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An Excuse To Do Nothing

It’s a complex world we’ve built for ourselves. Just making sense of it is exhausting, let alone trying to form a coherent opinion based on real information. 768 more words


Tesla: Solar Roof News

Elon Musk’s “Master Plan: Part Deux” has begun.

After the controversial merger of Tesla Motors and SolarCity in November 2016, critics claimed Musk was using Tesla shareholder money to save his other brainchild from bankruptcy. 397 more words

New Inventions: Alternative Energy

From Seeker: "Massive US Solar Farms Will Deliver Power to Millions"


California Energy Commission Blog

A recent report by the U.S. Department of Energy finding that U.S. solar power capacity will have nearly tripled in less than three years by 2017 is a milestone not only as a technology whose time has come but also as a major shift where the embrace of solar power is a result not just of environmental principle but of practical necessity. 786 more words


Ideas+Inspiration:Solar Heat

We did a several day trek in the Annapurna Conservation area of Nepal in late October, early November. The area we were trekking was at relatively low altitude (highest point was 3200m) and populated every couple of hours by small villages of a couple to dozen structures. 104 more words


How Solar Panels Work

They have been around for years. They can be seen on homes, on top of road signs and light posts offering a inexpensive means for powering objects. 607 more words

Space Exploration

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate (and Naomi Klein vs. Science)

This Changes Everything is a strange book. I agree with its central premise. Capitalism is a fundamentally flawed ideology, that, unchecked, has the capacity to cause untold social and ecological destruction. 5,020 more words