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This site is in honor of the power of Callisto! This station is the International station and the main traffic hub and the place for interplanetary trade. 6 more words


With One More Comet Landing Rosetta's "Rock and Roll" Mission is Ended

Rosetta is down. I repeat: Rosetta is down.

This morning, Sept. 30, 2016, just after 10:39 UTC (6:39 a.m. EDT) ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft ended its mission with an impact onto the surface of the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. 605 more words



This site is in honor of the power of Arche!

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Astronomy- 3rd Grade!

This article provides detailed information about the astronomy. This is suitable for 3rd graders because it shows the science concepts that are being taught, which align with the standards. 87 more words

All About the Solar System

Travis has been very into the solar system ever since receiving a book on the planets for his birthday. Following a visit to the science museum this past weekend, we had fun continuing the planet-themed games at home! 207 more words


Poem of the Day

Only One Moon

I really think Earth needs another Moon.

It isn’t fair that we should have just one.

Only one to grace our heaven – 128 more words

Poem Of The Day


This site is in honor of the power of Neptune! This gas station is mainly populated by English speakers from the former colonies.

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