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Metro Vancouver Offers Advice for Recycling Spoiled Food After Recent Storm

This video on emergency preparedness has good advice for dealing with extended power outages

Metro Vancouver reminds residents and businesses to use their green bins and home composters to recycle as much of the excess food waste as possible due to power outages during last weekend’s storm. 317 more words

Denver Zoo, Zero Waste Program (Biomass Gasification)

Here’s the description of the gasifier from the Rocky Mountain Chapter, ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) 2015 conference:

Denver Zoo’s Waste to Energy Program will convert 90% of the Zoo’s waste (from trash to animal waste) to clean, sustainable energy by using a biomass gasification system. 83 more words


Vote (of no confidence) for Denver Zoo's Gasifier

Via youtube, a video circa 2010 illustrating the potential waste stream for the Zoo’s gasifier. Materials – including park trash consisting of what appears to be cholorinated paper products and PLA plastics (which could be composted)  – are shredded, “pelletized,” then utilized to manufacture “syngas” or synthetic gas. 52 more words


Tensions between county, town of Ellery erupt at Chautauqua County landfill

Many people throw away their trash without considering where “away” really is. For Chautauquans, “away” is across the lake in the town of Ellery, where all the nonhazardous solid waste produced in Chautauqua County is collected and decomposed in the Chautauqua County Landfill. 997 more words

Chautauqua Institution



The Earth’s atmosphere contains many types of gases, including those known as “greenhouse gases,” which hold in the sun’s warmth Scientists call this naturally occurring phenomenon the… 349 more words


Love Food Hate Waste - The Single Serving Dilemma - How to Cook for One without Wasting Food

Portion sizes and recipes are often created with the typical ‘family of four’ in mind. So reducing food waste can be a challenge when you are cooking for one. 969 more words

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Failures of Rio Olympics Site Assessments – Lessons for Every Planner

Perhaps over the last day or two you may have read about the fish kill on Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon adjacent to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 845 more words

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