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Salute to a Soldier

There are a lot of opinions about the military.  Hate them, love them, respect them. Why put so much money into them? Why are we fighting battles that aren’t ours? 1,129 more words

Saving Private Ryan (1998) {spoiler alert}

A legendary movie that I watched too late.

It is quite long – three hours – and I’m not American and do not have any war history. 288 more words

A Letter From Major Nelson Aboard the S.S. Grampian

Major George Whitford Nelson, adjutant for the 18th Battalion writes from the S.S. Grampian:

Mrs. W. Kidd
Elsinore, Ont., Bruce Co.

Canadian Pacific Railway Ocean Services…

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18th Battalion CEF

French, British and American Soldiers Raped almost One Million German Women after World War II

A German historian estimates in her book that French, British and American soldiers raped 860,000 Germans at and after the end of the WW2, including 190,000 sexual assaults by American soldiers. 657 more words

The Jewish Problem

Letters from afar: How to achieve peace

Written on March 25 (March 12 old style), 1917:

I have just (March 12/25) read in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (No. 517 of March 24) the following telegraphic dispatch from Berlin: 1,952 more words

The C-In-C, President Muhammadu Buhari Courtesy Visit to Sambisa Forest

The moral of the Nigerian army of the gallant soldiers would be high from any moment from now. The (C-in-C) Commander-In-Chief of the Arm Forces of Nigeria, the President Muhammadu Buhari will visit the gallant soldiers in Sambisa Forest, in Borno State the former enclave and stronghold of deadly terrorist group, Boko Haram on Monday 27th March 2017 to declare open the Nigerian Army Small Arms Championship (NASAC) 2017. 394 more words


Sickened Marylanders and the Philadelphia Bettering House

Reposted from Academia.edu. I originally wrote this when working at the Maryland State Archives on the Maryland 400 project. There is one slight change of names, from Abigail Smith to Abigail Adams. 1,303 more words