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We Will Remember Them.

Millions of lives. Millions of people taken from their families, girlfriends, boyfriends, loved ones; Millions of paths that will not be walked, millions of kisses that will not be felt, millions of goodbyes that will not be spoken. 731 more words


Not all Superheroes wear Capes

The old adage “To be entirely free of impact of law and totally be dominated at the same time, human has to follow the law” convey an perfect ambiguous message. 409 more words

A Soldier

I honour of all military personnel – past and presently serving and for all those who gave their lives in conflicts around the world – away from home, family and friends. 60 more words

Did you know Aussie diggers could ski?

We were fascinated to learn today, on this of all days, ANZAC day 2017, that Aussies soldiers were drafted to specialist units in World War II, where they were trained in the use of skis! 162 more words


The War that we Need to Win

Today on ANZAC Day Australia remembers those who die, and serve, to protect the freedoms which have made our country great. We remember every son, daughter, mother, father, husband, wife… Each fallen hero represents a hole that was made in the intricate web of society. 282 more words


Brought To Light 

​Last week my 14 year old son had to do a project titled “empathy with an outlet.” His project group chose to do a one minute video about PTSD in veterans. 683 more words


Lenin to soldiers: The armed people, united in soviets, must run the state

Comrade soldiers! The question of the state system is now on the order of the day. The capitalists, in whose hands the state power now rests, desire a parliamentary bourgeois republic, that is, a state system where there is no tsar, but where power remains in the hands of the capitalists who govern the country by means of the old institutions, namely: the police, the bureaucracy, and the standing army. 665 more words