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The newly discovered quasar SDSS J0100+2802 is the one with the...

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Amazing Universe Picture [ February 28, 2015 at 01:57PM ]

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Total lunar eclipse & “blood moon” (4.15.14)

These were taken with the Canon, but before we had the zoom lens. The sequence of pictures shows the Earth’s shadow blocking out the Moon in a total lunar eclipse. 175 more words


The Big Picture Is Bigger Than You Think

I’m going to be a nerd for a minute. I love astronomy and so do Crash and Bang. Bang looked out of the window at the night sky just this evening and asked “Is that a daily planet?” “Yep. 286 more words

The Solar System

People come to Yoga for various reasons. The overwhelming majority come to the practice to address health concerns, followed by a few who come to the practice to address mental concerns. 436 more words


The Moon and the Stars

I have a confession to make. Apparently I am so pessimistic that up until a few weeks ago there were at least one or two stars in the sky I was convinced were airplanes because they were bright and they twinkled. 906 more words


March 2015

Some naked-eye objects for March this year include an unusual solar eclipse. Unusual because it will actually be visible at the North Pole (as a partial eclipse). 148 more words