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Stunning Photo Shows Northern Lights Make Rare Appearance In Bay Area

PALO ALTO (CBS SF) — Extreme solar weather events pushed the Northern Lights so far last week that one Bay Area photographer was lucky enough to capture the celestial phenomenon. 238 more words


Solar storm prompts Northern Lights show in southern regions

From Siberia Times, Jun 2015

Rare sight as parts of Siberia marvel in the majestic sight of the Aurora Borealis.

The strong solar activity brought it to more southern latitudes, including Omsk.  227 more words


Red #Aurora - crazy solar storms but beautiful displays!

Last week, the sun produced 3 different solar storms, level G4 (severe), that all combined and crashed into Earth’s atmosphere. This geomagnetic storm had some negative consequences for electricity supplies, but the images captured both on land and from space are STUNNING.   35 more words


Another solar storm to hit Earth this weekend

BOULDER, Co.  — A solar storm hit Earth early this week, sending northern lights across the skies where they’re rarely seen.

And the sun’s not done yet. 214 more words


Goodbye, Electronics

Clouds, as usual! Blocking my view of the June 23rd geomagnetic storm that sent northern lights dancing across the skies as far south as Pennsylvania and Virginia. 168 more words


Second Huge Solar Flare Headed Twords Earth

A severe geomagnetic storm sparked by a solar flare swept the Earth Monday and a second is forecast to strike late Wednesday afternoon.


While that’s U.S. 612 more words