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Okwukwe sat in the reception surrounded by the perpetual drone that is synonymous with very busy hospitals. Now and then, a baby’s indignant cry pierced through the incessant hum of frenetic paced activity.  1,136 more words




Vlachus laughed at his commander and freely drank of the dark wine.

“Spoken as a true soldier. But let me speak as a former farmer and a monk of God. 433 more words

Snipers Fate - Meaningless

The air felt heavy with bullets flying over our fortification. Machinegun was buzzing non-stop, searching for targets in a form of heads wearing helmets. Bursts of fire made us stick to the ground and pray for the God of War. 334 more words


My Armor

Rocky times I have seen in my life

Trials and tribulations I have faced

Times when I am about to fail

The enemy puts doubts into my mind… 313 more words

MYBOSSGIRL - Taylor Hall

Meet video vixen, model, host, soldier and actress Taylor Hall (not to be confused with the Canadian hockey player). Some may recall her cameo in Wiz Khalifa’s video for “ 10 more words

REVIEW: An Uncommon Protector by Shelley Shepard Gray

Laurel Tracy, matured by the Civil War, sees a diamond in the rough in convict yet soldier Thomas Baker. He has been imprisoned due to a gambling debt and serves on a work gang at Laurel’s house. 77 more words

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