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Solar System formation don't mean a thing without that spin

New work provides surprising new details about the trigger that may have started the earliest phases of planet formation in our solar system.

Boss and Keiser have explored this theory of cloud collapse–as opposed to a previous theory of shock wave-caused cloud shredding–using advanced 2-D and 3-D modeling for several years and have published a series of papers supporting it. 361 more words


ASTC’s interesting fact of the week.

We think of the selfie as a relatively new conception with the growth of the smartphone era …… well it’s not! The scientists, engineers and explorers of the Voyager mission took the best ever selfie in 1990 – a long time before camera phones, never mind the smartphone. 285 more words


How Jupiter and Saturn Formed From Mere Pebbles

Scientists have long puzzled over how our solar system’s planets formed, because this isn’t a process they can watch unfold. Researchers have generally thought that Jupiter and Saturn grew out of collisions of smaller clumps of rock and ice, building up proto-planets called planetesimals. 59 more words


Star Gates

The star gates are based off of our womb chakras. A star gate can open in a womb chakra and the DNA wisdom and the physical inhabitants there can be transported through our sun – to any planet that has our soul codes … a solar system that holds our soul codes. 39 more words

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