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What is northern light (Aurora Borealis)? How does it occur?

The Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights are natural phenomena featuring beautifully colored light displays over the Earth. All of it happens due to the sun, inside the sun it is 14 million degrees Celsius. 175 more words



Electrojet Threatens Tropical Power Grids

Electricity grids in parts of the world once thought to be safe from power surges brought on by solar storms are actually at considerable risk, according to a new study. 181 more words


Solar Storms Continue, as Power Grid Braces Itself

Solar Storms Continue, as Power Grid Braces Itself.


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Let Us Talk About the Weather


Lots of fancy weather-related events are making the news, from tornadic storms to solar ones, from fires to floods.  Here are some weather notes from this week in 1885 and 1886: 117 more words


Geomagnetic Storming Reaches Severe Level

Geomagnetic Storming Reaches Severe Level.


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Source:  http://www.arrl.org/news.  Accessed on 23 June 2015, 20:47 hrs, UTC.

A series of X- and M-Class solar flares may create some power distribution problems and HF radio blackouts this week.   184 more words

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