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Storms on Giant Planets in Solar System

The heroes of this article are giant gas planets in the solar systems again. This time I’d like to talk about the storms blowing on those giant planets in the solar system. 478 more words


Do Einstein's Gravitational Waves Exist?

A hundred years ago Albert Einstein proposed a set of mathematical equations that underpinned his Theory of General Relativity. By understanding space, time and gravity we are able to explain phenomena such as black holes, the motion of the planets and the expansion of the Universe. 177 more words

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'The Martian' depicts NASA's future plans for life on Mars

Pack your spacesuits and get ready to go out of this world.

NASA released a new report last Friday that highlights how they plan to bring people to Mars in the next couple of decades. 67 more words

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In 20 million years, humans could watch Mars get its own Saturn-like ring

If the future pans out as Elon Musk imagines, some day humans on Mars could get to watch a spectacular phenomenon. Over the period of days or weeks—some 20 million years from now—they could see Mars’s gravity tear apart Phobos, its largest moon, and form the remaining fragments into a floating ring. 218 more words

Mars to Become a Ringed, Saturn-like Planet!

There have been quite a few facts about Mars roaming around the internet, but this latest information about Mars just revealed by NASA scientists will flabbergast you! 158 more words