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The Writer's Reclusive Nature: OTL Lifestyle

Recently, I’ve developed a new lifestyle that I’m calling “otl”– short for “on the low.” Lately, I’ve just found pure contentment in being on my own. 933 more words


about being alone; the joy

I read this thought-provoking article and thought I’d post it here if you wanted a read. It speaks about the comfort and joy of being alone; of being solitary. 1,199 more words



(Written in a hurry…)

You smack your lips
When you eat
My stomach turns
You ask me
How I am
You never gave a damn… 89 more words

POETRY: Song — If You Seek. . ., by Thomas Merton

If you seek a heavenly light
I, Solitude, am your professor!

I go before you into emptiness,
Raise strange suns for your new mornings,
Opening the windows… 115 more words


Empty Room

Hey there folks!

I am feeling pretty simple today and decided to go back to some poetry. I found myself browsing through photos looking for inspiration when I saw the one above. 106 more words


Component Three

Solitude and Isolation

          In chapter 17 of Stargirl, she goes into the desert of find some solitude and isolation by herself. In my own opinion, we as Christians, should find solitude and isolation by ourselves occasionally, to connect with God. 270 more words


Thoughts from the week

I feel like I’ve joined the ‘writer’s abstinence club’ of sorts lately. I think of great things to write, but I’m busily doing something else, and then I have tasks to tackle or familial bonds to reinforce with listening, advice, interventions or the like, and a dog to walk and a job, and well, then it’s past bedtime and I’ve neither read nor wrote a single line here at WP. 1,476 more words