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Kolkata waste

I was very happy to hear that a student from Kolkata began segregating her waste at home. She’s gung ho, but then she realised that the people who pick up the waste from her house mix it all up again. 426 more words


Cash for Trash: The Clean Revolution - Mysuru

In December 2015, I quit my job for stories. I wanted to document individuals who are making a difference to society and environment, not waiting for government or NGOs or God to intervene. 140 more words

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EAWAG - Course in Municipal Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries

Municipal Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries, Feb 22 – Apr 4, 2016

Have you come across large piles of garbage in neighborhoods and streets, or smelly waste disposal sites polluting the environment of low and middle income countries? 130 more words

Sanitary Facilities

Waste Pickers' Cooperation in Brazil

Informal Waste Sector plays an important role in Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries. The main actors in this area are the waste pickers, who collect the valuable materials out of waste and sell it to brokers who will sell it further to the recycling industries. 1,456 more words

Social Interaction and Willingness to Pay to Improve Municipal Solid Waste Collection

Martin Daniel Siyaranamual

This research is part of the author’s doctoral dissertation, accepted 2014, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

In Bandung municipality, the fourth largest city in Indonesia, typically one to two thirds of the solid waste generated is not collected by the local state-owned company.  258 more words

PhD Abstracts

Innovations in Sanitation: Transforming Waste into Assets

Waste and Sewage Management: A Swiftly-Expanding Problem

India is seeing record population increases, particularly in urban areas. Five states alone—Maharastra, West Bengal, Chennai, Uttar Pradesh, and Kolkata—generate nearly twenty-five tonnes of municipal waste annually. 1,430 more words

Water And Sanitation

Innovations in Sanitation: An Introduction

In these days of smartphones, streaming, online commerce, and telecommuting, it may seem strange that something as basic as sanitation would still need to be improved. 576 more words

Water And Sanitation