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Mocking Jesus

As I read the Easter story again, I am drawn to the soldiers who mocked Jesus. From our perspective this is unbelievable. However, from their perspective, he was a criminal of a minority inferior race (yes, this is how they viewed him). 191 more words



There’s a long history of hiding and murdering people, with bragging rights going to those who can murder people from a distance with pinpoint accuracy. Warfare is in our blood, our DNA, and patriotism is our natural bias. 465 more words


WWI recruits in Richmond Park

An unusually short post to share an image:

Taken in March 1915, the back of the photo has the note ‘Chummy on Point Duty’. We do not know who Chummy was.   97 more words

First World War

Penster Supports Patriots

Sometimes our brave soldiers need some help with transitioning back to civilian life.  Dogs in shelters are trained by professional dog trainers to be suited specifically for a veteran’s lifestyle. 36 more words


If you asked me what year in high school, I had fun with, I have to say it would have to be my Grade 9 year. 352 more words

High School

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Webster, MA

A Union Artilleryman Surveys His Surroundings From His Position Atop of a Pedestal at the Base of the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Main Street in Webster, MA


Dark Space (2013)

Man, the IMDB rating is harsh for this film. It’s like people expect a less than one million dollar budget film to magically transform into a one hundred million dollar budget film when they turn it on. 302 more words

Science Fiction