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Being Held

I’ve been putting a lot of things together over the past couple of weeks — connecting a lot of dots — writing things down in indelible marker — trying to nail these lessons home.   488 more words

Tactical Patience: Let the battle develop

About 2/3 through my first deployment to Iraq, my unit went to the middle of the desert somewhere outside of Baghdad to train. It seemed really stupid at the time. 891 more words


Leadership: Sometimes you have to just look away

I recently came across this scene in Metal Gear Solid V. Big Boss walks into the weapons hangar to check the progress of the Battle Gear. 281 more words


Sunshine and Battle Flags

A couple of weeks ago my unit did a battalion competition out on the PT field. Each company put together an eight man team and we raced each other through an obstacle course, carrying weapons and litters stacked with filled ammo cans and five gallon water jugs. 136 more words


Post is quiet on Sunday

On the rare instances that I find myself on post on Sunday morning, I always enjoy how quiet it is.

No traffic. No noise. No soldiers.


Flash-to-Bang: Nonsense on the internet, hearing it from soldiers

Just about everyone I meet in the Army has a Facebook account now. It is more odd to not have one than to have one. Whenever I am up, standing in front of soldiers, I automatically assume I’m being Snapchatted. 498 more words