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The importance of having an "organizing principle"

I’ve noticed that I perform best when I have an organizing principle. That is, the thing in my life from which all other things branch off. 209 more words


20 Round Magazine

At some point during my first enlistment, I acquired a 20 round magazine. The standard Army rifle magazine is 30 rounds, and the 20 round magazine was no longer issued, as far as I knew. 200 more words


"Taking Care of Your Three Feet of Space"

Note: This post was written a few months ago.

I’m getting ready to move to a new duty station, which has me making the rounds to different areas of post collecting stamps from various offices to outprocess; finance, medical, transportation, etc. 786 more words


I've met few people who don't have some twinge of regret for getting out of the Army

Having left the Army once and then come back in years later, I’ve seen lots of soldiers make the transition out of the Army. After the initial honeymoon phase of not having to wake up early, no standing in formations, and the multitude of other absurdities that color military life, there comes a much longer period of time characterized by nostalgia. 118 more words


In the military, you have time for 1, maybe 2 hobbies

If you take your job seriously in the military – which you should – then you likely only have time for one, maybe two hobbies. 257 more words


In the military, it's hard to say "I don't know"

In the dozens of daily interactions military personnel have with one another, the phrase “I don’t know” is rarely heard.

It’s not that everyone in the military is so smart or well read, it’s mostly a fear of admitting that one doesn’t know what he or she thinks she is supposed to know. 489 more words


Enjoy waking up early, be in good shape: the secret to a happy military life

Two seemingly enduring aspects of military life are the tenets that starting things unnaturally early is best, and physical fitness is paramount. Failing to master these two things makes military life more miserable than it needs to be. 374 more words