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Lightening the Load

I had every intention of going to school for business and coming home after my 4 years in Virginia to open a restaurant. I had worked at a local bar and grill in my hometown for two years and I loved it. 2,225 more words


The exponential growth of solar PV

In his book The Switch, Chris Goodall confidently predicts that solar power will be the dominant form of energy for the 21st century. Many countries will be able to run entirely on solar power and storage, with only those colder and darker northern countries that will need extra energy sources. 319 more words


Global Coal Demand Bounced Back in 2017

By David Middleton – Re-Blogged From WUWT

It looks like my third-favorite fossil fuel continues to refuse to die…

Coal Demand Bounced Back in 2017 After Two Years of Decline: IEA…

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Energy Policy

Week 92 - Tile and Solar

I made a quick trip over lunch time down to the house to see what was going on the week of Thanksgiving. It turns out quite a lot. 83 more words


The Linux Throwie: A Non-Spacefaring Satellite

Throwies occupy a special place in hardware culture — a coin cell battery, LED, and a magnet that can be thrown into an inaccessible place and stick there as a little beacon of colored light. 1,911 more words


A Sunspot From The Next Solar Cycle?

Over the weekend, a small sunspot materialized in the sun’s northern hemisphere, then, hours later, vanished again. Such an occurrence is hardly unusual during solar minimum when sunspots are naturally small and short-lived. 250 more words


Solar Thermal Energy Storage

Solar energy is popular, particularly thanks to photoelectric panels that absorb photons (light) and release electrons (electricity.) That’s good news when the Sun is in sight, but in the dark the energy is only available through the use of batteries (usually). 148 more words