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What is Overlap Profit?

Overlap Profit affects Sole Traders and Partnerships, here are a couple of examples from BIM81080

Example 1 – one overlap period

A business commences on 1 October 2010. 356 more words

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Can you save tax by transferring your self employed losses to a company?

If you are self employed and your business makes losses you have the following options to use the losses:

  1. You can reduce your current year tax bill…
  2. 379 more words
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Would a Partial Capital Allowance Claim reduce your tax bill?

It is not necessary to claim the maximum capital allowances available or even claim them at all, crazy as it might sound there are situations when not claiming capital allowances can reduce your tax bill! 133 more words

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VAT for sole trader start-ups

How to maximise your VAT reclaim

As any new business knows, you can incur significant costs at the outset before you get any income.  Most of these start-up costs will have VAT included and if you plan properly you should be able to recover this VAT as long as you are planning to make taxable supplies. 255 more words


Setting yourself up as a sole trader

Setting yourself up as a sole trader can be beneficial for both parties as the contract can take place business to business rather than business to employer and it’s really not as complicated as you think. 102 more words


Sole trader or limited company: the best choice for freelances

When should a sole trader become a limited company? Our guide shows you how such a move will affect your tax, legal and financial responsibilities… 958 more words


Home Office Expenses- what can you claim?

Do you operate a business either in full or in part from your home and you are required to use your own computer, phone or other electronic devices for work purposes, then you may be able to claim a deduction for these costs. 458 more words

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