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Kids Book Review: National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space by Catherine D. Hughes

National Geographic is known for its ability to create educational material and capture spectacular photos. Their research and presentation sets a high standard, which has not been lowered for their kids books. 354 more words

NASA Image of the Day - SLS Engine Section Test Article Loaded on Barge Pegasus

A engine section structural qualification test article for NASA’s new rocket, the Space Launch System, is loaded onto the barge Pegasus at the agency’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans. 31 more words


Get To Know More About Solar Cell

Over the past few years, the cost of getting solar power has become tremendously easy and cheaper. Thanks to modern technologies that have opened new avenues for people to embrace this new renewable source of energy. 245 more words

Solar System

Alien Life Closer to Home

Although intelligent life has yet to make its debut for us, extraterrestrial life may be a little closer that we typically think of- specifically Martian life.   151 more words


Alien Life on Enceladus

Could there be life in the Solar System other than Earth? According to NASA, there might be life in one of the oceans in the Solar System. 224 more words


Why is the Solar System Flat?

The Earth certainly isn’t flat, but the solar system it lives in very largely is. Our solar system formed from a giant ball of gas and dust billions of years ago, so what caused it to flatten out over time? 99 more words


Casscenery (The Cassini Photos of Saturn)

As the 20 year long Cassini mission comes to an end, no one wants to miss the exciting events of the last 4.5 months. Cassini is slated to crash into the surface of Saturn on September 15th this year, but not before Cassini swoops progressively lower to the gas giant, giving scientists unprecedentedly close images of the planet and views from within Saturn’s rings. 185 more words