×7 Electricity for our Jawaans..!!

The Director General of Assam riffles in Shillong felt the need to install a solar powered system in their area (Lait Kore), since the Shillong area is blessed with ample amount of sunlight reaching their land, so that their load (lights, fans, central heating systems, computers etc.) could run on free solar power and their monthly electricity bill could be reduced to a large extent. 418 more words


Solarcentury's Jeremy Leggett: We are now winning the carbon war

Former oil consultant turned clean energy pioneer Jeremy Leggett discusses where we go from the Paris climate talks and why a future based on renewable energy is inevitable.

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US Department of Energy wants electricity grid to be able to handle 100% mid-day peak solar power

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is readying the power grids for solar power to meet 100%, and greater, of local electricity demand as solar peaks mid-day. 482 more words


Living Off Grid

Living off-grid is an aspiration for many people. You may want to ‘grow your own’ electricity and not be reliant on electricity companies. You may live in the middle of nowhere and be unable to get an outside electricity supply. 1,823 more words

Carbon Emissions

Making and Saving Money with Solar

Creating energy with solar is not only environmentally friendly, it can also be good for your bank account too. Whether you are considering solar as a way of offsetting your electricity bill in your home or business, or if you are considering a solar installation to avoid the high cost of connection to the electricity grid, solar can often save you money. 875 more words

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