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Electric-less Cooling

By Meghan Bialt-DeCelie ’19

Cooling systems are one of the largest and most inefficient consumers of electricity. The goal of cooling systems is to reduce the condenser temperature to below the ambient temperature. 282 more words

Meghan Bialt-DeCelie

First Steps

What happens when we first tinker with an idea? Especially with something that requires a fair bit of $$$ investment? Some get right into it – charging head on. 114 more words


SP Group ties up with two overseas startups

(Source: www.sgsme.sg)


SINGAPORE electricity grid operator SP Group is tying up with two global startups to test grid monitoring solutions and a consumer-friendly solar toolkit, and plans to launch pilot projects for these in six months. 511 more words

Money Matters

The Dark Side of Solar: Are Solar Panels Really Eco-Friendly?

As someone that looks for every thing imaginable to convert to an eco-friendly product, it is only natural for me to think long and hard about solar power and powered products. 906 more words


How Solar Power, Wind and Battery Power Will Ween Us Off Fossil Fuels — John Hively's Blog: News and Analysis of the War Against the Middle Class

According to the video above, solar power has now become the cheapest electricity in the world. Tesla has created batteries that will power whole cities. Solar and wind power plants often need to be shut down when they are producing more power than is being used.

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Renewable Energy for Everyone

1. Sustainability Problem: Access to Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a key piece of the puzzle to creating a low-carbon future. However, most people can’t personally support renewable energy for various reasons, including not being a homeowner or owning a home in a location that’s not suitable for renewable energy. 353 more words

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