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Broń dla Amerykanów

Firma wygrała przetarg na broń o wartości 1 mln $

Getting across the bridge at Remagen

A.C. Thomas recalls crossing the Rhine River over the Ludendorff Bridge, which German defenders had failed to destroy, with the U.S. 9th Armored Division. (Photo used by permission of The Advocate, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.) 747 more words

World War II

Gloomy entry alert: If (literally) an army of soldiers rushed by my house, the last thing I would do is pull out a gun and shoot.

I have not been in battle (knock on wood) so have limited credibility, but it seems to me that for every war hero who does something fanatical (like charging a machine gun nest) and survives, there are a thousand would-be heroes who are flat out killed, but we only hear about the one survivor (partially due to propaganda).  202 more words

They were shelling while I was writing...


Lieut. Wm. McLean Writes of His Experiences in France.

The following letter was received recently from Lieut. Wm. McLean by his father, Mr David McLean.

493 more words
18th Battalion CEF

Harvest Moon

I smelled flowers in the corn field tonight
after months spent harvesting and tending
the full moon. We use it to talk about time,
waiting for soldiers gone at war, peeling… 26 more words


Adama Barrow Sworn In As President of Gambia, Regional Army, ECOMOG Moved into Gambia to Oust Yahya Jammeh

President Adama Barrow was today inaugurated in the Gambian Embassy in Senegal and the West African regional group ECOWAS’ military arm, ECOMOG, has moved into Gambia to oust intransigent former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh from power who is refusing to leave power and declared state of emergency after losing the December 1st election last year. 68 more words


Thumbprint: A Story by Joe Hill

Mallory (Mal) returns from the Iraq War with some blood on her hands. She was never what you could say a “nice” person but the war brought out a special kind of evil in her. 394 more words

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