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Variable sunshine— researchers explain why our Sun's brightness fluctuates

One of the authors of the research says: “The results of our study show us that we have identified the governing parameters in our model”. Both climate and exoplanet research could benefit from the findings. 317 more words


Solar & Battery Storage Information Night

Hear the latest from industry leaders Selectronic,Tesla and Gippsland Solar.

  • The pros and cons of battery storage
  • What does it cost, and what will it save you?
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Baby born on solar eclipse gets a special name to mark the occasion

Eclipse was born at 8:04 am at Greenville Memorial Hospital on Monday. (Picture: Greenville Health System)

You’ve got nine months to think about what you want to call your child. 265 more words

Chasing the sun

The partial solar eclipse above Tracy at maximum coverage, 10:17 a.m.

There aren’t two many things people can share from coast to. To all be in that moment together. 392 more words


What blackout? How solar-reliant power grids passed the eclipse test

Dev Tayal, Curtin University

The total solar eclipse that captivated the United States this week was more than just a celestial spectacle (and a reminder to… 985 more words

Climate Change

Flat Earthers Claim Solar Eclipse Just Proved The Earth Is Flat

(Source: www.forbes.com)

Yesterday, the United States witnessed a magnificent astronomical sight, a total solar eclipse. Most Americans took away a sense of profound appreciation… 671 more words

Money Matters

Choosing the Best Battery for a Solar Panel System

When evaluating solar battery options for your solar panel system (PV), there are some specifications to consider (e.g. how much power can the battery provide, how long will the solar battery last).  1,303 more words