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The International Legal Framework for Climate Engineering (Working Paper)

Reynolds (2015) – The International Legal Framework for Climate Engineering – Click for Download

Several of the key, recurring questions which loom over climate engineering concern how countries would interact when some of them undertake or approve actions which might impact other countries. 6,147 more words

Geoengineering and Chemtrails. LOOK UP !

It’s been a couple of years now since I first started considering the possibility that Geo-engineering techniques such as Solar Radiation Management might be being used worldwide without the consent/knowledge of the public. 749 more words

The Economics of Climate Engineering (Opinion Article)

Moreno-Cruz et al (2015) – The Economics of Climate Engineering – Click for Download

Fast, Cheap, and Imperfect

Unmitigated climate change is extremely costly. Mitigation (the reduction of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions at the source) is the only prudent response. 2,224 more words

Geoengineering: Foiled by the National Academy of Sciences

Writing is hard.

I knew that when I started this blog, but I understand it better after talking myself into writing a series on something that few people outside of academia were talking about. 717 more words

Science Policy

Past Forays into SRM Field Research and Implications for Future Governance (Case Study)

Doughty (2015) – Past Forays into SRM Field Research – Click for Download

Outdoor field research self-identifying as, or closely related to Solar Radiation Management (SRM) technology have already been carried out by scientists. 3,659 more words

What . . . About Geoengineering . . . Part II: Another SRM (Solar Radiation Management) Proposal

If you tuned in recently for “What You Always Wanted to Know About Geoengineering but Were Afraid to Ask, Part I,” you might recall that the post ended with a discussion of a plan to cool the Earth by putting a Saturn-like ring around the equator. 2,208 more words

The Sky Does NOT Lie, by Rand Clifford

\by Rand Clifford
Posted by Veterans Today
February 2, 2015
Thanks to L. 

Funny thing, an aerosol assault on sunshine sure appears to be what I’m seeing. 1,609 more words