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“To live on a day-to-day basis is insufficient for human beings; we need to transcend, transport, escape; we need meaning, understanding, and explanation; we need to see over-all patterns in our lives. 114 more words


Fifteen minutes ago

Fifteen minutes ago It was that day. The day I flew. The day I decided not to counteroffer on a house I really liked. The day I last heard “I love you so much.” The day I last shared a newspaper with anyone. 1,501 more words


wisdom begins to sing

In the deep silence,
wisdom begins to sing her unending, sunlit, inexpressible song:
the private song she speaks to the solitary soul.

~Thomas Merton, (1915 – 1968)


Too Alone? (Sorting Through the Sadness) -- Who but You? living alone series

Hopping onto my old bike the other day, I pedaled around Albuquerque for nearly two hours. Found books in a giveaway box. Kept some, delivered some to a Free Little Library (Take a Book, Leave a Book) around the corner. 464 more words


my alone

My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.
Warsan Shire

It’s been said that Warsan Shire is a Kenyan-born, Somali-British poet, and her words speak to the soul and heart of this generation. 72 more words


Three Reassurances (a poem)

~~Three Reassurances~~

One:  listen

In an ancient voice

reminding you of life’s

precious stillness

and of the lessons learned

from a solitary monarch’s migration

nature… 131 more words

Going Solo


What solitude would do

to the solitary reaper

It has done to me.

Now no difference lies

In solitude and loneliness

Thou have come in communion… 132 more words