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Our odd "Valhalla" obsession

On Tuesday I wrote about the “Centurion” and professionalism articles, both which compared elements of the modern military with Rome. At the end, I mentioned how the odd obsession that many military and veteran personnel have towards all things Spartan and to a lesser degree, Roman, is giving way to a new obsession – Vikings. 346 more words


Back at it

When I started this blog about eighteen months ago, I had every intention of writing every single day.  I had read in Stephen King’s On Writing  605 more words

"Why is a girl in front of you!?"

During PT yesterday, I overheard a young NCO shout back at his soldiers who were straggling behind “Why is a girl in front of you?” It was shouted in that incredulous staccato that slowly gets perfected by good NCOs over time, annoyed with other soldiers’ inability to do what needs to happen. 34 more words


Early! For a given time zone, at least. Weekly written word.

Ode to it all

Oh what shall minds new
discover in the ashes of old times,
our times?

A heaping sod of bollocks, probably. (Or was it a sodding heap? 189 more words

Tuesday Poems

Being Held

I’ve been putting a lot of things together over the past couple of weeks — connecting a lot of dots — writing things down in indelible marker — trying to nail these lessons home.   488 more words

Tactical Patience: Let the battle develop

About 2/3 through my first deployment to Iraq, my unit went to the middle of the desert somewhere outside of Baghdad to train. It seemed really stupid at the time. 891 more words


Leadership: Sometimes you have to just look away

I recently came across this scene in Metal Gear Solid V. Big Boss walks into the weapons hangar to check the progress of the Battle Gear. 281 more words