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Solar Storm, Part II

This is a continuation from here.

It’s dark. There an excess of numbing silence. There is just enough light to see what’s ahead. Light from the closest sun travels millions of light years to diffuse unevenly over the moon’s barren landscape. 510 more words


Keep your eyes peeled for aurora borealis

Now we are in Autumn and the nights are getting longer the chances of seeing the Aurora borealis (or Northern Lights), particularly in the northern parts of the UK, is once again on the increase. 511 more words

Met Office News


In 1859 a solar storm, a geomagnetic event, sent a gale of charged particles through the vacuum of outer space and towards Earth. This storm was so powerful that it knocked out the only form of telecommunication that existed at the time, the telegraph. 375 more words


The Next Solar Storm Could Destroy Civilization If We Don't Build A Magnetic Shield

The sun occasionally erupts in solar storms that wreak havoc with electronics here on Earth and the White House has ordered the creation of a disaster plan to protect vital systems from destruction. 92 more words


Earth enters mysterious solar storm

Earth appears to have gone through some sort of unusual solar storm detected by the SOHO Lasco C3 instrument 72 hours ago as a 120ft wide asteroid nearly misses the planet yesterday! 87 more words