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Blood of a Soldier

Drips the crimson blood from his wounds,
And deepens the colour of earth.
His eyes are hollow, so much death he has seen,
He was not a killer by birth. 95 more words


They All Fall Down

The whole village was ripe with emotion. People stood all around us in swarms, throwing stones and trash at our faces and feet. The villagers close enough reached out with long, skinny arms and slashed at our bare chests and torsos – raving dogs, every one of them. 1,161 more words


Soldier's lost flag goes home after four years

(KARE/NBC) – At the UPS Store in Golden Valley, Minnesota co-owner Randy Holst takes pride in his packing.

“I tell people it’s kind of like putting a diaper on,” he says while packing a box. 137 more words

The Soldier and The Oak

Here is a song by Elliot Park that I hope encourages you on your journey, as it has mine.

Your Journey From A New Perspective

(Video) The Younow Trolls Terminated my Youtube Channel, then added my videos to their own channels

I recently typed in “Travis Heinze” on Youtube and came across a most peculiar channel here:

This is the same guy who hurled insults on all of my videos when I used to have a channel. 109 more words

Woman will be 1st female soldier to join Army's elite 75th Ranger Regiment

A female officer will join the U.S. Army’s exclusive 75th Ranger Regiment after completing the grueling selection process required to join the elite fighting force. The identity of the soldier has not been revealed, and likely won’t be. 188 more words

Gender Equality