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How a solar storm almost caused World War III

On May 23, 1967, the world was on the brink of war. And it was all caused by the sun.

In a new paper being published by… 519 more words


An Intelligent Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

I love my wife for many reasons not least of which is her ability to find outstanding indie authors. While I struggle to read one novel between writing and editing for other folks, she’ll read three or four books, maybe more. 463 more words

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These Lego-style homes can withstand earthquakes and cost under $5,000 to build

A massive solar storm could pose a ‘large-scale threat’ to the fate of the world by 2030

“Until ‘cures’ are implemented, solar super-storms will pose a large-scale threat to the world’s social and economic fabric.”   Those are the words of a  2012 report issued by the National Intelligence Council, the department of the US government tasked with… 84 more words

A Massive Solar Storm Could Send Us Back To The Stone Age

Our star, the sun, is currently going through a solar cycle that is creating a massive black spot on its surface, known as a coronal hole, and it’s expected to… 74 more words



This is not the blue marble. It’s the shooter!

SDO ~ aia 171,193,211 27mar2014 19:47:54 utc


PHOTOS: Albertans capture incredible Northern Lights over the weekend

EDMONTON – A strong solar storm delivered unbelievably bright Aurora Borealis over Alberta skies late Saturday and early Sunday morning.

Here is a collection of viewer photos shared with Global News from the space weather event. 296 more words