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Trump: "I’m For All Types Of Energy"

“We will make so much money from energy that we’ll start to pay down our $19 trillion in debt.”

These words were uttered by Donald Trump at a press conference in North Dakota on Thursday 26 May 2016, where Trump reiterated his… 129 more words

When Germany Had To Pay Its Consumers To Use Electricity

No, we have not made a mistake in giving this great news. It is true indeed that on 8th May Germany actually generated so much energy that it had to pay the consumers to use all that power. 618 more words

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Desperate times...

… call for desperate measures. After a month of trying to get power to our new office, I’ve given up. I busted out the solar panel, a small battery and a charge controller: 23 more words


More Americans now work in Solar Power than the extraction of Oil &Gas, or Coal

Solar Power now has more employees than either the Oil & Gas or Coal Extraction industries in the United States. The solar industry employed approximately 208,000 individuals at the end of 2015 versus 185,000+ in oil and gas, or 190,000 in coal extraction. 334 more words


China Green Energy Firms Have Record Debt Due as Yingli Defaults

By Paul Homewood




More evidence from Bloomberg of the financial consequences of the worldwide glut of solar panels:


China’s clean-energy firms face record bond maturities this year, just as investor confidence was shaken by the default of a company that had been the world’s top solar-panel manufacturer. 431 more words

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Renewable Energy sector in India

The policy support + incentives being provided by the Union Government is generating investor interest in the Renewable Energy sector.

Success Story :

An installed capacity of over 260 GW notwithstanding, India’s power generation has struggled to keep pace with its rapid economic growth, rise in population, growth and rampant urbanisation. 1,321 more words

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