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The cries of an aching world

Whimpering shrills

Flow through the portal of my broken heart

I yearn to answer each one

Embracing outstretched arms… 60 more words


in the presence of the general

The general granted him leave
with a brief, stifled, guttural uttering
issued from the deep
but caught and left yowling
like an animal in a snare… 26 more words


crossing the threshold

Making scarce any whisper of utterance at all
in the confused awe which he found himself
woefully imprisoned,
the man laboriously inched forward
like some lame soldier through the thick haze… 12 more words


Civil War

We keep talking but nothing changes!


Children huddle in the snow while all around the bullets fly

no where else is safe to go as everywhere the ‘soldiers’ die… 179 more words