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Exploring the Heavens - Week 3

The topic for this week was ‘The Characteristics of the Solar System’. The main items covered were the formation of the solar system, the planets and other celestial bodies such as comets and asteroids. 818 more words

Mars Bright in the Spring Sky

Mars is now shining brightly in the evening sky, as close and as bright as it has been since 2005.

Look southeast to south after dark and you’ll see a brilliant reddish “star.” That’s Mars, now at opposition, and retrograding slowly westward each night through Scorpius into Libra. 311 more words

Alan Dyer


Many years ago, I was born from a great spark of life.

Some years pass and finally, within the night I drive away, leaving behind my ever luminous father. 1,419 more words

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What Is A Solar Rebate?

What Is A Solar Rebate?

A Rebate is a amount of money a person is entitled to receive from a third party when purchasing a endorsed product! 348 more words


A Map Of The Entire Universe In One Image

If you ever happen to embark on a cosmic journey to the outer reaches of the universe, you may want to take along a copy of this map, which was created by musician and artist Pablo Carlos Budassi and encapsulates the entire cosmos in a single, mind-blowing image. 362 more words

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Venus - The planet with poisonous atmosphere

A few stats for the quick readers:

Diameter: 12104 km

Mass: 4.9 x 10^24 kg (4.9 yottagrams!)

Distance from Sun (Average): 108.5 million km (108.5 gigameters!) 425 more words



“In more than one respect, the exploring of the Solar System and homesteading other worlds constitutes the beginning, much more than the end, of history.”
― Carl Sagan