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Healing in Ukraine 

This past week I have been serving in Ukraine, working with Ukrainian soldiers who fought against Russian aggression. Many of these men have/are suffering from Post traumatic stress disorder. 284 more words


A hero's flame

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It was eerily quiet. The sirens had stopped some time ago, and the bombs no longer shook the bunker. Brava clung to her daughter as the toddler whimpered in the dark. 629 more words


A scar of war.

Lost in the world of the hate, a lone lady tried to survive.

Every day she’d toil so hard, with a fear of being shot at alive anytime. 316 more words

Amith's Poems

Something New!

Tied up in Customs is only a few days away from its launch! The official release date is Tuesday, June 27.

As the day draws nearer, I have more goodies to share with you—like its blurb! 332 more words


The Battle of Stefansrygg

Milo curled tighter into his dugout in the trench as a fresh shower of splinters and hot earth showered him. The explosions from the enemy artillery rattled his body and his head ached from the constant noise and shock waves. 1,221 more words



After the war all signs of vibrancy were gone.

We went, my friend and I, to the old mall where once we’d spent many a lazy, pointless morning. 350 more words

Horror Flash Fiction

Q&A with Author, J.D.R. Hawkins - @JDRHawkins

Hello, bloggers!

We are one step closer to the weekend and we’re in for some crazy weather. Thinking about all of those that are being impacted by the storms. 2,793 more words