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solar circular lodgic

Goodbye, noisy, stinkin’ generator. You’ve served us well, but now you’re a back up plan! You’ve been relegated the plan b’s of this world. *That’s sort of a lie, because  I still have to turn you on while I blow dry my hair, but still!* No more hours of mind numbing machine right next to where you’re trying to talk, do maths, or read because WE’VE GONE SOLAR! 807 more words


May 24 Energy News

Science and Technology:

¶ At a news conference in Taipei, former US NRC chairman Gregory Jaczko said nuclear energy is playing an increasingly insignificant role in power generation worldwide, adding that it is more expensive than many other generating methods. 516 more words

Nuclear Power

If This Is The Future Of Our Roads, That Would Be Awesome

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when I tried to copy video name I got the same AD tab as  https://wp.me/pyh3m-42A

SAW “Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways” ( 7min but worth it) on facebook, where the poster wrote, “ 40 more words


Solar Bags, an ideal innovation for communities in Bangladesh

Here’s a video clipping of an inspiring Cleantech innovation. It’s ‘Solar Bags’ by Puralytics which is considered to be an ideal innovation for the developing countries. 11 more words

Green Energy

Hackaday Prize Entry: Arduino MPPT Controller

Imagine you’re building a small solar installation. The naive solution would be grabbing a solar panel from Horror Freight, getting a car battery and AC inverter, and hoping everything works. 173 more words

The Hackaday Prize


Akon has created the Akon Lighting Africa initiative in hopes of giving light to 600 million Africans that lack electricity. The singer announced the “Solar Academy” earlier this week. 106 more words


Earthship Houses: Working for People and the Earth

Construction of an Earthship house is low tech and has been kept within most people’s skill level.

By Linn Smith

May 22 ,2015—“An understanding of mechanical systems for most humans is limited to what is within reach of their fingertips. 1,165 more words

Climate Change