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New Solid Waste Management Rules

Solid waste management is a major problem across India as untreated waste disposed in the open has led to water pollution and clogged sewer systems. As per official estimates, at present around 62 million tonnes of solid waste is generated every year. 375 more words

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Waste Less, Recycle More [POST B]

An adverse by-product of today’s urban and all-consuming lifestyle, solid waste presents pressing environmental consequences as we plan for the future, with the global generation of solid waste set to increase 70% by 2050, exceeding more than 6 million tonnes of waste per day (Bhada-Tata and Hoornweg, 2012). 821 more words


Nanomaterials in Waste Streams: Current Knowledge on Risks and Impacts

OECD (This fee-based document is free to RFFers through OECD iLibrary; check the library landing page if prompted for credentials.)

Nanotechnology is an emerging and promising field for advanced applications in industrial, commercial and medical sectors, and nanomaterials can be found today in sunscreens, deodorants and textiles. 93 more words

Regulating Risks


In the Puget Sound area, we have more opportunities to reduce, reuse, recycle than just about anywhere else in our galaxy. Why, then, are appliances, electronics, carpets, all types of furniture, and bags of trash routinely set out on the street or dumped into sensitive areas? 181 more words


Composting Strategy

In order to make my composting efforts the most efficient and effective, I have decided to utilize a process called vermicomposting. This is a system in which certain species of worms are utilized to break down organic material into a nutrient rich soil amendment. 107 more words

Waste Pickers' Cooperation in Brazil

Informal Waste Sector plays an important role in Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries. The main actors in this area are the waste pickers, who collect the valuable materials out of waste and sell it to brokers who will sell it further to the recycling industries. 1,456 more words