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Solar Storms Continue, as Power Grid Braces Itself

Solar Storms Continue, as Power Grid Braces Itself.


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Let Us Talk About the Weather


Lots of fancy weather-related events are making the news, from tornadic storms to solar ones, from fires to floods.  Here are some weather notes from this week in 1885 and 1886: 117 more words


Geomagnetic Storming Reaches Severe Level

Geomagnetic Storming Reaches Severe Level.


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Source:  http://www.arrl.org/news.  Accessed on 23 June 2015, 20:47 hrs, UTC.

A series of X- and M-Class solar flares may create some power distribution problems and HF radio blackouts this week.   184 more words

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Solar Storms, Aurora Australis & Neanderthals Interbreeding with Modern Humans

Solar Storms, Aurora Australis & Neanderthals

Interbreeding with Modern Humans 


Watch for Incredible Northern Lights From Tonight’s Geomagnetic Storm

“A category four geomagnetic storm is sweeping over the Earth today, and while that means all sorts of funky things for power and communications systems, it should also cause some seriously incredible lights in the sky. 197 more words

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June 22nd 2015 Full Halo CME, Storm Warning: A coronal mass ejection (CME) is heading directly for Earth

It left the sun during the early hours of June 21st, and is expected to sweep up one or two lesser CMEs already en route, before it reaches Earth sometime on June 22nd. 87 more words


" SOLAR STORMS " What impact does it cause on Human Activity?

What impact do solar flares have on human activities?

Solar flares produce high energy particles and radiation that are dangerous to living organisms. However, at the surface of the Earth we are well protected from the effects of solar flares and other solar activity by the Earth’s… 290 more words


Callers Speak out: Radiation, Solar Storms, Jade Helm & more | FLOW OF WISDOM

This is hour two from my broadcast on April 19, 2015. I open the phones for callers to chime in on their thoughts. Listen to Flow of Wisdom Radio Live Sundays 3 – 5:00 PM EST on a radio station near you! 19 more words

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